Introducing Rafflecopter

Over the past few months, you’ve given feedback on how we can help you run giveaways and sweepstakes. We’re excited to announce that Rafflecopter is out of private beta. We’d like to take a moment and describe all the new features this new widget has and how you might take advantage of it!

New Awesome Functionality

First, the new widget will no longer rely on cookies to remember you! You’ve brought to our attention that tracking users based on cookies was confusing. We couldn’t agree more! Deleting cookies meant the Rafflecopter form would appear to think you hadn’t entered the giveaway yet. That meant entrants who deleted cookies would come back to do a daily tweet and the form wouldn’t let them past w/o completing the mandatory entry option first.

To fix this, we’re introducing a sign-in system where you can log in through Facebook or email. Similar to the old Rafflecopter widget, users who choose to sign in with their name and email address will be prompted for this information once the widget loads. However, the difference now is that the widget will ask for this information once only as opposed to once per entry on every single giveaway. You’ll only have to sign into Rafflecopter once ever. After that, Rafflecopter will remember you when you visit another giveaway with Rafflecopter.

We’re also really excited to announce that folks can now sign in using Facebook connect. When someone signs in with Facebook, they’ll be asked for permission from Facebook which will give the person running the giveaway access to their name and email address so they can be notified if they’ve won. Finally, signing in w/ Facebook gives you the ability to edit your previous entries (in case you enter too fast and press enter before you’re done!).

What this means is that you can enter giveaways from your different devices from different computers and different locations without worrying about cookies or entry forms not remembering you. Even better, here’s a scenario: if you want to log in with Facebook from home to enter giveaways but you go to the office and enter a giveaway from work (don’t tell the boss!) but they don’t allow access to Facebook, as long as you use the same email address as your Facebook account, Rafflecopter will see that your email address is connected and still remembers what giveaways you’ve entered.

Finally, when you enter a giveaway with the new widget for the first time, you’ll only be shown mandatory entry options. If there are any optional entry options, they’ll appear only after the mandatory entry options have been completed.

Last but not least, the previous version of Rafflecopter only let you have one widget load on a page. However, the new Rafflecopter allows you to have more than one Rafflecopter widget per page!

But Wait… There’s More

The new version of Rafflecopter will be released and available for everyone this week. The process of creating giveaways in the Rafflecopter dashboard has been improved upon as well, but we’ll let you check it out on your own watch. In the meantime, we can’t think of a better way than to demonstrate the new widget by running a giveaway. Try out the new Rafflecopter below! For this giveaway, we’ll choose ten folks at random to be mailed a handful of stickers. If you have any questions about the new giveaway, feel free to leave a comment on this blog post and we’ll do our best to respond quickly :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the author

Greg Goodson

Greg Goodson is the cofounder of Rafflecopter, the world's easiest way to run a giveaway online. Follow his shenanigans, ramblings, and memes on Twitter at @GregGoodson.

  • Guest!

    Where do we get to preview the new Raflecopter? I’m excited about this! Great job, folks!

  • Brittany Garrett

    Ok, I absolutely LOVE this new widget. So much easier to enter than before. Love you guys to death for creating this.

    • Rafflecopter

      thanks Brittany :)

  • Guest

    I think I’ll be loving it! Thank you for ever being so great at improving. 

    Now. Question. It wont affect ongoing giveaways with the form right? 

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks :) Giveaways created before the new widget launch will still show as the v1.0 widget and will not be affected. Let me know if that makes sense!

      • Paul

        I wish it would effect the current giveaways, my users are having a hell of a time entering correctly.
        Will there be any way to port current giveaway over to the new widget?

        • Rafflecopter

          Hey Paul! Yes – you will be able to change old widgets into the new widget, but the only thing with doing that is the new widget won’t remember previous entrants (meaning they could enter again, similar to if they deleted cookies) and the old entrant’s time of entry will be displayed as ‘undefined’. let me know if that helps!

          • blm03

            How do I have the new widget on a contest I have sitting waiting to start?

      • Carlos

        Yes, I have a giveaway currently using the v1.0 widget that doesn’t end until March 2012. I’m glad that this functionality will still work and WILL NOT automatically be upgraded to the v2.0 widget. Otherwise, it may void the current giveaway and I’ve already spent $1,000 in legal feeds making sure that my rules and regulations work with your v1.0 widget.

  • Elizabeth Kusak Duncan

    I fell in love all over again. Thank you :)

    • Rafflecopter

      *blush* ;-)

  • @MimiBakerMN

    And you just keep getting better and better!

  • Lynn @ Deal Hunting Diva

    LOVE it!!! You guys ROCK!!!

  • Celeste

    This is awesome, you are all awesome!

  • Kathryn

    This is AMAZING! Thank you, Rafflecopter, for listening to our ideas and turning them into something so beautifully easy, clever and effective for giveaway entrants! (Can’t wait to check out the dashboard changes you mentioned too!) :)

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Kathryn! :) the updates to the dashboard are really sweet!

  • Ely Aguilera

    I love it!!!!! I’m so excited to start usining :)

  • Therecessionista

    Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks. This makes blog giveaways so much easier

  • Tawna Crawford Richard


  • Elise Banks

    Nice work! Entry is so much faster! Love it!!

    • Rafflecopter

      forgot to mention that important piece in the blog post – we made some changes that should let Rafflecopter widgets load much faster than the old one.

      • Cara R.

        Oh, Yay!  Faster load time will be GREAT!  :o)

      • Hesham Zebida

        Yeah, I notice that in the test you have on this post, and by the way, it also looks better than the old one!

        I am preparing a few giveaways and looking forward to use the new widget. 

  • Lilac

    I like the look and the new features.

  • Carrie with Children

    I didn’t think it was possible to make it any more user friendly than it already was… you just proved me wrong!  This new widget is awesome!  LOVE!

    • Rafflecopter

      Hehe – thanks Carrie :)

  • Sarah Bird Bogner

    Finally, a company makes changes that benefits its users! You guys are awesome!

    • Rafflecopter


  • Katrina Moody

    You guys just keep making it easier and easier for this newbie to LOVE doing giveaways! 

  • Melindatoad

    You guys are AMAZING! Thanks for all you do!

  • April David

    Thank you so much for thinking so much about us… It really is amazing! Thanks guys! Yay!

  • Cheryl

    I love the new widget! Actually, I loved the old one two, but this is even better. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful program and service. 

  • Hesham Zebida

    I’ve done 5 giveaways so far, and I am loving it! This could be my official tool :)

    Good stuff guys, keep rocking! 

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Hesham :)

  • Michelle@Book Briefs

    so awesome! What did I even do before I had you in my life? Oh wait, i know…count giveaway entries for a whole lotta time

  • The Book Vixen

    Would like to be able to change end time – any chance of that happening?

    • Cheryl Free

      I totally agree.  It makes no sense to say that a giveaway ends at 12:01 am on any given date.  That gives entrants only one minute to enter the giveaway on the final date!

      Midnight isn’t a good option either because too many people are confused about when that really is.  Midnight is the one minute AFTER 11:59 pm when the new day starts, but some seem to think it’s at the end of the day.

      11:59 pm Eastern Time is the best standard IMHO.

      Is midnight the end of a day or the beginning of a day?
      When someone refers to “midnight tonight” or “midnight last night” the reference of time is obvious. However, if a date/time is referred to as “at midnight on Friday, October 20th” the intention could be either midnight the beginning of the day or midnight at the end of the day.

      To avoid ambiguity, specification of an event as occurring on a particular day at 11:59 p.m. or 12:01 a.m. is a good idea, especially legal documents such as contracts and insurance policies. Another option would be to use 24-hour clock, using the designation of 0000 to refer to midnight at the beginning of a given day (or date) and 2400 to designate the end of a given day (or date).

      • Cara R.

        I totally agree with this and have mentioned it to RC several times. 

        • Cheryl Free

          I share a lot of blog giveaways for extra entries.  It’s embarrassing when someone goes to enter a giveaway that ended at 12:01 am and finds that it’s over.  They probably blame me for wasting their time.  I know I’m ticked when it happens to me!

          It also seems to cause confusion among bloggers.  I’ve seen a lot of giveaways end a day earlier than stated in the blog post.

          • Rafflecopter

            Hey Cheryl – thanks for your feedback! Giving you the ability to edit start/end times and timezones is something we plan on doing. Sorry we weren’t able to include it in this update, but it’s still on our radar :)

          • Cheryl Free

            *Thank You*!  It’s great to hear that ヅ

          • Tamara

            Glad to hear this!  I didn’t see your comment before I commented above so just ignore me.  ;)

      • MammaRachel

        i’m always confused about times. I’m in Hawaii so it’s never the same time and sometimes we are a day behind so i have no idea at least now with raffelcopter it just says “OVER” lol

        • Cheryl Free

          But wouldn’t you rather get there before it’s “OVER”? ヅ

    • Rafflecopter

      it’s definitely on our radar! We’re going to continue to improve the widget as we go, so this is still a feature that will eventually be added to the widget. 

    • Clair Martin-Boone

      Agree! That would be sweet.  Start and end time :)

    • christina

      i agree. i would love to be able to CHOOSE the end time.

  • The Tampa Bay Saver

     Amazing!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.. :) 

  • jackandfriends

    This looks awesome!

  • Jennifer E. Garza


  • Gina Taylor

    I love this Widget!! Are you changing them all to this!! I really hope so!

    • Rafflecopter

      Yes – we’ll be moving to this new format in the next several days :)

  • Nicole Strunk

    Keeps getting better and better! Love the improvements!

  • Crazycoolcrafty

    I thought the old widget was awesome. Boy does this one blow it away! Great job Raffelcopter team!!

    • Rafflecopter

      thx :-)

  • kristina

    Nice! Maybe I should wait to open my giveaway : )



  • Kerri Jablonski

    Wooohooo!! So much easier. and I LOVE that it remembers me from Rafflecopter to Rafflecopter. Does this mean I don’t have to keep re-typing my Twitter name too? Please?

    • Cara R.

      I totally agree, Kerri.  I bang that “remember my Twitter” drum every chance I get.  :o) 

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re having discussions about that – because that would be cool :)

  • Cheryl Free

    I look forward to using the new form as an entrant and as a giveaway blogger!  I left my observations on the test giveaway at Simply Stacie.  Hope you were able to read them ヅ

  • Marilou70

    This is awesome NEW widget.  So much easier!!!!  I love entering sweeps but was sometimes confused…

  • Sara

    Is there any option to select your time zone on the new widget? The only issue I have with the beta version is that it can be difficult to set the end time on the widget as I am in Australia!

    • Rafflecopter

      not in this release Sara! but it’s something we do plan on doing :)

  • Nicole Henke

    not bad- i like how the twitter follows are shown in gry when you already follow- makes for quicker entries.

  • JustFindIt4U

    Looks awesome, much easier, thanks!

  • jodi shaw

    Absolutely love this, you guys make running giveaways and blogging so much easier and fun!

  • Janis

    I just love this site!

  • Lori

    Thank you Rafflecopter for making giveaways easier to manage and organize!

  • Jessica B

    OOO Thanks for not having my whole Facebook Name on there.  I really appreciate it and it makes me love the new widget even more!!

    • Rafflecopter

      Yes – we abbreviate your last name in the entrant’s list :)

  • Allison Rigdon

    Absolutely LOVE this!  Rafflecopter makes running (and entering) giveaways so much easier…couldn’t imagine hosting a giveaway any other way now!

  • Chantilly Patiño

    This is such a relief!  I especially love the fact that you can have more than one widget in a post!!  Wow!  I’m really looking forward to that and I love all the changes and the new look!  Thank you!  :)

    • Rafflecopter

      yup! more than one per page… hooray :-)

  • Kathleen Garber

    I’m SO glad we can have more than one on a page now. I hated using the page break all the time!

  • Kim

    very cool…okay what if they don’t want to sign in using facebook or they don’t have facebook?

    • Rafflecopter

      Hey Kim! You can login with email as well – the 2nd and 3rd paragraph has a little blurb on signing in with email.

  • Joan

    You guys ROCK!!!!

  • Ruth Hill

    This is absolutely the best–awesome!  I can hardly wait to use it!!!

  • Mike

    Awesome update guys! BTW I haven’t run a contest in a couple of weeks so I just saw your post about Magento (I was one of those who asked) So easy to get it done and works great!

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Mike!

      • Mike

        One other thing as many have noted, please change “points” to entries” Will be less confusing for entrants. Also think that the type could be a little bigger under facebook comnect so that people see they can still enter with their email if they want. Thanks again for a great product!

  • jen temcio

    OH WOW! I thought that rafflecopter was the bloggers best asset…now you have blown my mind! 

    • Rafflecopter


  • Cara R.

    Thank you.  Thank you!  xoxoxox

  • tonyknuckles

    Looks like it’s a lot smoother loading.

    • Rafflecopter

      yes – the new widget will load a lot faster than the current widget.

  • Wendy

    Rafflecopter you rock my world!

  • Guest

    That is all great (it really is, so don’t hate me), but what about people who don’t want to login with Facebook or Twitter?  I hate connecting my account to anything, since I’ve had too many issues and would probably just skip the giveaway then, since it’s not worth it to me.  And, some of my readers aren’t on Facebook or Twitter (shocking, but true), so they won’t be able to enter.  I love the changes to the new widget and I love the time it saves me personally, but I don’t want to readers to lose out, just because they aren’t on Facebook or Twitter or prefer not to connect their account.  I foresee that causing a decrease in entries, at least for me.  Is there an alternate option available?

    • Chantilly Patiño

      Don’t forget, your readers can also enter using their name and email address.  :)

      • Guest

        Okay, done freaking out!  I guess I shouldn’t be reading things like this at 1 AM. Thanks :)

        • Chantilly Patiño

          No problem!  :)  I know exactly what you mean.  ;)

  • MyToySmart

    I think Raffle Copter Rocks!

  • Aeicha Matteson

    What day this week specifically will the new widgets be availabel for all users? :)

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re thinking in the next several days – follow us on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll know :P

  • Henrietta

    I think it looks great! I am really hoping that customized end times are a possibility soon though!

    • Rafflecopter

      thanks Henrietta! :)

  • Kim Delatorre

    I really like it, but where it says “points collected” I wish it would just say “entries” and maybe make the “sign in with  FB” not so large so people don’t think that is the only way you sign in. The other option is really tiny. BUT, I do really like it!!! Great job!!!!!

    • Chantilly Patiño

      Totally agree!!  I think the “points collected” is a little confusing.  I’m not quite sure…but it seems to be TOTAL ENTRIES for this giveaway.

      • Shawn Ann

        Yup, I agree.  We aren’t earning points for anything, we’re earning entries.  Should always say how many entries there are not points earned.

        • Nancy

          I agree with everyone. I’d say entries as well.

          • Skye @ Neathering our Fest

            Definitely agree with this. I was really confused by it and thought maybe “points collected” was some new way to enter or keep up with what giveaways I’ve entered.

          • Maria Adcock

            I was confused, too. I thought maybe we were collecting points for some Point Reward system? That’s what people think when they hear points, that you earn them to cash them in for rewards.

          • Rafflecopter

            we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’ – should have seen that comin :P

          • Fabulous Finds

            I kinda liked the points thing. Oh well.

          • Rafflecopter

            lol – we just changed it back to entries 10 minutes ago :P

          • One Little Mister

            Hm, I just entered & it said points still.

          • Beth Lowry Grund

            i just want to be apart of this reply strand…I vote for entries tho! :) 

          • Rajib Kumar

            For a fixed i mean for one time giveaway points collecting are not a good option.

    • jackandfriends

      Totally agree! This must be changed.

    • Cathy Davis


    • Brittany

      I agree. As someone who doesn’t have facebook it is always a huge bummer to me when the first mandatory entry is something about facebook. For that button to be so much larger than the email one, I may have just passed on the giveaway thinking I wasn’t eligible.

      • Elisa

        totally agree, i wouldn’t enter the giveaway if i would see that. People will think that you must use fb to enter. such a bummer ..

        • Sandra Terry

          I agree I think the links should be the same size or the facebook option should actually be the smaller link.

      • Kelsie Harris

        Honestly, if you are entering giveaways, I think a Facebook account is a must. It’s such an easy way to gain extra entries by clicking like right there on raflecopter, plus when I sign into Facebook I can see more giveaways that bloggers have posted and flash giveaways from companies, sales, discount codes exclusively for Facebook fans, etc. 

    • Tamara

      Yes!  Please change “points” to “entries.”  And ditto, I didn’t even realize there was another option besides FB when I looked at it.

      Overall I really like how it’s more compact and the mandatory entry is completely obvious though.  And yay for the ability to have more than one on one page!

      I didn’t see anything about the ending time though – is it still going to only end at 12:01 AM?  Because 11:59 would be sooooooooo much better and clearer.  For some reason 12 AM confuses people and they don’t know if it means midnight or noon.  Or, even better, the option to set when we would like it to end would be great!  Thanks for all of your hard work guys!

    • Sarah

      I agree with this too. Confusing. Otherwise looks great! :)

    • Rafflecopter

      hey guys! I can see how that would be confusing – we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’ this afternoon :)

      • jackandfriends

        Or why not just ‘entries so far’ like it is in the ‘old’ version?

    • MaeGal

      I also agree and second all that Kim said.

      “Entries” sounds giveaway-esque, rather than “point collected”.

      I would definitely like to see the FB sign in be smaller. I know I don’t like to use my FB personal account for things involving anything other than my real life friends and if I didn’t notice the “or use just your name and email” option, I might not enter all together. (And we wouldn’t want that. =) )

      Otherwise, excellent changes! Looking good, Rafflecopter.

  • Chantilly Patiño

    Oh…just want to mention one more thing that I personally, would LOVE to see!  I would love to have the opportunity to select from a list of link shorteners for the “Tweet” option!,, etc.  Is there any possibility of this in the future??  It would be great if we could program this option from out Rafflecopter dashboard!  =)  Also, would love to see a Facebook “Share” option!  Thanks!

    • Rafflecopter

      good ideas – thanks for letting us know!

  • unknownmami

    Well done. I’m liking the changes. Thank you!

  • peachjuteux

    love it- it is easier and quicker i must say to enter- great job

  • Alekz

    Does the “Ends in XX:XX days/hours” also mean we can now choose the ending time of the giveaway? :D It would be awesome if so! Congratulations on such a good work guys!

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Alekz – not yet on the ending time question… but soon :)

  • Rebecca R

    Oh yea, I’m lovin’ this!

  • Emily_faliLV

    Awesome – but I am not a fan of POINTS COLLECTED – it should be entries.   No one says earn points in this giveaway – they always say earn entries….  THANKS for the hard work Greg!

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’… thanks Emily!

  • DNatrlBeauty

    Truthfully, I think its kind of ugly…will we be able to customize these ourselves??  Gray is just too drab and dull, IMHO~!!  Some green would be nice..:D

  • Olawale Daniel

    This is a great widget. I have used it for one of my contest and it is great. Thanks for this info :)

  • Tina Peterson

    LUV the new changes. I thought of a couple future changes you could do:

    1. Have RF Cptr grab the Tweet Address automatically – sometimes the window closes to fast for us to click on the link in time.
    2. On the dashboard/design form – have a stumble & G+ form since GFC is going away. Maybe a Follow Me for both sites just like your Follow Me Twitter Form.

    Just a couple of thoughts – love the changes.

    • Rafflecopter

      great – thanks for the suggestions! much appreciated Tina :)

    • Lindsay

      I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that gets me every time is that darn tweet URL!

    • alterlisa

      Yea, I always keep a tab open just for Twitter as I can never capture the URL before it’s gone.

  • Tina Peterson

    Way off Subject – I’d LUV to see a Linky for Blog Hops & Giveaways using this same type of form. I hate using McLinky! I’ve tried to figure out a way to use it and it might work especially now where we can have more than one form on a page. It wouldn’t work to do a linky w/ PICs obviously – but if people could add their blog themselves for a blog hop or a giveaway hop it could work. 

    Is there a possibility something like this may come eventually?

    • Chantilly Patiño

      Tina, I’m totally with you!  All of the blog hop/linking widgets have such a terrible, non user-friendly format!  I would love to see something super easy like this for blog hops!!!  I think most people are intimidated by the current link widgets.

  • Real Mom Reviews

    So when can we use it!?!?!?!?

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re thinking in the next few days :)

  • Terri’s Little Haven

    Sounds great!!!  Good job.

  • Georgia

    I think the other option to sign in need to be bigger. As soon as someone sees the sign in with facebook and they don’t have a facebook account, they are going to think they cannot enter the giveaway. Other than that, I think it is a great widget.

  • Kenda

    These updates are awesome – thank you! Especially the new feature of hiding entries you don’t qualify for yet. Change ‘points collected’ to ‘total entries’ – and make the email sign in option more prominent and you may very well have created the perfect entry form ;)

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Kenda :)

  • Lindsay

    This is hotness with awesomesauce on top. Thank you!

    • Rafflecopter

      lol :P leetsauc5!

  • Myrah – Coupon Mamacita

    Loving it already!

  • Kristen

    I have a couple of problems with the new form. The first being that my email for Facebook is not the one I use for entering giveaways. I would not want to emailed to that email if I win so I signed up using my name & email. But if you don’t sign in with FB then you can’t edit the entry. I agree with the previous poster that it should say entries not points. Also I would like for the other entries to still be visible before completing the mandatory because if someone mandatory is super hard I would want to see how the others compare before wasting my time. I like how it says the number of hours that are left! I love the old Rafflecopter form so I would just like to see a few tweaks on this one.

    • Rafflecopter

      thanks Kristen… we’ll make a note! that said, we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’ today :o

  • Alyssa @ HLB

    I love the new look, thank you for the re-design!  

    Will we have the capability of customizing the widget (i.e. fonts, color scheme) in a future release?

    • Rafflecopter

      maybe ;)

  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    Very very nice overall.  Love how compact it is.  Can’t wait to put it through its paces!  

  • Britney Wyatt

    So, I like it. So much easier. But it wouldn’t let me type in the boxes for “facebook name” etc. Is it just my computer for some reason?

  • Homeschoolingmyblessings

    please put the entries back not the points thing – that is confusing and I like being able to see how many entries I have PLUS it’s good for the sponsors to see too. I am bummed about that feature – actually I can’t stand it.

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’… thanks!

  • Tree a.k.a Mother of Pearl

    I think I LOVE you!!! Rafflecopter has been my FAVORITE blog tool since it started.. and now you’ve made it even better!! Kudos to all of you!!

  • Jessica Bittke

    I think the changes are great!  But like many others, I’m not a fan of the “Points Earned” text and would prefer “Entries”.

    • Rafflecopter

      we’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’… thanks!

  • Ashley

    I like this so much better!

  • Ada Miller

    Well i was liking it until i logged out of being signed in with FB since that email I do not use. I logged in with my email,so for the liking Rafflecopter on FB entry I can not do it because it’s wanting me to log into FB & if i do & happen to win & receive a email It is going to go to the email account I don’t even use & not even sure if i can get into it. Sure i could check my email that i sign in with FB with to see if i can get in it,but if i win a giveaway i will be contacted at that email & end up not getting my prize since i dont check it.

    What could i do? If i sign up for giveaways I will just be wasting my time now,please help..

  • Kristine

    I had some snags in testing this out and entering this give-away. I couldn’t enter my Twitter name, post the Twitter URL, or enter a random comment.

  • Rach Lines

    The rafflecopter system is lovely to use as a host and an entrant, Its the people using it that are naughty for me, I have one running currently but alot have clicked they have completed processes without actually doing them. Means alot of editing for those who have big competitions.

    • Fuss Free Helen

      I agree.  just tested the widget and it let me do all 3 bouns entries with me not entering any text into the boxes.

  • Peggy Arthurs

    A place for entrants to leave links to their blog post or facebook post if it is a requirement for them to post on their blog or facebook would be excellent. That wiki style format is way to hard for some of use simple folk to figure out!

  • shelly

    Agree, the sign in for Facebook is so large that you hardly notice that you don’t have to sign in with facebook. 

  • Paul Stokes

    I wish it would effect the current giveaways, my users are having a hell of a time entering correctly.
    Will there be any way to port current giveaway over to the new widget?

  • K. Smith

    I agree with Kim, I don’t like the points collected-I also wish it would say entries. Also if you could make the sign in with name and email larger for those that don’t have facebook that would be great. Also if it could display the date the giveaway is ending that would be nice as well. Thanks and it looks wonderful!

  • Shari Goss

    I heart rafflecopter!!!!!! This sounds like it fixes all the problems I had with the old widget!! You guys rock!

    Oh and the Rafl kitty looks like one of my kitties so cute!!

  • mimz

    I think the terms and conditions box should show the whole text without having to click read more. And can you guys make it run smoothlier on mobile devices? I know the problem may be because my phone is not the smartest but it’s still a bit slow.

  • Cathy Davis

    Just my 2 cents here too:

    1. I am in agreement with the “points” being confusing.  Should definitely say “entries” earned.

    2. I am not in agreement with the changing on end times.  The reason it ends at 12:01a is because the contest actually ends at midnight .. telling the widget 12:01 gives entrants that last 60 seconds of “midnight” to finalize their entry.  So, if the contest ends at 12:01a Dec. 3 on the widget, you would want to let entrants know they can enter “through Dec. 2nd” meaning they have all day Dec 2nd to enter.  Makes complete sense to me the way it is set up now – although I’m probably not explaining it as well as someone else could :)

    3. I had a small snag entering as well – I already follow RC on Twitter but it didn’t show the check so I clicked it and found I was already following RC but then the widget froze and I had refresh my screen twice before it would let me enter my Twitter name.

    4.  As a solution for those who don’t like to connect to Facebook but still want to use Facebook as an entry option – how about creating a Rafflecopter account?  This way they can connect their RC account to Facebook but still choose an email different from their Facebook email to receive notifications?  I’m sure that would be a big task for RC but it’s a thought.  Or maybe even logging in with Twitter instead?

    Think that’s all I have for now  :)  Thanks so much, RC, for actually listening and applying feedback from your users!!


    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Cathy! We’re going to be changing ‘points collected’ to ‘entries collected’. We do plan on giving you more control over the end time in the future.

      A Rafflecopter account would be cool :P I think I understand what you’re getting at. It might be possible, but not until a little further down the road :P


  • Jennifer V.

    Wish it still said “Entries” not “Points Collected”. My participants are going to be confused, as points collected suggest you are saving them to trade in for something later. I agree with an earlier post that the Facebook Login icon  should be the same size as the Name & Email Link. Otherwise their eyes go directly to FB and people don’t take time to look at the other smaller option. Those who don’t have FB might end up not entering at all then. Yes I know, we are not dealing with real smart people most of the time. Need to dumb it down some.

  • Diana Lynch

    I love everything.. but I’m still having an issue with getting the url for my tweet. For some reason it can take up to an hour for a timestamp to show in my tweet :(

  • Kelseylouiseapley

    Will their be a change where you can have more rafflecopter forms on the same page or is that the same? That is my big issue.. i host tons of giveaways and hate having the on seperate pages. 

    • Rafflecopter

      Yup – you’ll be able to have more than one per page :)

  • Marvelous Mommy

    Great feedback here! I too would love to see…

    *Points Collected changed to Total Entries (or something like that)
    *A Facebook Share options!!
    *An end date option to change the time (11:59/midnight/12:01)
    *And that darn tweet url likes to disappear before I can click it (not sure if you can change that)

    Thanks for all your great work! (And for making my life easier!) :-)

  • Bridget @ Giveaway Promote

    I am excited for these changes. I agree with previous comments about needing an option to adjust the end time in the future. It is confusing for entrants, especially when viewing a giveaway on a listing site such as Giveaway Promote, when the end date is listed correctly but the giveaway has already ended.

  • Elizabeth Owens

    Loving the changes!

  • Donna C.

    Wow it is a lot different!!! 

  • LettersfromSanta

    Oh Y!ay! Does this mean I will be able to check-out and use rafflecopter now? I have been in some kind of holding pattern…

    • Rafflecopter

      we haven’t sent out a ton of invites over the last few days – but you’ll be able to join soon :)

  • Maggie C

    Can’t WAIT to get this new form for my readers – and for me to use on others’ giveaways!

  • Jspeachyn5

    Thank you so much for not showing the persons last name. That was really a pet peeve of mineand several of my reader.
    Looks great, Thanks!

  • Kelly K.

    I think the improvements are great. Awesome job. I really appreciate that our feedback makes a difference. 

  • Me

    I agree ! Should say  total entered so far. Otherwise contest participants might think you are earning points that have some monetary value or are selling their contact information to a third party data miner . Also would like to be able to pick ” exact start and end time ” rather than 12:01 AM .

  • Andy

    Is my browser affecting your sticker giveaway not working on my laptop? I never know. Here is how I would use my 10 handfuls of stickers: One on the back of my car. One on my luggage. One on my trombone case. Several on my cat. Several on my neighbor’s cat. One in the rear window of my car. One watermarked to the bottom of every profile picture I ever put on facebook. I would then put some atop the fan blades in the front room. Lastly, I would put some on Dweezil while he sleeps with his beer in his hand.

    • Rafflecopter


  • Cean Lim

    Hope they read my “tell us anything” section :D It’s all about LOVE!

  • Leslie Mayorga

    Hi Greg,

    I have a bunch of Giveaways written and in draft on RC, what happens to those?

    • Rafflecopter

      Hey Leslie! When we release the new updates, all giveaways created before the release will still use the old code. Anything created after the release will be new giveaway widgets. Let me know if that makes sense!

      • Leslie Mayorga

        Makes perfect sense!  Thanks Greg! 

  • Jodi Gerber

    I’m still waiting for RaffleWaffles.  Mmmm.  Congrats on the launch Greg!

  • cheapchicinchicago

    I agree w/others on the “points collected” vs. “entries” label.  I prefer the old version where it lists the number of entries with the text “entries so far”.  I don’t know if this is possible, and someone else mentioned it, but I wish there was a way to connect to GFC for entries that require a “follow” w/GFC – I have some readers that click that they’ve followed through GFC but actually haven’t.

  • Paul Stokes

    Just thinking out load here, but it would be neat if you had and/or required entries, meaning either one or the other.

  • Tracerscouponaffair

    I agree with below users. I think it will confuse everyone if you say “points”. If you say “entries” or “entries to prize” it would be soo much better. Other than that its great!

  • Contactdoctorstock

    I’ve used it once… and now again as I am currently running a giveaway under my blog section.  It was easy… except when I went to get the winners… and it chose someone who didn’t meet one of my requirements. I couldn’t replace that person. 

    • blm03

      You can.  Click the X in the right corner of the winner box and you should be able to pick another winner.

  • April Hargraves

    I agree that it should say entries instead of points!

  • Elisa

    Is the time still set on EST? It would be better if we could set our own time. Why is the facebook icon so big and the “or use just your name and email” so small.. I almost didn’t see the small words.. not everybody uses facebook =/ anyways, still like the whole widget though :)

  • Amanda Welbaum

    Will this ever work on the Xanga platform? I’ve asked many times and no one ever responds

    • Rafflecopter

      From my understanding, Xanga doesn’t allow javascript on their site unfortunately!

  • Tlpayne

    All right.

  • lisa

    Great job guys.  Thanks for listening and making these swell changes.  Is there a chance we can see a future Google + option?

  • Karrine Elizabeth

    I agree – I don’t like the ‘points’ :-) Otherwise looks great.

  • Gourav Kumar

    This widget is not only better looking and more feature rich, it is also easier to use and understand for the participants. Thanks for this fantastic app

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Gourav :)

  • Fabulous Finds

    Kinda off subject but Greg what is your favorite candy??

    • Rafflecopter

      definitely Reese’s #peanutbutterchocolate :)

  • Erika

    This looks awesome! I can’t wait to use it.

    My only suggestion would be that it would be great to have a way to add with Google + circles and +1 the post from within the form. Since GFC is going away this would be really great.You guys rock – I am so impressed with all the work you have put into this! 

    • Tammy

      as per the terms of service of Google + you can not offer an entry on a giveaway to have someone +1 a post.

  • CrunchyBeachMama

    I like the FB sign in option but the problem is I don’t use my FB email. So that is where I would be contacted if I won right?

  • Orlando All star weekend

    Looks great – check out mine at

  • Mimi

    I am loving this new version!

  • Daniel P.

    When I try to sign in using just my name and email, nothing happens. And after trying to sign in, if I click on “Enter to Win” the entry info collapses and can only be returned by refreshing the page.

  • Giselleco

    When I first looked at it I never saw the “use name & email” and I
    wouldn’t want to log in with my personal Facebook so seeing this I may
    have just passed it up. I wouldn’t want people to not enter because they
    thought they had to log into Facebook. Is there a way to customize it
    so the Facebook button doesn’t appear – just a link maybe?

    And this may just be me, but just the fact that you have to “sign in” may dissuade some people from entering.

    Except for that I like it. I love how compact it is.

    PS- I already commented this but it keeps deleting my comment!?

  • Giselleco

    Also – just a thought – when I logged in because it looks the same, I thought it counted as entry #1.

  • Heather Rosdol

    I love Rafflecopter!  I have used it about five times and not had any trouble with it at all.  It makes complicated giveaways so easy!!  I’m not sure what I did without it!  Thank you!


  • Sara@YrThrivinFamily

    This is WONDERFUL!  Will make entering so much easier!

  • John

    you are all morons

  • Jen M

    I love it! You’ve really revolutionized the world of blog giveaways :)
    Like many have said, I would love it if giveaways ended at 11:59 as opposed to 12:01. And I think PST would be more appropriate than EST, so it would be more fair for all of us on the Pacific Coast to get in some last minute entries.
    I’m not sure about logging in with Facebook yet, but I do like that we can login with an email. I like that the form will remember me either way, in case I want to experiment with both.

  • xocanadianangel

    Fabulous work Rafflercopter! So exciting about this! :)

  • Bobbie CrawfordMcCoy

    Oh, I LOVE it, guys! Great work as usual! :-)

  • One Little Mister

    what about the tweet option? can entrants tweet more than once a day now?

  • alterlisa

    I love how Twitter follower and Facebook follower has gone to gray if you are already a follower. Could you also have the GFC or Google + do the same thing?
     I spend a lot of time going to the blog to double check that I’m already following by GFC or Goggle+. That is probably the most time consuming part of entering a contest.

  • Sewcalgal

    Sounds good to me.  Looking forward to when  I can use rafflecopter on my blog.


  • Bj Strawter

    Looks great. I’m in agreement, that “entries” makes a lot more sense. Excited to put the new changes to good use. Keep up the good work. 

  • Jenny

    that’s pretty nifty!

  • Kerry

    Love the widget and I am looking forward to using the new one. I have been telling all my book blogging freinds about Rafflecopter and I know they will love it too.

  • Justin Germino

    Awesome, so excited.  Really love using Rafflecopter.

  • alterlisa

    I have noticed that when keying in my email for the first entry, all I have to do is click on the box and my email is there to auto enter–but I have to type in my name the first time for it to auto fill. Why is that?

  • Tiffany Booth

    LOVE the new widget! But for some reason I was only able to enter the first two options. The other 3 wouldn’t work. I did tweet anyways :)

  • Tiffany Booth

    Nevermind lol. I tried again and it worked :)

  • Freebieprincess

    Love you Rafflecopter! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • Lori Eddingfield Thomas

    Love it!

  • Michelle {the Momma Bird}

    You guts are so awesome!!! Just sayin’

    • Michelle {the Momma Bird}

      Stupid auto correct – GUYS not guts. Lol

      • Rafflecopter

        lol… guts :) thanks Michelle!

  • Joe Colburn

    I love the updates.  Can’t wait to do another giveaway this weekend.

  • Jessica

    Cant wait to check it out.

  • abusymomoftwo

    Okay, so the Facebook disclaimer…will that appear automatically on all giveaways?  Since they have the option to sign in on Facebook, I’m thinking it might be required?  Thanks.

  • Ryan Hanson

    Customizable colors are I think the only thing that would make this plugin better. I love it.

  • Stacy Croy

    Excellent! Looking forward to trying out the new features :-)

  • Christy, Home-Mom

    Awesome, this really rocks. Keep up the amazing job

  • Lori

    I am thrilled by these changes and that you listen to your users.  I am on a mission to live my life as Google free as possible.  They have no customer service and a variety of other issues to numerous to list.  You have just made my day.  With the ability to have more than one widget per page you removed my major obstacle.  The future changes with start and end times will be awesome.  Thank You so much!!!!!

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks Lori :)

  • Sherry Salach

    Rafflecopter is awesome. It was awesome before and now it’s just amazingly awesome. Thanks for all of your hard work and I’m excited that my fellow bloggers who didn’t get to use the beta will be able to experience it now! :)

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  • aboutamom

    love it! you guys rock!

  • Parajunkee

    It says:
    Aw, shucks. We didn’t get your entry.Plz try again. A few times… so I guess I won’t put my stickers anywhere.

  • Sharonwilliams73

    Love rafflecopter but 3 thoughts…..

    1 I was unable to type anything in the comment field for any of the entries so I couldn’t put my twitter name etc….
    2 Sign in with facebook is way larger than the sign in with name and email.  This will def scare some of my readers away because they don’t like to use facebook and allow companies to access thier account.  I wish both options would be the same font size
    3 Entries collected is not as clear as “entries” and the +0 left to earn doesn’t really make sense.  I understand the concept behind it but  think it is more confusing than helpful.

    I love rafflecopter!!!  Thanks so much for creating such a great way to run giveaways!

  • Mary H

    Booo, the widget was broken and I couldn’t enter. )-:

  • Joup

    i want Rafflecopter in other languages! spanish and chinesse for the win!

  • mike smith

    i want this ty its an awsome program

  • Jackie Paulson

    It will be beyond awesome~

  • nimbuschick

    AMAZING UPGRADE. Love, love, LOVE the Facebook Login. Saves me so much time!

    • Rafflecopter

      Thanks :) Yeah… should make things a little easier, huh? :)

  • Liz

    Hey! I am so excited but how do I get my very own Rafflecopter? :) I need one so bad for my giveaways on my blog! :D I see it’s avail for everyone now! Please help me get my hands on it! :D

    • Rafflecopter

      Shouldn’t be too much longer :)

  • Brucewdw

    Very nice. Can’t wait to use it.

  • Carro

    So exactly when will it be released?!

    • Rafflecopter

      Very soon :) We’ll keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Modern Mommy Reviews

    I love Rafflecopter…Can’t wait to get some stickers! (I can’t believe people couldn’t tell that it meant entries). Have a great day Greg and everyone else at Rafflecopter)!

  • Debi Pfitzenmaier

    Will there be an option to notate which entries are optional versus mandatory? I’m not seeing that on your example here…

  • geekxpot


  • Courtney Baxtron

    This is SO much better!

  • Jitesh Golecha

    Good to see this. Will test it soon. :)

  • Kirk_brooke81

    I couldn’t type in any of the boxes like to put my Twitter user name or an additional comment, running IE9

  • Mommy PR

    I would love to be able to set the time as in central, pacific, etc. I run all mine based on where I am located. Also why does it have to show who has entered?
    Those are my only 2 concerns :)

    Thanks for updating!

  • Norma Cummins

    Not sure why, but I couldn’t click in the comment section when trying to comment in my entry. When I tried to follow in twitter it wouldn’t let me type in my twitter name. I had to go there and follow.

  • Puneet

    Awesome! Is it released?

  • Dree Getz

    I would like it to have a user profile that shows twitter name, google +, stumble upon, youtube, and facebook name so it doesn’t need to be typed in more than once.

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  • Cheryl Free

    I just entered a giveaway on Facebook with the new form.  My biggest problem is not finding a date.  You used to be able to hover over the amount of time remaining and find a real date.  Now I have to pull out my calendar and try to count it for myself :(  It takes extra time and is frustrating!

  • Elizabeth Owens

    Thanks for changing it to Entries collected! Love that :)
    One other feature I miss, is being able to hit the enter button instead of click I did this. It will not let me do that anymore. Other than that, great updates!! You did a great job

  • Terri

    I really wish we could check our links before posting, the ones I have singed up for with the new rafflecopter have links that are not working so I’m sure I could have them as well on my giveaways with no way to know.  I also liked having the choice of how many entry points to give instead of the way it is now with 25 being the most.  I was excited about the change but now not so much. 

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  • MammaRachel

    How can i check or change the email address associated with my fb connect login?

  • Kristen

    I think this is a great improvement to Rafflecopter and we use it at Dr. Pattersons Family Eyecare

  • aspen

    Thank you for updating rafflecopter.  The main change I would like to see is to give “enter with your email” equal billing to that big blue facebook entry button.  How about giving “enter with email” a button too?  And/or moving the text above the facebook button.   I know a lot of people are on facebook, but a lot of people also don’t want anything to do with it (privacy issues).  Making it more obvious that you can enter with email will help a lot.  Thank you.

  • Cinny

    I liked how the old version had the extra info box for every entry method…I know there’s a check box available for extra info now…however, it is not available for the twitter/facebook follows and tweet/likes and some other ones that I can’t remember at this moment…Please add it back in, it makes it much simpler for verifying entries when we know who these people are. :) I like the new look but miss being able to see all the possible entries…maybe because I’m lazy and used tweet my own daily tweets for ease and convenience from the old rafflecopter without adding an entry to the giveaway. I miss that too. Those are my only two issues… Thanks!

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  • Anne-Marie T

    I love entering giveaways that use rafflecopter.  However, I am finding that with the new rafflecopter that the bloggers are not setting up a spot to enter the additional information for entries like your GFC name, email used to subscribe, the link to where you put their button on your blog, etc etc. How can they verify these entries if you can’t prove you did it.   I have been leaving these details as a blog comments and hoping the blog owner sees them there. 

  • Evangeline Han

    I’m using the name/email sign in option when entering giveaways run by Rafflecopter. What if I decide to change names? For example, I might want to use Evangeline in giveaway A, B, and C, and Sugarpeach in giveaways D, E, F. Is that allowed? The email is the same.

    • Rafflecopter

      hey Evangeline! if you change names and your email stays the same, that’s fine :) the form will recognize you based off of email address. hope that helps!

  • Suzy

    Very nice!

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  • Judy Shockley

    good advise but i still don’t know if i’m entering correctly when they ask url and rss stuff,and can you still win if i don;t enter every task asked to be preformed in every entry  by url .I mean ,they ask to subscribe and leave a URL  OR SAME WITH RSS

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  • Karlene Browning

    I did this but ever since I logged in using Facebook it won’t let me enter any Rafflecopter giveaways It keeps saying “Aw, shucks. We didn’t get your entry. Plz try again.”

    It also won’t let me log out. When I try to log out it automatically logs me back in again. How do I fix this?

    • Josh @ Rafflecopter

      Hey @karlenebrowning:disqus – Can you shoot us an email at support (at) Rafflecopter (dot) come and we’d be happy to provide some insight!

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