Intro to UTM Parameters & Best Practices

Intro to UTM Parameters Best Practices

Do you know exactly where your site traffic comes from? Or which of your campaigns drives the most traffic? If not, read on ;) This post is for website owners who use Google Analytics but want more insight into where their traffic is coming from.

Maybe you know how much  traffic you’re getting from Twitter, but do you know what percentage of this traffic comes from your Tweets? You can get this data by using Custom Campaigns and adding special tags to your URLs; these tags are called UTM parameters — they are crucial for a deeper understanding of your traffic.

4 Noteworthy Rafflecopter Dashboard Updates

Four Noteworthy Rafflecopter Updates

You haven’t heard? This time last week, the Rafflecopter admin dashboard got a facelift. If you haven’t already, poke around the new layout to see what’s changed.

While the new dashboard has been updated aesthetically, much of the layout remains very similar to the old layout. On that note, there are several new updates that we wanted to bring to your attention that will make the process of managing your giveaways much easier.

Feature Updates: New Admin Dashboard Redesign

Rafflecopter Admin Dashboard Redesign

Have you signed into your Rafflecopter account recently? If you have, chances are you’ve noticed some changes. Today, you’ll have access to the new Rafflecopter admin dashboard redesign — the process of creating and launching your Rafflecopter giveaways just got a whole lot easier.

Sign into your account to poke around & see what’s new, or keep reading below to hear about what’s changed, what to expect, and even a giveaway to celebrate the updates :)

Enter To Win: Wedgies Polling + Rafflecopter Giveaway

Wedgies Rafflecopter Giveaway

Did you know that in 2005, the SATs put an end to analogies? Here’s a refresher: can you solve the following?


The correct answer: Wedgies. No — I’m not referring to the school yard prank associated with a wardrobe malfunction. I’m talking the embeddable widget (sound familiar?) you can use on your blog for social polls. We’ve teamed up with Wedgies this month to bring an epic giveaway (more on that below!).

How We’ve Prepared for Social Media Marketing World 2014

How We've Prepared for Social Media Marketing World

Pack your bags! During the 2nd half of this week, several of us (Jared and myself) will be headed to San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World, the “world’s largest social media marketing conference” (can we expect to see you there?!).

We’ve identified our two objectives for attending the conference: learning & networking. In preparation, we’ve jotted down a few of our thoughts and notes as to how we’re preparing for our attendance to make the most of the three days.