Rafflecopter Updates & An Alternative To Fan-Gating

*READ THIS* The contents of this article, written in 2014, could be outdated. Check out our Facebook Promotion Guidelines page for current info pertaining to sweepstakes on Facebook. The day has arrived! 90 days ago, Facebook released a post stating that starting November 5th, apps that allowed for fan-gating content and incentivizing people to like your page would no longer be allowed. We’ve written a few blog posts on the subject, so if this is news to you, check out the following posts to catch up to speed: Facebook Platform Policy Updates: What You Need to Know Facebook Platform Policy Updates & Upcoming Changes In this post, we’ll discuss several changes you’ll encounter to the Rafflecopter platform over the next several days, a timeline of when to expect those changes, and some other FAQs we’ve received over the past three months. Three Rafflecopter Updates Coming Your Way The first update is that all fan-gates / like-gates will be removed from our Facebook app. If you’re running a giveaway on Facebook using the Rafflecopter Facebook app, the fan-gating functionality of the app will disappear. The second update you should be aware of is the ‘Liking a Fan Page’ entry option will be disappearing. Below is an example screenshot of the ‘Like a Fan Page’ entry option: The ‘Visit a Facebook Fan Page’ entry option The third update we’re implementing is a ‘Visit a Facebook fan page’ entry option. This entry option can be seen as a fan-gate alternative & will in many ways … Continue reading Rafflecopter Updates & An Alternative To Fan-Gating