Run Giveaways on Facebook: A New Rafflecopter Facebook App

New Rafflecopter Facebook App

Get excited! Running a Facebook giveaway with Rafflecopter has just gotten easier. We’ve been rolling out some updates that will allow you to customize the look of your Facebook giveaway a bit – we think you’ll enjoy it!

The process of installing a giveaway on Facebook remains the same as before: after you build your giveaway widget, clicking the ‘Install To A Facebook Page’ will give you the ability to place your Rafflecopter giveaway on any Facebook page tab that you’re an admin of.

Rafflecopter Annual Subscription,T-Shirt, & Stickers Flash Sale

Facebook Flash Sale

Huzzah! For the next several days, we’re offering an amazing deal to purchase a Rafflecopter blogger annual subscription.

Starting today, you can purchase a full year of the Rafflecopter blogger subscription & receive a Rafflecopter prize pack (t-shirt + a handful of stickers) shipped to your door.

All this for a one-time fee of $59.

Facebook Flash Giveaway: Win Rafflecopter Swag!

Rafflecopter Flash Giveaway

Woot! We’re happy to announce our very first Facebook Timeline giveaway :-D.

Earlier this week, we released a Facebook flash giveaway app that makes it easy to run a giveaway on your Facebook timeline. Now we’re going to show you how it’s done! Below, you can enter to win one of three Rafflecopter prize packs (includes a t-shirt & a handful of stickers).

5 Best Practices For Your Facebook Timeline Giveaway

Facebook Timeline Giveaway Best Practices

With the announcement of the ability to run promotions directly on your Facebook page timeline, Facebook page owners have yet another way to engage with their Facebook community. And in response to these updated promotion guidelines, we released a feature that will allow you to randomly select winners to your Facebook timeline giveaways.

Introducing Facebook Flash Giveaways by Rafflecopter

Facebook Flash Giveaway App

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Facebook promotion guidelines have changed recently: as of August 27th, 2013 Facebook page owners are now permitted to run promotions on page timelines. Running a giveaway on your timeline certainly has its pros and cons, but a timeline promotion is a great way to have fun and give back to your Facebook community.