Rafflecopter Updates: Changes Headed Your Way!

Howdy & Happy Friday from Rafflecopter HQs! It’s an exciting day — we’re happy to announce we’ve got some fantastic new features and improvements we’re rolling out starting today. This post isn’t a ‘launch’ post per se, but a message to say ‘heads up and be on the lookout!’, let you know what to expect, and keep you in the loop on updates.

Customer Success Stories: Webroot’s ‘Cyborg Selfie’ Sweepstakes

Webroot - Rafflecopter Case Study

Over the past several years, we’ve seen many companies use Rafflecopter to better power their giveaways. Today, we want you to meet our friends at Webroot. The Broomfield, CO based company utilized Rafflecopter as the foundation in which they launched a completely new product, SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, an anti-virus software targeted at gamers.

Their Rafflecopter giveaway catapulted it from a product with no digital presence to having thousands of social actions completed around it over the duration of the giveaway. Read on to find out what they did to find success in launching a product with Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter Updates & An Alternative To Fan-Gating

Fan-Gate Alternative

The day has arrived! 90 days ago, Facebook released a post stating that starting November 5th, apps that allowed for fan-gating content and incentivizing people to like your page would no longer be allowed. We’ve written a few blog posts on the subject, so if this is news to you, check out the following posts to catch up to speed:

Facebook Platform Policy Updates: What You Need to Know
Facebook Platform Policy Updates & Upcoming Changes

In this post, we’ll discuss several changes you’ll encounter to the Rafflecopter platform over the next several days, a timeline of when to expect those changes, and some other FAQs we’ve received over the past three months.

Facebook Platform Policy Updates & Upcoming Changes

Facebook Platform Policy Updates Changes

Back in early August, Facebook announced several updates on their developer blog including an update to their platform policy that affects third-party apps built on their platform. If you haven’t already, read Facebook’s official blog about the changes and the following discussion here.

We blogged in-depth about these Facebook platform policy updates in a previous post where we discussed what these updates meant, how they’ll affect Rafflecopter, why the changes were being put into place, and what to expect moving forward (Update 11/15 – read about recent updates pertaining to fan-gating here). We’d like to take this time and discuss how these updates will affect Facebook & Rafflecopter alike, and more importantly give you a timeline in which changes to our app will be implemented so you can plan your holiday promotions accordingly.

Introducing the Rafflecopter Field Manual + Giveaway

The Rafflecopter Field Manual

Today, we’re excited to launch The Rafflecopter Field Manual. The Rafflecopter Field Manual has been built to be your go-to guide for helping you learn fundamental techniques and strategies for running a successful giveaway, comprising of 30+ articles discussing giveaway best practices. If you’ve ever had a question about how long your giveaway should last, what prize you should give away, how to best promote it, how to contact winners, then you’ve come to the right place.

*GIVEAWAY ALERT* To celebrate its launch, we’re also running a giveaway! Read below to learn about the contents of the field manual and how you can participate by telling us tips that you use to make your promotions successful.