Ship Your Giveaway Prizes Like a Master

Ship Your Giveaway Prizes Like A Master

Rafflecopter clearly loves hosting giveaways. We’re excited to plan them, launch them, and pick a winner in the end. But the best part is shipping the prize. As a software company living in cyberspace, shipping a prize is a rare opportunity to connect with our users in the physical world. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and you shouldn’t either!

Customer Success Stories: OnePlus One ‘Invites’ Giveaway

OnePlus Invites Rafflecopter Case Study

Can you imagine running a giveaway where the prize was an invite to buy something? Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s exactly how OnePlus leveraged Rafflecopter, creating one of the largest and most successful social campaigns of 2014.

Download the OnePlus Rafflecopter Case Study

OnePlus is a technology company that’s taking the world by storm with their flagship smartphone, the OnePlus One. This android device only costs $300 (off contract) and has sold over a million devices since launching in the spring of 2014. Since then, they’ve gone from just a blip on the radar to distributing their product globally in which Rafflecopter played a pivotal role.

A/B Testing: How to Improve Your Site Engagement

A/B Testing

Let’s set the scene: you signed up with Rafflecopter to host your first giveaway, you selected a killer prize, and you had your social media strategy on lock. No surprise to you, there was a ton of engagement! People were flocking to your website and sharing the giveaway with their friends. Well done!

But while your giveaway was cleaning up shop, your website conversions barely improved. Does this scenario sound familiar? There’s a reason this is happening, and it’s time to figure it out. It’s a frustrating scenario but certainly avoidable with proper intervention.

How to be Awesome at Customer Communications

Customer Communications

The number of ways businesses can communicate with customers and prospects has exploded over the past several years. In addition to phone, postal mail and in-person touchpoints, technology now allows marketers to reach people virtually anytime, anywhere. And as the saying goes: “With great power comes great responsibility.

Your Blog Might Need a Makeover

Your Blog Might Need a Makeover

I love me a good blog, but I hate me a poorly designed blog. If I have to click around more than two times to find what I’m looking for then I’m out. If the design is a little too reminiscent of the 90’s then I’m going to question the relevance. The same is true for most readers. There are millions of fish in the sea, and it’s your job to make sure the reader chooses you.