Enter To Win: Wedgies Polling + Rafflecopter Giveaway

Wedgies Rafflecopter Giveaway

Did you know that in 2005, the SATs put an end to analogies? Here’s a refresher: can you solve the following?


The correct answer: Wedgies. No — I’m not referring to the school yard prank associated with a wardrobe malfunction. I’m talking the embeddable widget (sound familiar?) you can use on your blog for social polls. We’ve teamed up with Wedgies this month to bring an epic giveaway (more on that below!).

What is a Wedgies Poll?

We can’t explain any better than the analogy above: Wedgies is an app you can embed on your blog with the purpose of polling your readers. As a blog owner (or a Twitter account / Facebook page owner… you don’t *need* a blog), you can run a wedgies poll to get feedback from your readers, spark engagement, and have fun (does it always have to be about business?).

So next month, when this giveaway is over, we’re going to run another giveaway. So we’d like to know what prize we should give out in May:

First, the dog pictured in oversized bean bag chair above isn’t included. Second, it’s really that easy to get feedback from your readers.

Wedgies + Rafflecopter = Engagement

Again, Wedgies is an embeddable widget: it works exactly how Rafflecopter works. Create a poll by asking a question, creating possible answers, adding an image, grabbing the embed code, and put it on your blog. Having a Wedgies poll adds an extra element to your blog post.

If you’re looking for additional engagement from your readers, offering DISQUS comments, launching a Rafflecopter giveaway, and running a Wedgies poll are all reasonable ways to do so.

Finally, it’s as effective on Facebook & Twitter. You don’t need to be a publisher with a dedicated website to run a Wedgies poll. If you’re just looking to poll your friends on Facebook or your Twitter followers, you’re able to send them to a landing page hosted on the Wedgies’ domain.

Wedgies + Rafflecopter: Enter To Win

For the month of April, Rafflecopter and Wedgies have joined forces to offer you an epic giveaway: starting today through April 30th, you can enter to win a grand prize of an Apple iPad mini along with some Rafflecopter / Wedgies swag. Three runner-up prizes include premium subscriptions to Rafflecopter, Wedgies, and more.

Enter by tweeting about the giveaway, joining the Wedgies + Rafflecopter newsletter, signing up for a Wedgies account, and creating a Wedgies poll of your own. Click the banner below (or click here) to be taken to the promotion URL – good luck!

Wedgies - Enter To Win

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