Welcome To Rafflecopter HQs + Giveaway

Welcome To Rafflecopter HQs Over the past 3 years of being in business, we’ve had a total of seven offices. In chronological order, our first six offices were:

It seems like it was just yesterday when we were sending out invite codes from our bedroom, working with the first handful of beta testers in the summer of 2011. Three years later, we’re starting to build a team to see Rafflecopter realize its bigger vision.

6 Tips on UTM Naming Conventions

UTM Naming Conventions

You’ve worked so hard — blog post finished, newsletter prepped, social media updates corralled in Buffer. The “big campaign” is finally ready. You’re stomach is full of butterflies and anticipation for the influx of traffic following launch. This is your moment of triumph. Time to press the shiny green button… go go go go … WAIT!!

You’ve launched campaigns before… there’s usually an uptick in traffic but the amount varies. Why does it vary? Questions peck at your mind: Is the newsletter more effective or the blog? Which Facebook post or Tweet is driving more traffic? What is most effective? Least? Why? There’s a simple way to measure the efficacy of your campaigns and get answers: UTM Parameters.

Feature Updates: New Email List Integrations

Rafflecopter Email List Integrations Funday Monday from Rafflecopter HQs! Today, we’re excited to announce that in addition to MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact, we’re now integrated with six new email service providers. The ability to integrate your giveaway w/ these new email lists is available by upgrading to the the business subscription.

Intro to UTM Parameters & Best Practices

Intro to UTM Parameters Best Practices

Do you know exactly where your site traffic comes from? Or which of your campaigns drives the most traffic? If not, read on ;) This post is for website owners who use Google Analytics but want more insight into where their traffic is coming from.

Maybe you know how much  traffic you’re getting from Twitter, but do you know what percentage of this traffic comes from your Tweets? You can get this data by using Custom Campaigns and adding special tags to your URLs; these tags are called UTM parameters — they are crucial for a deeper understanding of your traffic.

4 Noteworthy Rafflecopter Dashboard Updates

Four Noteworthy Rafflecopter Updates

You haven’t heard? This time last week, the Rafflecopter admin dashboard got a facelift. If you haven’t already, poke around the new layout to see what’s changed.

While the new dashboard has been updated aesthetically, much of the layout remains very similar to the old layout. On that note, there are several new updates that we wanted to bring to your attention that will make the process of managing your giveaways much easier.