Gift Cards As Giveaway Prizes (& How GiftRocket Can Help!)

GiftRocket Rafflecopter Giveaway

If I were to tell you that you entered a giveaway for ____ and you won, and you could fill in the blank with any prize you wanted to, so long as the prize didn’t exceed $350, what would you chose to be given?

Probably $350 cash.

Cash is easily the first choice; it’s the most flexible of prizes. Because if you won a $350 lawnmower and you lived in the city, what’s the prize really worth to you? A lawnmower doesn’t appeal to everyone. Cash does.

But you can’t run a giveaway for cold, hard cash on the internet. So the next best thing would be a gift card. Amazon gift cards are especially popular because the crazy product selection Amazon offers. But we wanted to introduce you to a service that allows you to reward a gift card as a prize that can be redeemable anywhere.

GiftRocket Makes Gift Cards Flexible

GiftRocket is a service that makes it dead simple to send cash as an attached ecard online. As a giveaway administrator, you can recommend where you’d like for the recipient to spend it (though they can spend it how they’d like), and sending the card over email is just as easy as receiving it.

Example: My sister (who is 20x smarter than I am) recently got accepted to graduate school. To show some appreciation. I sent her a GiftRocket gift card to Cook-Out (NC/VA people, help me out!) near her home in Virginia. Because that’s what good brothers do… treat their siblings to BBQ.

Gift Rocket Order Form

The gift money is always redeemed online, so she can receive the cash and then go spend it at the business I suggested (but she won’t be able to take it down to the actual business and use it there).

Want to know exactly what the process would be like when you deliver a gift card via GiftRocket? Here’s a demo that demonstrates what your giveaway winner would receive if you were to send them a gift card.

Rafflecopter / GiftRocket Giveaway

If you haven’t noticed yet over the past month, we’ve teamed up with GiftRocket for the month of February and have been running a giveaway for a GiftRocket / Rafflecopter prize pack. Three winners will take home a $50 gift card via GiftRocket, a 3-month Rafflecopter blogger subscription, and some RC swag (t-shirt / stickers).

Time is running out, so head to our Facebook page to enter (or just enter by using the widget below). Good luck!

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