Feature Update: Introduction to Rafflecopter Analytics

Introduction to Rafflecopter Analytics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the Rafflecopter Analytics dashboard: analyze your giveaway’s analytics like you’ve never been able to before.

With the new Rafflecopter Analytics, you’ll be able to gain more insight into your giveaway’s traffic & where it’s coming from, see how your giveaway is performing across various sites (super useful for if your widget is embedded in multiple locations), gather insight into your entrant’s demographics, what devices they’re using to enter your giveaways, and a handful of engagement metrics based on entry options you’ve selected.

Amazon Giveaways: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Giveaway - Everything You Need To Know

*Psst* Did you hear the news? Yesterday, Amazon released a product that will allow you to run a giveaway for a product that can already be purchased on Amazon (check out the press release here). It’s a big move watching an internet giant stepping into the giveaway space; their solution to running a giveaway on Amazon is a unique proposition that brands and bloggers might throw into their marketing mix.

Now that the platform has been live for a day, we’ve done some preliminary research for you & breakdown the new Amazon Giveaway platform: how it works for admins and entrants, where it works well, where you might find some disadvantages, and several examples.

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Running Your Next Giveaway

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Running Your Next Giveaway

In aviation there is a principle called the ‘1 in 60’ rule which states that if you’re flying 1° off course for 60 miles then your plane will be 1 mile from where it should be. Iterated over hundreds of miles that 1° makes a big difference. That same principle of ‘little changes make a big impact’ can be applied to giveaways as well.

Why It Pays to Always Be Listening

Rafflecopter PunchTab

It’s not a secret we’re pretty active on social media (and if it is, follow us on Twitter or Facebook). We’ve learned a lot interacting with our customers, but we can also pick up a thing or two by interacting and listening to other competitors as well. Here’s a story of how that recently played out for us:

Meet the New Rafflecopter & Enter to Win!

Meet the New Rafflecopter

Happy Holidays & Howdy from Rafflecopter HQs! Today, we’re happy to officially launch the new Rafflecopter website & features that have been worked on over the course of the past year. We’ve got a handful of new features now available in your Rafflecopter account along with several updates we’d like to share with you below. And *psst*… we’re also running a launch giveaway below for good measure — read on for the full scoop!