Customer Success Stories: Xero Shoes

XeroShoes Rafflecopter Case Study

They say to truly know a person you need to walk a mile in their shoes. What if they don’t wear shoes though? That’s exactly the predicament you’d be in with Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes. The retailer based in Boulder, Colorado creates a ‘shoe’ that simulates barefoot running. That right. Running barefoot. People have walked, hiked, and swam in these shoes. Some folks have even ran ultra marathons in them!

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Inside Rafflecopter: How We Treat Customer Feedback

How We Treat Customer Feedback

Not long ago I received my first four star chat rating in customer support. You see, that’s four out five available stars, which is eighty percent satisfaction, which is basically a ‘meh’ in Rafflecopter’s customer support world.

No Purchase Necessary & Giveaways: Everything You Need to Know

No Purchase Necessary and Giveaways

We get this all the time. Someone emails us a message asking:

Hi Rafflecopter! I’m writing on behalf of The Incredible Widget Company. I’d like to run a giveaway through your app, but we want to require entrants to make a purchase on our site. Can we ask people to provide a receipt of purchase for a product a specific giveaway is promoting as an option for them to gain entry?

If you’re familiar with sweepstakes and gambling regulations in the US, you know the answer is “no way!”. You’ve probably read the verbiage ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ before, which means entrants cannot be required to make a purchase or plunk down money in some form or fashion to enter to win a contest or sweepstakes.

Customer Success Stories: The Colorado Tourism Board

Colorado Tourism Board / Rafflecopter Case Study

The Colorado Tourism Office (also known as was created fifteen years ago to promote Colorado as a tourism destination of unparalleled recreation, adventure, and cultural experiences. A board of directors oversees the Colorado Tourism Office and is comprised of fifteen individuals from hotel, restaurant, attraction and other tourism-related businesses as well as Colorado legislators.

Download the Colorado Tourism Board Rafflecopter Case Study

In 2015, the Colorado Tourism Office was named the “Best U.S. State Tourism Bureau” in the nation” by the Travvy awards, an award that highlights the best of the best in the travel and tourism industry.

Giveaways & the CAN-SPAM Act: What You Need to Know

Giveaways & the CAN-SPAM Act

You’ve heard it before — the CAN-SPAM Act. It has to do something about not spamming your email list, but what exactly does it mean? You googled it, only to land on a government website. After you get past the first paragraph, you think “too scary & dull… maybe I’ll read it later”.

We’ve been there too. It’s not a sexy topic to research and discuss, but the CAN-SPAM Act is often asked about how it pertains to running a giveaway. And it’s important to become familiar.