Eighteen Business Apps We Couldn’t Live Without

The Rafflecopter Toolbox

We’re a small, nimble, and productive team working out of sunny Boulder, CO (come work with us!). In the four years since we introduced the first version of our product we’ve grown to tens of thousands of customers, hundreds of thousands of giveaways and process millions of entries every week.

While our team plays the biggest role in building, marketing, and supporting our products, we also leverage a technology stack we’ll share with you below with the hopes you might find a few tools to help give your business some extra leverage.

The 5-Step Checklist to Launching Your First Giveaway

5-Step Checklist to Launching Your First Giveaway

Starting anything new can be overwhelming at first and giveaways are no exception. There’s no magic formula for a perfect giveaway, though there a few key things to focus on when setting up your first giveaway to ensure you get the most out things from the start. We’ve put together a few quick and simple tips to keep in mind to set you on the right track.

Customer Success Stories: Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro Rafflecopter Case Study

If you wanted to have over 20,000 opt-ins to your email list as well as spike your giveaway engagement by 50% how would you do it? That’s exactly what our friends over at Guitar Pro sought to do and found the magic formula that works for them.

Download the Guitar Pro Rafflecopter Case Study

Guitar Pro is consumer software geared towards multitrack editing of guitar and bass tablature and musical scores, it has a built-in editing tools, chord plotters, and other tools for guitarists and musicians. In addition to that, Guitar Pro has a suite of tools built for desktop, android and iOS devices that enables musicians of any skill level to learn, explore, and grow as artist.

5 Giveaway Components You Should Be Testing

5 Giveaway Components You Should Be Testing

Reflecting on the success of your giveaways is important to your long-term strategy. Asking the right questions will help you finesse your process and figure out what works with your audience.

Was the participation low because your prize was lame? Could you have improved the design of the widget to make it more attractive? What did you do to promote the giveaway?

Creating a giveaway with Rafflecopter is easy-breezy, but it’s a robust marketing tool that should be given proper thought. And as with any marketing tool, testing is essential to the process. Below are five components that can be tested from one giveaway to the next.

Customer Success Stories: Xero Shoes

XeroShoes Rafflecopter Case Study

They say to truly know a person you need to walk a mile in their shoes. What if they don’t wear shoes though? That’s exactly the predicament you’d be in with Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes. The retailer based in Boulder, Colorado creates a ‘shoe’ that simulates barefoot running. That right. Running barefoot. People have walked, hiked, and swam in these shoes. Some folks have even ran ultra marathons in them!

Download the Xero Shoes Rafflecopter Case Study