Meet the New, Tiny Rafflecopter Embed Code (w/ New FB Instructions)

If you logged into your Rafflecopter account in the last day to create a giveaway and said to yourself “hmm – something looks different around here”, you’re absolutely right.

The embed page and copy/paste code in your Rafflecopter account have gotten a facelift. We’re excited to tell you what has changed.

New Widget Embed Code

The new widget embed code works the same as the old code. On the embed page, you’ll see the code at the top of the page:

Embedding the new code is easier than ever. No more specific instructions for each platform, no more worrying about page breaks, and no more bulky code that looks like robot-speak. Just copy, then paste. Then get yourself a drink – you deserve it! ;-)

Though it might not look like much from the outside, we’ve made some *big changes* to the widget that will bring you:

  • faster loading speed
  • improved compatibility w/ all your plugins
  • improved compatibility with your blog’s theme and CSS

We’ve been amazed at the number of different combinations of themes, plugins, and site frameworks that we’ve seen Rafflecopter on over the past year, and the widget worked perfectly on 98% of all the combinations we’ve seen. These latest changes should bump that number up closer to 99.99% – and offer speed improvements to everyone, no matter your site.

Run Giveaways On Facebook

The official Rafflecopter Facebook app is almost ready (hint: it’s awesome!) – 

The official Rafflecopter Facebook app is complete – running giveaways on Facebook using Rafflecopter is now super-easy.

Worried about Facebook promotion guidelines? Don’t worry – Rafflecopter is Facebook compliant!

If you have any specific questions about the new embed page, you’re always welcome to shoot us an email at Enjoy!

About the author

Greg Goodson

Greg Goodson is the cofounder of Rafflecopter, the world's easiest way to run a giveaway online. Follow his shenanigans, ramblings, and memes on Twitter at @GregGoodson.

  • bina

    I’m hoping it makes it faster and easier for me , as a sweeper, to enter and not have to post the same stuff over and over…like, login once with all the info, pinterest, twitter, fb, g+ and it remembers it and then you just enter like crazy LOL

  • The Blemish

    Sadly, the new widget code is blank for me.

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  • Melissa Johnson Cleaver

    The new widget code is amazing and I am so grateful to your team for the hard work you’ve put in on it.  Rafflecopter is the best!  :) 

    • Greg Goodson

      thanks Melissa :)

  • Elle

    The code dissappears if you preview the post. On my site anyway. I have had to redo the code several times because I keep forgetting that. The old code didn’t do that to me…so the new one isn’t perfect! Yet. 

    • Juan Patten

      Hey Elle,

      Do you mean the code itself gets deleted from the post, or that the widget doesn’t show up on the preview page? 

      If the former, that certainly shouldn’t happen at all – shoot us an email at  and we’ll take a look.

      If the latter, you just need to refresh the preview page once to see the widget, just like a YouTube video or a Tweet button (and the old code did this, too). There doesn’t seem to be a way around it :(


    • Dazeinfo

      Code is just not working with WordPress. In my site when I am putting the code, its showing preview just “A Rafflecopepter Giveaway”

      No widget is displaying, while the old one was working perfectly fine. ?

  • Amanda Stephan

    Love this new widget, thank you! I use it on Blogger and haven’t had any troubles. Thanks Rafflecopter

  • Smashinbeauty

    Not working on must site (wordpress) just writes: a rafflecopter giveaway but works on facebook :( 

  • Kbodell

    I am just getting a “A Rafflecopter Giveaway” on my blog, not just in the preview frame.  Help!  

    • Greg Goodson

      hey Katie – can you shoot me an email at with some details? happy to look into it for you :) that said, if you’re previewing the post in wordpress, you might have to refresh the page once before it appears in preview mode (it’s a WP/javascript thing… :))

  • Sophie

    I am getting the same as Kbodell and Smashinbeauty – any help would be greatly appreciated x

    • Greg Goodson

      hey Sophie – can you shoot me an email at with some details? happy to look into it for you :)

  • Anastasia Borisyuk

    How do I make it mandatory for a person to ‘like’ the page before seeing the tab content/giveaway form?

  • DaphneOP

    I can’t get the widget to appear in my blog. Where is the code? When I copy the code, I just get “Rafflecopter Giveaway”. Not the widget. Pls help.

  • heather

    The new rafflecopter form works okay for me, though I have to copy it and delete it a few times. It’s up and running but as it shows on my blog right now, it says to log in with your name and email addy or with facebook. Why? I thought we were past that.

  • DaphneOP

    Still not getting the widget to appear in my blog. Disappointed. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

    • Greg Goodson

      hey Daphne – I just sent you an email. Thanks!

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  • Jennifer Clausen-Greene

    I can’t get the widget to appear in my blog. Where is the code? When I
    copy the code, I just get “Rafflecopter Giveaway”. Not the widget. Pls