How to Turn Your Casual Readers into Your Biggest Fans

This is a guest post by Ginny Soskey, a marketing manager at Shareaholic. Shareaholic provides social sharing, related content and content analytics tools for more than 200,000 websites, reaching 300 million people each month. You can follow Ginny on Twitter at @gsosk.


Turn Casual Readers into your Biggest Fans

Insights From 50M+ Entries: When Are Giveaways Entered? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When do you enter giveaways? Maybe a little after dinner? Maybe after the kids are sent off to school or after they’re in bed? Or maybe while you’re at work? Don’t worry – we won’t tell! And you’re not alone :)

When Are Giveaways Entered? An Infographic

In the infographic below, we breakdown giveaway entry data spanning over a 17 week period that reveals what days of the week are popular from an entrant’s perspective, what times of day attract the most entries, and the difference in the number of entries on weekdays vs. weekends.

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