FitDesk: Be Productive While Working Out {Giveaway}

This is a guest post by AK Stout, who is a social media consultant and owner at Saying It Social, LLC. She is also the co-host of Social Geek Radio, where she discusses the use of social technologies on today’s web. Follow her on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.


I love my job but up until a few months ago it was slowly killing me. That may sound a bit crazy coming from a gal who merely sits in front of a computer all day but multiple reports over the past several weeks point to the “couch potato” lifestyle as a pandemic, claiming over 5 million lives every year.

Any extended sitting – at a desk, in front of the television or behind the wheel – threatens our physical well-being in multiple ways that even occasional trips to the gym cannot significantly offset. The solution, according to many researchers, is to sit less and move more every day.

Sure that sounds like a simple solution in theory, but what if your job just doesn’t lend itself to much more movement than typing or occasionally shifting the computer mouse from side to side? Luckily a few years ago, the folks at Revo Innovations had our best interests in mind when they designed the FitDesk, a lightweight exercise bike that allows users to work on a laptop, surf the internet, correspond via email or otherwise work while enjoying the healthy benefits of an active lifestyle.

When I found out about the FitDesk I had to have one – there was no question about it. I could continue sitting still all day, doubling my risk of death, or get a FitDesk and pedal my way to healthy computing.

After using my FitDesk for just a few days I fell in love with not just the concept and the product but with the company culture and their mission as well. Fortunately [for me] the fine folks at FitDesk were looking to add a Social Media Marketer to their team and I was honored to be able to fill that roll. I feel so lucky to be able to spread the word about something that really makes a difference and helps people live healthier lives.

FitDesk, Bloggers, & Giveaways {Oh My!}

One of my favorite things to do as part of the FitDesk team is partner with other companies and bloggers to give away FitDesks. The more people we can let know about the FitDesk the better, and nothing seems to get people more interested and more involved than a good old fashioned giveaway.

(You just figured out where I’m going with all this, didn’t ya?)

When we partner with companies and bloggers for giveaways we want to make sure that the giveaway is mutually beneficial; that both entities will gain more exposure, more social media followers, etc.

After much careful research, it was overwhelmingly clear that for the cost (free or $99 for white label) Rafflecopter offered everything that we needed to run a successful online giveaway in conjunction with another company or blogger.

From ease of set up to customizable entry options, embeddable widgets, and a stream-line Facebook app, Rafflecopter’s got it all.

I was thrilled when the Rafflecopter Facebook app was unveiled. Not only was it super easy to install (I think it took one, maybe two clicks to get it loaded onto the Facebook Page), but the guys at Rafflecopter were kind enough to leave blank HTML spaces at the top and bottom of the widget for your own messaging, branding, and customization.

One of the reasons I love having the Rafflecopter app added to the Facebook Page is because it gives people a reasons to ‘Like’ your Page. When someone stumbles upon your Page and sees the “Giveaway” titled app, even if you don’t have a live giveaway at that moment, they at least know that you run giveaways and may ‘Like’ your Page just hoping that you’ll do another one soon.

We recently worked with a company who was going to do a FitDesk giveaway with us and they were always accustomed to running their giveaways the “wrong way” on Facebook (more about that here) so I quickly advised that it would be in both of our best interests to go the Rafflecopter app route instead. After the giveaway they wrote to tell us that by using the Rafflecopter app they received more than 4,000 entries compared to the usual 500 or so they were getting with their “other” method on Facebook.

Want To Win a FitDesk? Here’s Your Chance!

Needless to say, we’ve been thrilled with the exposure that Rafflecopter has helped bring to the FitDesk. We are so thrilled that we wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation… So, we have two FitDesks to give away to YOU, fellow loyal Rafflecopter fans and supporters.

No Purchase Necessary. Due to shipping restrictions, winner must have a US or Canadian address. To enter the giveaway, sign in and answer the question in the Rafflecopter widget below by letting us know why you want to win a FitDesk. You can also follow FitDesk on Twitter, tweet a message (+1 per daily tweet), leave a comment on the Rafflecopter blog for additional entries. If you’re a fan of FitDesk and/or Rafflecopter on Facebook, you’ll also be eligible for an additional entry as well. Giveaway ends just after Labor Day… Tuesday, 9/4 at 12:01am. Two winner will be chosen and shipped a FitDesk. So… what are you waiting for?

Enter The Giveaway Below!

A FitDesk / Rafflecopter Giveaway

AK has worked with Rafflecopter over the past 3 months and has helped us understand how a business like FitDesk operates via social media. AK also manages the social media initiatives for FitDesk. We reached out to AK to see if she and FitDesk would like to be featured brand on our blog. We’re disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Abiding by the FTC blogger guidelines is important to us; we just want to be transparent :)

About the author

AK Stout

AK Stout is the owner of Saying It Social, LLC. She's also a Social Media Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker. Follow her on Twitter @AKStout18

  • Pierce

    Cool Contest!

    • AK Stout

      Thanks, Pierce! Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?

  • We’re Parents!?

    I spend at least 5 hours a day in front of my computer for work, which is blogging, then another 1-2 researching different personal topics, such as my pregnancy. I would continue to do the same if I won, I would just be more Fit while doing it!! :)

    • AK Stout

      That all sounds great! Good luck:-) And congrats on the little one on its way!

  • Simran Silva

    I spend a good part of my waking hours on the computer for work, blogging and social networking. I would use the FitDesk for the time spent on all of these as it would also improve my overall health and hopefully alleviate some of my chronic pain. Thank you.

    • AK Stout

      Hey Simran, Thanks for writing! I have fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome and it has helped me with some of my symptoms. Good luck to you!

      • Simran Silva

        Hi AK, That’s good to know. Hope your health continues to improve! Thank you!!!

        • AK Stout

          Thank you, Simran. Right back atcha;-)

          • Simran Silva

            Thank you! :-)

  • Kinzie Westberg

    neat idea!

    • AK Stout

      Thanks, Kinzie! Do you spend a lot of time during the week in front of a computer?

  • Lori Beneteau

    I spend over 40 hours per week at a desk – a lot of it for work, and some of it for social networking and blogging. I’d use a fitdesk mostly for work !!

    • AK Stout

      The nice thing about the FitDesk is it helps take the stress out of work. (At least it did for me.) I love using it during blogging too – helps get my creative juices flowing! I wrote this blog post while using the FitDesk.

  • Paul M.

    I spend at least 30 hours a week on my computer. I would probably spend about half of that on the FitDesk. I would love to be able to spin and blog!

    • AK Stout

      15 hours a week on the FitDesk would definitely be time well spent! Good luck, Paul:-)

  • EJ Horton

    I am at a desk over 50 hours per week. ad another 7hours minimum of drive time and obviously I need to get moving again. I also spend around another 12 hrs per week at the computer at home. Sheesh.

    • AK Stout

      Adds up doesn’t it?? See aren’t you glad we asked:-)

  • james hollister

    This looks really cool, Nice giveaway thanks

    • AK Stout

      Hi James! How many hours per week do you find yourself in front of the computer??

  • Maggie

    Have been seriously wanting a FitDesk for a while. However I haven’t managed to wiggle it into my budget yet. I’m at my desk 40hours/week (on the phone and computer) plus spend at least an hour a night online doing general surfing as well as social networking.

    • AK Stout

      Hi Maggie! Good luck to you:-)

  • GZ

    I have been looking for a workout/work solution for a while now. I have heard some great things about Fitdesk and would love to be able work (making video games) while I get my body moving. I am on the computer 50 hours a week working, surfing or tweeting..

    • AK Stout

      You’ve heard about the FitDesk before and you don’t have one yet?!? Hehe jk jk! Sounds like you could really benefit from it. Oh, and making video games sounds really fun! Anything we’ve heard of??

  • CarolineEr

    I spend 30-40 hours a week in front of the computer for work and other business at home. This would give me a great opportunity to take care of my personal business while I burn calories!

    • AK Stout

      Absolutely. I can see businesses being more productive because you can fit more hours in on the computer instead of having to exercise separately!

  • WendyLittenEA

    I spend countless hours on my computer or on client’s computers. With a FitDesk, I can do better in my office, at least!

    • AK Stout

      Every little bit help! Good luck, Wendy!

  • Lila Danderfluff

    I spend 24 hours at work a week on a desk plus more here and there at home in front of a computer. If I won a fit desk I would use it at work.

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like you need one at home and at work. I’m not kidding, we have people who do that:-)

  • Shana F

    Out of 40hrs of work, I probably spend 30 sitting in front of the computer a week and then in my time off, I probably spend another 5hrs a day social networking, surfing the internet, starting a blog, and gaming. So I could definitely use some of those hours as exercise hours, especially considering that I am 80lbs overweight.

    • AK Stout

      Hey Shana! Thanks for sharing! Getting some exercise is definitely way more bearable when you have other things to focus on like Facebooking, and pinning, and tweeting:-)

  • Lisa_GrandmasBriefs

    As a blogger and freelance writer, I spend at least 30 hours sitting at my desk. My blogger booty serves as a testament to that.

    • AK Stout

      LOL – “blogger booty” is great… I might have to use that:-)

  • peroty

    I work in IT and spend my life behind a glowing screen watching progress bars. A fitdesk would allow me to spend some of those hours cycling and working off the caffeine-induced gut I have acquired!

    • AK Stout

      You may even find you need less caffeine if you pedal while you work:-)

  • Chris N.

    Great invention!! I tend to spend 16 hours behind my laptop; doing work, browsing, watching youtube, and playing games.

    • AK Stout

      Thanks, Chris! I can tell you from experience, all of those things feel much better done while using the FitDesk:-)

  • :)

    i spend 5 hours a day on the computer gaming and earning money online. with the fitdesk, i can game even more

    • AK Stout

      Yes, yes you could:-) Are you earning money by gaming? If so, I might need to hear more about this…. ;-)

  • Jamie Howell

    I spend at least 60+ hours or more in front of my laptop

    • AK Stout

      Thanks for writing, Jamie! Is that all for work, or blogging, or….?


    Work (8 to 5 weekdays) = 45 hours
    Play/School 3 hours/everyday= 21 hours
    So in all, I spend about 66 hours a week on computer.

    • AK Stout

      I’d say that’s a good amount! Are you able to get any exercise in?


        :-) I wake up early to walk. Otherwise, it is difficult to hit my targets just from post-work walking.

  • Thomas Dodge Howell

    This is very cool. I have a blog and podcast discussing my weight loss and this would help a lot!

    • AK Stout

      Thanks for sayin’ so! I’ve heard a couple of people say they are able to ride their FitDesk while doing their podcasts!

  • PaulinaChills

    I spend about 10 hours a week at the computer but my hubs spends at least 50

    • AK Stout

      Hope he is enterin’ too then! You wouldn’t want him stealing yours:-)

  • Jayde Ann Shrew

    close to to or a little over 30 hours a week

    • AK Stout

      Well you could definitely benefit from a FitDesk:-)

  • Dealin and Dishin

    Wow! Between blogging, looking for deals for myself for holidays and daily, getting things done for school,and playing around or watching my shows I’d say 28 hours a week.

    • AK Stout

      Deals for the holidays?! Is it that time again already?? I see a lot of people increasing their computer time in the months coming up doing just that!

  • Amber S

    Hmm, I never really counted but I would say too many – perhaps 3 hours total a day.

    • AK Stout

      That’s not so bad! What kinds of things do you do on the computer. Work, school, blogging, social networking?

  • Daniel Inman

    As a teacher and grant screener, I spend between 10 and 15 hours a week on either my laptop or my iPad. I run daily to minimize the issues of sitting, but a FitDesk would allow me even more time to be active.

    • AK Stout

      Great to hear you get a run in! But yes, you are totally right there are def benefits to staying active during sitting times even if you do get other daily exercise in. Good luck!

  • literaticat

    Ugh I spend about ten hours a day at the computer, every day. Work and social media (which is part of work). Sooo… 70 hours a week? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. :(

    • AK Stout

      Oooh sorry to make you calculate:-) It really adds up tho – I totally know the feeling but the FitDesk has made it so much more bearable to me – time actually seems to go by faster when I’m working and pedaling at the same time!

  • catlover0112

    I am a substitute and I am on the computer a lot searching for jobs. I am probably on the computer 30 hrs a week

    • AK Stout

      All that time you could be pedaling your way to better health:-) Good luck (in the giveaway and the job search!)

  • AnisaI

    UGH! The hours I spend in front of the computer are endless. Work hours 8-10, then I’m a chair for a non profit so when I get home another 2-3 that isn’t even counting any personal stuff after work either. I think I would use it at work- I spend the most time there.

    • AK Stout

      Orrrrr you could get one for work and one work home! Just sayin’:-)

  • CP

    I shudder to think how much time I spend on the computer. I’m guessing somewhere around 8 hours a day. I have a website and I do check my social networking sites frequently. I’ve been trying to do better and move about more, but this would help me do both!

    • AK Stout

      I ended up spending MORE time in front of the computer after I got my FitDesk because I felt so good about moving and staying healthy while computing.

  • Kristy Karpinski

    I sit at a desk with a computer — how cool would it be to ‘workout while working’? I’d also let my colleagues in on the fun. Many benefit this way!

    • AK Stout

      Your colleagues will be fighting you for it, trust me:-)

  • Debbie/Africa’s Blog

    i spend 12+ hours a day behind a computer screen!!

    • AK Stout

      Gee wiz that’s a lot. Hope you get some breaks!

  • Kristy

    I’d say easily 25-30 hours a week! Thanks for the chance at this great equipment….what a great idea!!!

    • Kristy

      Oh…and the majority of the time is blogging….how fit I would be if I biked as much as I blog!!! :)

      • AK Stout

        Right?! Might have to quote you on that:-)

    • AK Stout

      Thank you for saying so:-) Good luck!

  • Kristine Photo

    I’m in front of the computer about 10 hours a day.

    • AK Stout

      How do you spend your time on the computer, Kristine? Is it all work?

  • Ck Hall

    I cook all day and type all day and would love to exercise it all away! Who counts the hours? ….possibly 20+ ! Pick me!

  • Cheryl Free

    I probably spend at least 80 hours per week in front of a computer. I would spend the most time doing Get Fit & Surf :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    • AK Stout

      You are welcome! Good luck to you!

  • Ck Hall

    I cook all day and type all day…really need to exercise it all away! Estimated about 20+ hours behind the pute! Pick me!!

    • AK Stout

      Well you could definitely type from it… not sure about the cooking tho:-) Good luck!

  • Success Just Clicks

    I spend about 14 hours a week on the computer blogging, I spend about 15 hours a week on the computer as a small business owner working for clients, working on my website, or working for the business. AND THEN there’s facebook …. LOL!

    I would use the bike most often when i’m working for my clients as that typically happens in the mornings and blogging typically happens late at night

    • AK Stout

      Sometimes my favorite time to get on the FitDesk is late at night. Helps get my tired mind outta sleep mode and the creative juices flowing if I still have work, or blogging, or Facebooking to do:-) All though in my case my late night social media use is usually Pinterest!

  • Rad Moose

    I am on my computer almost all the time when I am not asleep. Just landed a full time job where I can work wherever, so it would be nice to spend some time getting some excersize.

    • AK Stout

      Congrats on the new job! The FitDesk is perfect for working from home because when you are finally done work for the day you can just roll into relax mode and not have to worry about that pesky exercise!

  • shana dicamillo

    i spend about 40 hours a week at my desk at work. would love to have this in the office!

  • Nikki Elkins

    I am going to school so I spend about 30-40 hours a week online. I would love to be using the fitdesk for as many hours as I could to get back in shape after having back surgery

    • AK Stout

      Oh man sorry to hear about your surgery, Nikki. Hope your recovery is going well!

  • leiladeb

    I do a lot of gaming, but I am also involved with some organizations of which I do yearbooks, newsletters, posters, and brochures. None are professional, but all take up plenty of time. I must spend at least five or six hours a day on the computer. I just love it, I also crochet, and do searches for free patterns, and other free items, coupons, etc. A fitdesk would be just the thing I need to give me the incentive to exercise and do the things that need to be done at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • AK Stout

      Those all sound like great things you could do on the FitDesk. We’ve had some people write to us before who have mentioned they crochet while pedaling and love it. Good luck to you!

  • Stephanie

    I probably spend around 40 hours a week on the computer. I’d use the FitDesk while blogging and when I occasionally work from home as a social media strategist.

    • AK Stout

      As a fellow social media strategist I can tell you it’s just perfect for that:-)

  • Christina Lowe

    I spend at least 20 hours a week between school, work, and pleasure online. I would love to get in shape for my upcoming wedding.

    • AK Stout

      Oooh wedding planning from the FitDesk would probably be a lot less stressful:-) Congratulations by the way!

  • Tina Bacuetes

    I spend an estimated 40 hours a week in front of a computer.
    Me and my husband will gonna spend it more in playing computer games.

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like you need two, Tina:-) Hope the hubby is entering, too! ‘Cuz if you get one and he tries it, I promise you – you guys will be fighting over it!

  • J Burt

    15 hours a week

    • AK Stout

      How do you spend your time on the computer?

  • Dusty MacKinnon

    This is an absolutely wonderful giveaway!!!! between work, school (for my son) and play we spend about 100 hour a week on the computer, I also do not own a tv so we watch alot on the computer.

    • AK Stout

      Well I’m so glad you think so:-) That’s A LOT of time! Thanks for commenting – good luck!

  • Yvonne Wilken

    I spend about 30-35 hours a week on the computer for work and blogging – since I work with college students social media is critical to staying in touch. I would spend most of my time doing work on my fitdesk.

    • AK Stout

      Annnnd you could tell the students about the FitDesk as well – and help them stay healthy while they are studying:-)

  • Melissa Roach

    I work from my computer at least 5 days a week, for close to 25+ hours. As a blogger, writer, and online educator, I could definitely put a product like this to good use.

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like it! Is this your first time hearing about the FitDesk?

  • Alicia Baird

    Pretty much all of my time is spent in front of a computer. At work I’m at a desk, at home I’m computer gaming, so probably 100 hours or so. I’d love to have my free time be fun AND productive with the fitdesk!

    • AK Stout

      Wow i think you take the cake for the most hours spent in front of a computer out all of the commenters so far! Hopefully until you get a FitDesk you get up and stretch every once and a while:-)

  • tianna

    I spend around 10 hours a day on the computer for work purposes and around 5 a day for blogging so that’s a total of around 15 hours. Blogging is something I really enjoy, but I have been trying to lose weight and I don’t want this to hinder my weight loss efforts. The FitDesk would seriously be a Godsend! x

    • AK Stout

      Wow that is a lot of hours! Sounds like the FitDesk would be perfect for you. Good luck!

  • Andy Stout

    I spend about 45 hours a week in front of a computer since I’m a server admin for a hospital. I should win because I’m a fat IT guy and my last name is Stout :)

    • AK Stout

      Well hey there fellow Stout:-)

  • Carrie Cousins

    I spend most of the day working on a computer — typically 6+ hours. I’d hope to do some of that while getting fit!

    • AK Stout

      It definitely makes you feel better about having to sit in front of the computer all day. I even find that it helps me get past the afternoon sleepy time. Or maybe I just get that…. ;-)

  • Austin Baroudi

    About 4 to 5 hours a day so 35 hours a week! About 65%is blogging, 25% gaming, and 10% with social media!

    • AK Stout

      Well good thing you can do all of those things while using a FitDesk!

  • CarolynH

    I want to win to stay fit & multitask on it.

    • AK Stout

      How much time per week do you spend in front of a computer, Carolyn?

  • Ditto

    What a great multitasking concept! I spend 30 hours a week on the computer. I really like that I can fit in exercising into my busy schedule while working on the computer

    • AK Stout

      It really does feel good to have some free time otherwise spent exercising just to relax:-)

  • CarolynH

    I spend at least 10 hours/day online entering contests, tweeting, or researching for work. I’d like to win this FitDesk.

    • AK Stout

      Oooh how much of that time do you spend entering contests? Do you ever win? I enter my fair share as well but I’ve only ever really won a watch and some concert tickets.

  • Amber Bracegirdle

    Man, this thing would be life changing.

    • AK Stout

      How many hours per week do you spend at the computer, Amber?

  • Mrs. NoNo

    I spend all day at work in front of a computer, but if I had a fitdesk, I would be using it at home to blog and ride at once!

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like you need one for home AND one for the office:-)

  • Angela W.

    I spend about 20 hours a week on my computer. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and just surfing the web in general. Would love to have a FitDesk to be able to burn some calories while on the computer!

    • AK Stout

      Take it from me… hanging out on Facebook just feels better when you do it while using the FitDesk:-)

  • blanca rodriguez

    I manage my nail art facebook page and recently my own blog and I spend 10 hours total in a day. I take breaks here and there as I am a busy mom of three small children. But as they will enter school soon, I plan to spend more time on my blog, which means more sitting down and less exercise.

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like it’d be a really great time saver for you to be able to blog and exercise at the same time!

  • tweetyscute

    I spend approx 40 hours a week in front of a computer and butt is looking for some help

    • AK Stout

      LOL, what do you spend your time on the computer doing?

      • Tweetyscute

        Spreadsheets, pnl statements, emails, fb, twitter, contests basically I name it happens on my computer ;) at least it isn’t all at once but definitely a few hour stints at a time. Perfect for a fit desk

        • AK Stout

          Sounds like me… well except for the PNL statements:-) Perfect for the FitDesk for sure!

  • Ktannepie

    I spend about 30 hours a week blogging, marketing and advertising for my online e-commerce store. I would love to kill two birds with one stone and accomplish my exercise while at it!

    • AK Stout

      Yes! Imagine what you could do with the time you have to spend now outside of those hours to exercise!

  • Simmeon

    This is EPIC, good luck to those that enter.

    • AK Stout

      Well so glad you think so:-) Are you entering?

  • Amber Y

    per week….anywhere from 24 – 72 hours through the week.

    • AK Stout

      What are you spending your time doing all of those hours?

  • Amancay Maahs

    I spend easily 40 hours a week at the laptop… often time more, mostly processing, networking, and dealing with clients!

    • AK Stout

      I’ve found pedaling while working to be quite the stress reducer when dealing with clients:-)

  • Ashley76

    As a couponer I spend about 30 hours a week online, and with this FitDesk I could be printing coupons and getting my work out!

    • AK Stout

      Holy cow that’s a lot of couponing! How much do you save per month?! Using the FitDesk to coupon sounds like such a great idea! Might have to blog about that:-)

  • Desiree Gonzalez

    I am a chemical engineering student and it would be perfect to be able to study and excercise at the same time. Weekly I spent like 35 hours on the computer.

    • AK Stout

      I hear ya. If only the FitDesk had been around when I was in school I may have gotten a lot more studying done;-)

  • Jazz08

    I spend about 12 hours average on the computer . Social and research

    • AK Stout

      I feel really good when I’m using social media and pedaling – it feels like I can enjoy my time online because I’m doing something good for my body at the same time!

  • Christian Ready

    I spend about 90 hours in front of a computer each week. I know, it’s crazy, right? But I work from home and I’m in front of my computer during the work day, so that’s ~40 hours right there. Then I work a side job that adds at least another 20 hours. And in my spare time, where am I? Yep…

    • AK Stout

      WOW. That is definitely a lot of time. I’d say you REALLY need a FitDesk:-)

  • Maha Akiki

    I spend over 30 hours a week at my desk, working, with most of my work done either on my computer, or on the phone. I then spend over 15 hours a week on my laptop on social media, networking, reading articles and blogs. I wouldn’t work while on the Fitdesk, but would probably get on the Fitdesk once I am done my work.

    • AK Stout

      Why not during work? I love using the FitDesk during work… it makes the work day go by a wee bit faster:-)

  • Polly

    I would like to say, now that I quit my Job, I spent about 2 hours on the computer daily, which is not that cool since I’m supposed to start homeschooling in the fall, but this fit/desk may be a real help for both my son and I as we get fit together doing what we love!!

    • AK Stout

      That would be great for you to do with your son! We had a mom write to us and say that she doesn’t let her kids play video games unless they do it while using the FitDesk:-)

  • Tifa Pascariyanti S

    I’m a college student and also blogger mania, I spend about 112 hours per week, it’s sooo exhausting and hurt my backbone when I sit down longer in front of my workspace… I’d love most to do an exercise when I get bored :)
    Thanks for this greatest solution, Raffle!

    • AK Stout

      Hi Tifa! Thanks for writing:-) That is A LOT of time! Definitely sounds like FitDesk would be a good solution for you. Good luck!

  • Jameela Ali

    As an editor for a television station I spend AT LEAST 40 hours in front of a laptop and that doesn’t include just playing on fb or pinterest! The fitdesk is an amazing invention and I hope they come up with even more exercise equipment that will fit our daily needs!

    • AK Stout

      Thanks for writing, Jameela! Glad you like the idea of the FitDesk… I can tell you the team has many more surprises on the horizon!

  • Amber C

    Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I probably spend, oh, 50+ hours a week at my desk. I’m a freelance writer and blogger, plus I am addicted to Facebook and general surfing of the web. Is there a group for that? I obviously need help. But at least I wouldn’t feel so guilty (or fear death as much) if I had a FitDesk to do ALL these things!

    • AK Stout

      Hey Amber – If you read some of the other comments you won’t feel embarrassed at all:-) So many of you are in the same boat spending more hours in front of a computer than you do anything else. Good luck to you, sounds like you could really use a FitDesk!

  • Cham Cuartero

    Freelance writing work, blogging, social media – all of these make up more or less 8 hours of sitting in front of the computer EACH DAY. I’ll probably spend most of my writing & blogging on the FitDesk. Nothing beats all those creative juices spilling out of me as I also spill out the toxins in my body through exercise. =)

    • AK Stout

      Well said, Cham! I’m responding to you right now from my FitDesk and will be writing on my blog when I’m done:-)

  • Gabby

    I pretty much spend my entire evening in front of the laptop on facebook, twitter. I’m guessing about 20 plus hours during the week and just about 20 hours during the weekends when there’s nothing planned,

    • AK Stout

      No Pinterest?! LOL that’s what takes up my time in the evenings usually. I definitely feel better about my pinning addiction if I’m exercising at the same time. Especially when I’m pinning all of those workout motivation pictures:-)

  • Quiglag

    I spend 30 or so hours in front of the computer a week. Mostly for work. I would do my work at the FitDesk.

    • AK Stout

      And then when you’re done with work you can watch TV from it, read on it, well… you get the idea:-) You might never have to get off!

  • Mdlr2009

    With me having MS I am suppose to ride a bike to help strengthen my legs, and where My balance is bad I have to use a exercise bike instead. I also work on my laptop a lot. So this would be perfect, and make things a little easier by combing the 2 for me.

    • AK Stout

      Thank you for sharing with us! Would love to see you be able to use the FitDesk to help with your MS symptoms. Good luck to you!

  • Sammy Elsarrag

    I’m a post-graduate student and I spend at LEAST 50+ hours behind a desk all day! I HATE IT! It’s beginning to give me lower back problems despite my efforts in the gym specifically to combat my chronic state of “sitting” . I also play video games when time allows but it makes me feel worse I”m spending my “lesiure time” ALSO sitting at a desk!

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like you need a FitDesk ASAP:-) Good luck, Sammy!

  • Candice Duffey

    Now I can eat be on the pc and get a work out. GENIUS!

    • AK Stout

      Haha it def makes you feel better about snacking while you work if you are pedaling at the same time! How many hours a week do you spend at the computer?

  • Tlm1003

    Working from home puts behind a desk for at least 40 hours a week.

    • AK Stout

      You can get so many things done on the FitDesk at home – working, blogging, folding laundry, reading, crossword puzzles…. I could go on and on – it’s the best place to have it!

  • CityGirlBigWorld

    Pick me! I never get any exercise! I just sit in front of my computer all day! I’m a blogger!

    • AK Stout

      Good luck! What is your blog about?

  • Sarah Lawrence Hinson

    I reckon about the same as Lisa at GrandmasBriefs! 30 hours or so. When my trusty blogging dachshund Pickle stares up at me through the glass desk, I know it’s time to go walking. Be great to be moving my energy while I’m writing about energy. The Fitdesk looks like a great and practical choice…doesn’t take up too much room either.
    A Mom On A Spiritual Journey!

    • AK Stout

      My dog lays at my feet when I’m on the FitDesk and watches the pedal go round and round – I’m often afraid I’m going to hit his nose but then I figure he’ll learn his lesson if I do:-) It doesn’t take up my room and all and it folds nicely to store in a closet.

  • D. Green

    I spend about 40 hours a week working at the computer. I would like to work using a FitDesk.

    • AK Stout

      I’m pedaling on mine right now:-) Good luck!

  • tammy greenbury-graham

    I spend atleast 70 hours a week at my desk

    • AK Stout

      Wow, that is a lot. What do you do, Tammy?

  • roselyn amwa

    as an assistant administrative and logistics officer, i spend alot of time on the computer daily,from 7am to 7pm when i close. as soon as i get home, i spend some time on my computer as a writer before i go to bed by 11pm.

    • AK Stout

      Well that definitely is a lot of time. We just can’t escape this machine!

      • roselyn amwa

        we just cant escape it

  • Crazee Cat Lady

    I spend probably 25-30 hours on my computer working on lesson plans and research. It would be nice to be able to work out while working since there just aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all!

    • AK Stout

      So true! So much to do, so little time:-) Good luck to you!

  • tony greene

    I spend roughly 65 hours a week on the computer

    • AK Stout

      Well then you are definitely a candidate for a FitDesk! What do you do on the computer?

      • tony greene

        I’m working on blogs, helping folks with WordPress issues, looking for traditional part time work, and soon I’ll be taking comp security classes.

        • AK Stout

          Very great! I may come looking for you one day – WordPress gives me fits some times! Good luck!

  • Jay Kotak

    Where can I get a fitdesk in the UK?

    • AK Stout

      Hi Jay, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately FitDesks are not currently available in the UK. But as soon as we can get them there we will! Keep up with FitDesk on Facebook or Twitter to find out as soon as this happens. Have a great day!

  • Melodie Gingras

    What a way to put your mind and body to work! I spend hours at my desk and one day hopefully, work will insist that we stop and do some exercise!

    • AK Stout

      Or exercise while you work:-) FitDesks for all!

  • Genny

    As a stay at home mom and full time blogger I work 14-17 hours a day so how many hours that in a week. Since hubby did not want me to work outside the house because of two small kids. This FitDesk will help me specially if I get tired cannot do any exercise…This makes me loss some of the extra weight that I gained…Thank you.

    • AK Stout

      Hi Genny! Sounds like the FitDesk would definitely help you out. I can’t imagine having to try to fit in exercise and take care of the kiddos AND blog full time… gee wiz!

  • TrippingTiffies

    I’m a full time blogger of two blogs and I run an Etsy and a Storenvy. I also work 40 hours a week as an office manager, so I spend at least 50-60 hours per week on the computer, if not more.
    If I had the fit desk, I’d honestly give it to my best friend. He’s a fitness fanatic & he’s starting up his own personal training business & blog. Since we are roommates, I’d still get to use it all the time:)

    • AK Stout

      Well you know there is a simple solution to that… get two! Tell your roomie to enter, too! Sounds like you could benefit ever bit as much as he could… I’m picturing dueling FitDesks! Good luck!

  • Jess (The Cozy Reader)

    At least 12 hours behind a PC. 8 at work and 4 at home in the evenings. I would use the FitDesk at home for at least 1-2 hours if possible. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • AK Stout

      It all adds up, doesn’t it?! I think you’ll find you want to ride it even more than that once you get going! I Think I’m on hour 4 today!

  • Kathy Smith

    As I am unable to work, I am on here a lot, I would estimate about 10-12 hrs daily NO JOKE! I do a lot of surveys to earn a couple of dollars. This would fit into a perfect daily routine to balance work on the computer and household chores

    • AK Stout

      Sounds great… doing surveys is another FitDesk computer activity I hadn’t thought of yet. One of the other commenters mentioned couponing… so many things you can do while computing and pedaling!

  • amazedinkingston

    Unfortunately I spend 8+ hours every day in front of a computer. I’m trying to make it way less, but its difficult. A Fit Desk could make it a bit more managable.

    • AK Stout

      Sometimes you just can’t escape it! I know that feeling. The FitDesk definitely helps. With the FitDesk I don’t mind spending so many hours at the computer and feel much more energized and productive.

  • Baygirl

    I just love this idea that I can do more than one thing at a time….I am a champion multitasker!!!

    • AK Stout

      Absolutely! About how many hours per week would you say you spend in front of the computer?

  • Jennifer Hudy

    I work 40 hours a week in front of the computer and now I just started being involved in the blogging world, which adds about another 2-3 hours a day of networking. I’d love this desk to be able to at least keep moving during my 8 hour workday!

    • AK Stout

      I have to warn you – if you start using one at work you might end up craving one for home during blogging time:-)

  • Jackellyn Carcamo

    I would definitely use it to do homework!

    • AK Stout

      You’ll have to share your secret with your friends and your classmates when you are getting awesome grades and staying in shape:-)


    I would use the FitDesk for my job and for exercising on my elliptical. I am on my computer literally 16 hrs. a day and love every minuite of it.

    • AK Stout

      Wow Jessica, that’s A LOT of hours! All work or do you get to use the computer for some fun, too?


        Sure I sneak over to my favorite websites, play a few games, talk to some friends, and I do a considerable amount of shopping. lol

        • AK Stout

          Haha that sounds great!

  • Jamie Brigham

    I spend most of my time entering giveaways and doing daily entries. I would definitely continue doing this with fit desk

    • AK Stout

      That sounds like so much fun! Do you win lots of things?

  • avenging_angle

    I spend probably 10-12 hours a day in front of a computer. I would probably spend a couple hours on a FitDesk just doing social stuff, because I don’t work at home, but if I ever had to do stuff at home, I’d probably do it at the FitDesk, too.

    • AK Stout

      You don’t think you’d be able to take it to work with you?

  • Kendra McCormick

    I am a blogger and an editor, and I also work from home, so I spend quite a bit of time on my laptop since that is where I do all of my work from. This would be the best thing for me so I would be able to integrate my work with the exercise that I am missing out on since I am working so much.

    • AK Stout

      Hi Kendra, Thanks for writing! It’s not only helps fulfill the exercise you are missing out on but helps combat all of the things that recent studies have shown are harmful about sitting still for long periods of time. On my FitDesk I alternate between pedaling and standing – I just don’t want to sit!

  • Ashley Medrano

    I’m just your average technology obsessed eighteen year old starting out college and as such… I’m on the computer nearly every waking hour. Maybe around 90 hours a week (yikes). When classes start, that will drop to closer to… 50 hours a week. Which is still quite a large amount of my life. Unfortunately my body isn’t exactly in the best shape because of it…

    • AK Stout

      Will you be living in a dorm or an apartment, Ashley? The great thing about the FitDesk is that it’s small enough to be a great addition to small spaces! Good luck with your first semester!

  • Pam

    I am on my pc over 40 hours a week. I could be on my fit desk at least 2 hr a day and still work on my pc.

    • AK Stout

      Definitely! Any amount would be better than sitting. Good luck to you!

  • Jacquie

    I am on the internet at least 4 to 5 hours a day. I would spend my time on the fit desk blogging and pinning on pintrest cause I’m addicted!

    • AK Stout

      You and me both Jacque:-) Check out FitDesk’s pinterest account for health and wellness tips!

      • Jacquie

        Will do, I am always looking for new ways to excercises.

  • Katbear

    I’m in front of a computer most of the day, at home and at work. It’s become a nasty habit and I KNOW I should move around more… My knees remind me of that occasionally

    • AK Stout

      Hey Kathy, Thanks for your comment! One of the things I love about the FitDesk is that it doesn’t hurt my knees at all because there are 5 levels of intensity so I can set it to the first or second level and benefit from the movement while not stressing myself out!

  • facedown41

    Lemme win that.

    • AK Stout

      Well hello:-) How many hours per week do you spend in front of the computer?

  • Gianna

    I probably spend 50 hours a week at the computer, working. I would spend the most time doing web design on a FitDesk because it’s a huge part of what I do.

    • AK Stout

      Web designers love the FitDesk – we’ve had quite a few people tell us that’s what they do when they’ve purchased their FitDesk. For me it helps the creativity flow!

  • rj9247

    I’m a bloggerholic who blogs at least 60 hrs a week which is very taxing on my swollen varicose veins, and my doctor recommends light cardio and the fitdesk would do justice for my legs and improve circulation, yump this would be wonderful for my legs…(**)

    • AK Stout

      Sounds like it! Wow 60 hours a week on your blog is serious dedication. About what do you blog?

  • Miss T

    I spend 65 if not 80 hours a week! Im addicted to the internet and work with computers. Thus weight gain is a problem for me.

    • AK Stout

      Hmm addicted to the internet… I think I know a bit about that:-) I’m the same way and the FitDesk has been a blessing.

  • Nichole H.

    I travel frequently as an IT consultant and spend 50+ hours a week on the computer too! I also support several nonprofit websites. I would greatly benefit from this!

    • AK Stout

      If you drive to the places to which you travel you can fold the FitDesk up and take it with you! It only weighs about 30lbs so it’s super easy to transport!

  • Erin

    I work at least 40 hours a day on my computer

    • AK Stout

      40 hours a day?! Wow that’s pretty impressive:-) Hehe I know what you meant! What do you spend your time on the computer doing, Erin?

  • Amy LeForge

    Oh my, I don’t even want to know how many hours per week I spend blogging sitting with my computer. Probably 4 or 5 per day, plus evenings with the family. So maybe 50 or 60 hours per week? Eek. And yea, I need to exercise. I just don’t wanna. I

    • AK Stout

      It doesn’t even feel like exercise when you use the FitDesk because your mind is focused on what you are doing on the computer, the exercise part just sneaks in and happens:-)

  • zaou

    hmmm 70 hours per week? i don’t count, but maybe i should… see where my life hours are going O.O

    • AK Stout

      Haha – don’t mean to depress you… just to inform an help people realize how important it is to move as much as possible when you spend so much time sitting at a computer.

  • Demetrescu Horatiu

    I work at least 8 hours a day on my computer and this time I could use gym.

    • AK Stout

      This way you wouldn’t have to worry about gym time! What would you do with your extra time?

  • MommyJenny

    This is a must-have especially for people like me who are facing computer most of my time :-) With FitDesk, there will be no more excuses why I can’t have my work-out :-)

    • AK Stout

      You are right! Even when you really don’t feel like it – it’s just sitting there staring you in the face making you feel guilty that you aren’t using it:-)

  • Robin

    I probably spend 45 hours/week in front of the computer planning lectures and powerpoint presentation; and writing my manuscript. I would use the FitDesk the most while preparing my PPT presentations!

    • AK Stout

      Sounds great, Robin! What kind of topics do you speak about?


    I am almost 60 to 70 hours a week at a computer and I have not much time to walk every day.

    • AK Stout

      Certainly sounds to me like you could use a FitDesk:-) Is this your first time hearing about the FitDesk?

  • Kelly Knight

    At work, as a flight communicator/dispatcher, I am on a computer around 32 hours a week, with fitdesk I could workout my body and mind. I think more companies should offer fitdesk to their employees, I know Cerner does.

    • AK Stout

      I agree, Kelly! FitDesk does offer corporate discounts for larger orders. We’d love to see FitDesks in as many workplaces as possible!

  • JackiMex

    I am on the computer over 60 hours a week, mostly doing emails, reading news and doing genealogy. I’m retired, but don’t get enough exercise. I could certainly use a FitDesk–such a wonderful concept.

    • AK Stout

      So glad you wrote, Jacki! We hadn’t thought of genealogy as a FitDesk activity yet – what a great idea!

  • geetar

    I spend atleast 15 hrs a day in front of computer. Mostly reading emails, news, studying.

  • Kris Hodge

    I spend 30-40 hours a week at work and about 10 hours a week at home working on a computer.

  • Kathy Saywers Cornelius

    I would love to use this desk

  • Dana

    I spend at least 50 hours per week online…. for my job as well as for entertainment purposes. I could definitely use a fitdesk to improve my physical fitness!

  • diane conover

    Between work and social activities ,I am on at least 60 or more hours !32 for work and that’s when I would be exercising !

  • bteaster

    i try to take regular breaks and sit on an exercise ball but this would be a great way to juice my 40+ hours per week I sit on my duff!

  • Ronja Andersson

    Wow guys… This is the best invention since… I don’t know what! Having previously worked as a full time dancer I know how incredibly HAPPY I get by moving my body. And now, as I’m traveling around the world leading Tantra workshops some of the time, and planning/organizing most of the time (= many hours in front of my macbook) I notice a HUGE shift in my wellbeing.
    In short: FitDesk is the answer to my prayers. Thank you.

  • Mary Beth Blanton

    I’m on facebook about 40 hours a week!

  • Sumayya M.

    2-3 hours per day.

  • SunMin Kim

    Just did the math, and sadly I spend about 80 hours a week sitting on my butt in front of my laptop… I’d like to say it’s mostly for work, but unfortunately a lot of it is wasted time, not doing anything productive. With the FitDesk, not only would I get more exercise, I believe I would be more productive on the computer with all the extra blood pumping to my brain!

  • Shakira

    sounds Brilliant! I am always on the computer might be just the thing I need

  • Virtual School Teacher

    I easily spend 70 hours per week at my computer. Over half of the time if for work, while the rest is spent in social networking, shopping, and reading current events. With a FitDesk, I envision myself doing all of the same things with the added fitness benefit.

  • desiree reilly

    i love to read and the i can do it while i exercise a dn then do both might be able to get more done

  • Lorraine Patterson

    I am an online college student, so I am behind a computer alot. And I do alot of other work on here to help my father as he is diabled.

  • Bobbie Wickline

    I probably spend about two hours a day on a computer, either my smartphone, iPad, or desktop. Mainly social networking. I would like to start a blog.

  • Mycosyco

    I spend at least 8 hours a day at my desk.

  • Sam Sasek

    As a full time college student with 3 classes online, I spend at least 5 hours a day glued to my computer!!

  • Jackie Sharolli

    I spend about 4- 5 to hours a day on the computer. I would do my social networking on the FitDesk.

  • amy beth marantino

    at least 55 hours a week for work alone. something like this would be terrific. I sometimes use my laptop to search the internet while i ride an incumbent bike rigged up with a table, but it is very awkward.

  • Andrea Amy

    Honestly, I don’t know. WAY too many hours. WAY WAY WAY too many.

  • Nancy Reid

    I spend approximately 50 hrs a week socializing, blogging and networking. I love riding a bike so the FitDesk is a no brainer for me especially during FL rainy season when I can’t get outside to ride!

  • Charlotte Cramer

    I spend 35-40 hours on the computer during a normal week. I spend most of it on social networking, running my pet-sitting business page, and preparing for a local sporting event, where I recruit and schedule 300 volunteers every year. I’d be doing all of the above with the FitDesk – and be able to train for my next MS150 bike event at the same time!

  • A. M. Attia

    It looks as if it just would be fun to have one!!

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  • Ruth Ann Morris

    I spend at least 60 hours per week….taking care of business…home schooling for my student. I’m his learning coach :) I used to have time to work out…not now . This would be perfect for keeping my heart rate up and keep my body healthy while I’m helping my mind stay strong. Thank you for your consideration!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Kayla

    I spend a lot of hours in front of the computer! Over 40 at least! I would spend a lot of time writing blog posts and planning couponing trips while using the FitDesk!

  • joannie sparks

    Hi i have to honest i don’t work, all my time on the computer is social, i guess you call it that. I am disabled and this is all i have so i communicate with family, i belong to alot of blogger who read and write and coupons. Oh Plus i do almost all my shopping on-line except food. since i have a real bad back and neck i am never conforterable siting on the edge of my bed using a food table to put my laptop on i have to get off alot. Then get back on when i get out of neck and back and leg pain . I hate it but it is all i have. Thanks for the chance to win this thing looks great and just what i need. Joannie

  • Andy Bell

    I don’t know if I even want to think about how many hours a day I’m sitting in front of my computer. I know it’s way too many though. At least 40-60.

  • Lucy Jones

    I would definatly use the bike more as this is exactly what I want to lose a few stone but cant afford one no matter how much I try lose weight for years it jsut wont work!!!! And I spend about 4 hours a day on my laptop!! Oh dear!

  • Sherrie C.

    I spend no less than 58 hours per week on my laptop mostly visiting shopping sites, blogs, and entering contests. Because of this I’m flabby and out of shape and really need to exercise. If I won, I would spend the most time entering giveaways while working out with the Fit Desk.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  • Kharisma Natalia

    i spend almost 10 hours a day in front of my computer, whether it’s for work or study. i use it for study, blogging, working, and sometimes i do gaming too. but mostly i do it for work. with a FitDesk, hopefully it helps me for doing my work-out.

  • DebrasDollars

    I spend about 60 hours a week online between blogging, social networking as well as reading emails and paying my bills. Occasionally I play games that’s when I have time.

  • Jessica Paslay

    I spend around 30 hours a week on a computer, paying bills, social networking, reading emails, and entering giveaways occasionally. I can see myself doing all of these things while at the FitDesk!

  • Berto

    I spend well over 60 hours per week on my computer for work. If I had a fit desk I could work and get fit at the same time.

  • Cassandra

    I’ve been working really hard lately, trying to stay fit, and healthy.
    I live a couple miles from post, and driving there every day to go to the gym is a pain, but I do it anyways.
    After R&R, I’ll be going to school online, and this would help keep me in a healthy mindset, and not fall behind in school!

  • Krista Grandstaff

    I spend about 60-70 hours a week on my comp, between work and fun :) I work out of my house…so being on a comp for a large portion of each day is unavoidable. The FitDesk would give me the added benefit of doing all of that, as well as a reliable way to add a bit more exercise to my day :) I already use a “homemade” version…but a netbook/bungee/atlas combo leads to disastrous results.. lol.. (who knew bungees could fly that far?!!)

  • Gina Phillips

    too many hours to count! i would say that i spend the most time online blogging or tweeting or working with brands over email communication. i also work on the computer at work most of the time which allots for 20 hours or so.

  • Maggie

    I am on the computer about 6 hours a day. I enjoy gaming on facebook and chatting as well as looking up information about many things.

  • islandgypsy1111

    I spend at least 16 hours a day on the computer (8 at work and 4 at home). I DESPERATELY need some exercise! This product sounds great!

  • islandgypsy1111

    Hmm…correct my last statement (8 plus 4 doesn’t equal 16, does it?). I don’t know how may hourse a day I spend, but if I’m not driving or getting ready for work, bed or dinner, I’m on the computer.

  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    I spend 70-100 hours per week on the computer – blogging, social networking, even playing a few games. On the FitDesk I would spend all the time blogging and exercising. This is such a wonderful idea.

  • Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling

    As a blogger and a home based business owner, I can easily spend 35-40 hours on my laptop per week. There are definitely weeks when I have been known to spend a lot more hours than that as well! I could feel a lot better about the time I spend sitting while working on the computer if I was working out with the FitDesk at the same time!

  • Steve

    This is such an awesome giveaway.

  • Elizabeth Harman

    My husband and I have 40+ minute commutes each day. He goes into work late to get our elementary school son on the bus and I leave work early to pick him up before his after-school care closes. I used to hit the gym at lunch, but now with a shortened lunch, that’s not really possible. Once our son gets into extracurricular activities our free time will be more precious. With a FitDesk, we could get our exercise in while still having quality time with the family. My doctor has repeatedly advised that I increase my exercise routine. I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and weight loss and exercise would get it back to normal.

  • Michelle Lewis

    I spend about 80 to 100 hours at my desk working on my facebook page and Blog

    • AK Stout

      Woah, that is a lot! Hopefully you get some breaks here and there:-) Sounds like a FitDesk would definitely be perfect for you!

  • claudia duarte

    i spend about 24/7 plus more sometimes on blogging, social networking, and gaming the desk fit would actually change my life style as of a 260lb female with alot to do on the internet this would help me…

    • AK Stout

      Good luck, Claudia!

  • Teresa Kwiatkowski

    I spend about 75 hours per week at the computer. 40 is at work. I like to go on social sites and read blogs and news and learn new things. I could definitely use the FitDesk in my home life.

    • AK Stout

      There is SO much to learn and so little time:-) We love that the FitDesk can help you make better use of your time!

  • Kristy Westaway

    As a writer and avid gamer, a massive portion of my day is in front of the computer, and I have no motivation to ‘get out and exercise’. The FitDesk allows me to get back into my pre-gamer days, and WOW the nerds at the next D&D game!

    • AK Stout

      Haha well we certainly help the FitDesk can help you with that:-)

  • stephaniesbitbybit

    About 80 hours per week.With the FitDesk I would be using my laptop & doing my blog,fb,email & youtube & with the FitDesk I would be able to lose the much need weight I need to lose

    • AK Stout

      Wow that’s a lot of hours but sounds like you do so much in those hours! Good luck to you!

  • KatraCass

    I spend at least 60-70 hours on a computer per week. I mainly spend that time working, blogging, social networking, shopping, gaming, and doing reviews. With a FitDesk, I would still do the same thing but be able to exercise and get in shape while doing it.

    • AK Stout

      Absolutely! It’s so much fun to know you are getting your exercise and the same time as everything else on your “to-do” list. Good luck!

  • Stacy Jill Calvert

    I think I spend anywhere from 8-10 hours at least a day on my computer for work (social media manager/graduate asst. at a rec center) school (Grad student) and professional/personal work (film/new media!) :)

    • AK Stout

      I’d say you are a perfect FitDesk candidate! So many hours spent sitting… so little time to do anything about it!

      • Stacy Jill Calvert

        So true! It’s kind of silly considering I do work at a Rec Center! :)

  • Carrie Mitchell Vault Denim

    I spend about 4/6 hours on the computer a day! My son is a gamer, and hubby a reader. What a fabulous thing for the whole family to stay in shape! Especially over the winter.

    • AK Stout

      Definitely! We had one mom write to us and tell us that she started a rule in her house that her kids couldn’t play computer games unless they did so while using the FitDesk:-) You didn’t hear it from me tho;-)

  • cedric rodriguez

    about 50 hours playing games, and browsing. I will probably play games on the fitdesk,

    • AK Stout

      That’s great, Cedric! That was one of the things it was made for:-)

  • William R. Reynolds Young

    I don’t even want to be to actually accountant for the number of hours I sit behind a computer. I easily spend 50 hours a week behind a computer maybe more.

    I am an community manager for @ClimbOnProducts, event organizer for @PghTweetup, business owner of @WFSkinCare and @LogicLounge so on any given week i send/receive an thousand emails and tweet/facebook from multiple accounts.

    I do my best to work out for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week but I have trouble stepping away from work.

    • AK Stout

      I feel your pain, Will. I’m right there with ya. I felt completely tied down to my computer until I got my FitDesk. Sometimes even if I don’t feel like pedaling the whole time I use it as a standing desk which is also helpful to alleviate so much sitting. Good luck to you!

  • superdumb

    I spend at least 30 hours a week at my desktop computer, writing blog posts and keeping up with email, news and social media. I spend probably another 10 hours a week sitting with my iPad, looking at Pinterest, playing games and checking up on my social networks.

    • AK Stout

      There are even other things not computer related you could do on the FitDesk! Crossword puzzles, reading, cross-stitching… so many possibilities:-)

      • superdumb

        I will definitely try some out if I win!

  • Maria L.

    This is such a great idea! It would really make it easy to incorporate exercise in my day, which is something I don’t normally have time for. It would be fun to pedal while working!

    • AK Stout

      Thanks for writing, Maria! How many hours per week would you say you spend at the computer?

  • nyle

    As a masteral student, I spend 9 to 10 hours for studying and researching about my papers. And when I get bored, I spent another hours for social networking, browsing, reading, playing games, etc.

    • AK Stout

      That’s a lot of hours! I can’t imagine getting bored studying;-) I think the FitDesk would make it more manageable tho – time seems to fly no matter what I’m doing when on my FitDesk!

  • Jen Rodrigues

    I probably spend 6 to 8 hours a day on the computer. I am always on their using social media, watching movies, or looking for jobs and doing other work.

    • AK Stout

      There are endless things you could do on the computer while riding the FitDesk! And you feel soooo good when you’re done!

  • JenDragyn

    I spend 40 hours a week in front of my computer at work, another 6 at school and then approximately 4 doing homework. Then, if I can find time I spend 4-5 hours a week social networking. If my boss would let me bring it in to work, I’d love to use the fitdesk there. If not, then it would be a great way to get my workouts in during the school year. It’s really hard to do home work on the elliptical! =)

    • AK Stout

      Ohh I’d hope your boss would let you bring it to work – it’s super quiet and small – no one will even notice! Well they might… and then they might be jealous:-)

  • Cristin Sohm

    I am an endurance cyclist and I also spend waaay too much time on the computer with my blog and 100-200 emails in a day. I’m doing a give-away on my blog today and signed up with RaffleCopter and found out about FitDesk through that. What an AMAZING concept to ride your bike AND get work done. I’m in love! I can’t wait to find out more about your product and share the news with my cycling club. As far as how many hours in front of the computer – waaay too many and way more than I would like, but to be able to fit in a workout and get the work done, now that’s a concept!!!

    • AK Stout

      Hey Cristin – Thank you for sharing how you found out about the giveaway, it’s always nice to know which of your efforts is getting results:-) Sounds like a FitDesk would certainly be great for you. Keep up the good work and good luck with your giveaway as well!

  • teaberry

    Would love one of these! As a nurse who works second on my feet, I really have no energy to exercise. I do like surfing the internet and having a FitDesk would give me a little more incentive as I could surf while exercising!

    • AK Stout

      Definitely! Think of all of the extra fun things you could do online if you could exercise at the same time:-)

  • Joyce Moore Donnell

    I probably spend about 42 hours a week on my computer. I use it for networking, ordering for my businesses, shopping, reading, and keeping up with family and friends. If I could have a fitness desk, I’d be getting in shape and healthier while I am on my computer. I have been trying to find a way to work out, without having to go outside and get too hot, and without having to join a gym. I don’t have enough space in my house for excerise equiptment, This fit desk looks like it won’t take up much space. I have fibromyalgia, and excersise is beneficial for my illness.

    • AK Stout

      Hey Joyce, thanks for writing! The FitDesk is definitely ideal for a small space and it folds up even smaller for hiding away when you need to. I have fibromyalgia also and have been very happy with how the FitDesk has helped me. Good luck!

  • Cheri deFonteny

    Between job hunting, blogging, email, and just randomly browsing, I’m probably on the computer at least 5-6 hours a day. Today I return to school, including two online classes, so I expect that number to increase by at least a couple of hours daily. I would love to be able to spend most (if not all) of that time getting in some extra activity, too.

    • AK Stout

      Ooh online classes – no one has said that yet, what a great use of time, and a sure way to make class go by faster!

  • Linda C

    Oh, my back alone would be eternally grateful to the FitDesk…let alone my thighs and hips!

    • AK Stout

      Don’t forget your heart – your heart will thank you, too:-)

  • Kelly McHale Fafard

    I spend about 50 hours a week in front of a computer. I do have some driving time also. THis is great. With 3 kids it is hard to find time to exercise.

    • Guest

      If only we all still have Flintstone cars, right?! :-)

    • AK Stout

      If only we all had Flintstone cars, right?! :-)

  • mjreynolds32

    I spend 2-3 hours a day on the computer on social networking sites. This would be a tremendous way for me to get fit and to help me make better use of my time. Thanks for the chance.

    • AK Stout

      Most definitely! Glad to hear you can squeeze a FitDesk into your life:-) Good luck!

      • mjreynolds32

        It’s a very exciting contest! My dog would love it too because we are revamping our basement and have it all framed out and ready for drywall. When it gets done it will be her domain and the FitDesk would be an awesome addition which would also allow me more time to spend near her. She is happy to have us close by all day and less time in the office means more time with her. Thanks again!

  • Erikka Olson

    I use about 40 hours a week on my computer. I’m mostly on facebook, pinterest, and recipe blogs. I could do all of these with a FitDesk. I’ve been striving to exercise more, and it would be perfect if i could exercise while I network on my laptop.

  • JPQ

    I spend more than 20 hours a week at home on my computer. Some days like today I’m on for almost 10.

  • Patti Johnson

    I spend about 75 hours a week at my computer. It is my main source of entertainment. I watch my favorite movies, TV shows and other videos on my computer. I also read tons of blogs and do tons of social networking via FB & Twitter. I also love to shop online occasionally. I sure wish I had a Fit Desk as I live in a small apartment and have just the space for this. I need to get more physical activity into my day to improve my health. I think the Fit Desk would be perfect for me! Thank you.

  • Miki

    I spend probably about 16 hours a day on my computer… Which sounds really terrible :( since the times im not im computer…i’m on some sort of mobile device :/ I guess that goes up to about 112 or so hours on the computer a week! I would love the fitness benefit of this :3

  • Jill H.

    I spend approximately 60 hours or more a week on the computer. This would be a great boost to my health! Thank you for the chance to win this great product!

  • Greig Stewart

    As a programmer who works from home in one of the rainiest cities in the world, this would help me get more exercise without the boredom factor, especially on those days where going outside in the rain feels like a chore.

  • hak42

    I spend at least 60 hours per week at my desk between work, gaming, social networking and catching up on news. I could see myself doing all of these things while using a FitDesk.

  • Caitirin

    I’m at a desk for 9 hours a day or more! I would LOVE a Fit Desk!

  • Stuck

    I live online. Mostly for work, but due to this I also end up keeping in touch with everyone I need to online, which in essence ends up being on my computer. Since I work with people in different countries I never have a fixed time. I can easily say that I work about 18 hours a day sometime. But an average of 15 hours a day minimum. That makes it around 75 hours a week. I was hoping that this Fitdesk adds some sort of fitness to my routine.

  • Jackee Spencer

    40 hours of work and play a week. I would use this for both depending on the day.

  • Linda K

    I am handicapped as well as having rheumatoid arthritis, exercise is of the utmost importance to keep me active. When I am on my computer I feel I am wasting time and cannot get other things done; and have to choose which activity to do for the day. I really want to do more of each! I have to choose– Exercise or computer. Having a fit desk would be such a blessing to me as (being a multi-tasker) I could get 2 things done at once!. Frankly I would probably do more exercising!! than I do now. WOW that would be wonderful! I would love it computer AND exercise! What a concept. Thanks for making this possible for so many



  • Nikki Tritsch

    As a blogger and graduate student, this is an AMAZING giveaway that I would love to win! :)

  • LindaK

    Hi!!! I spend approximately 20plus hours on my computer just reading blogs and discussions about my chickens and turkeys. I would love to have the fitdesk because I have rheumatoid arthritis and exercise sometimes seems to get put on my to do list. Having it would mean I could spend more time using my computer AND do my exercises. What a great idea!

  • Christy Nather Jeremiah Swartz

    This is awesome

  • Margaret T. McLaughlin

    I spend at least 70 hours a week on my laptop, reading email, writing for my blog, socializing on my social networks, and I do play games occasionally.

  • Gina N.

    Between work and home, I am on the computer at least 80 hours per week. FitDesk would be the perfect answer to adding a much needed workout routine to my daily schedule, not to mention my dreaded “secretary spread” that is developing! I take a lot of my work home to complete, so having a FitDesk at home would allow me to continue to complete my work assignments, blogs, and social connections while burning calories.

  • Shelia Garrett

    I spend over 50 hours a week at my computer this would be a great asset for me in my life. I can see my self getting a workout while online as well.

  • Cheryl (@loucheryl)

    I would guess I am in front of my computer for 35 hours per week. Wow…that’s a lot!
    (Cheryl Morreale)

  • TammyK

    I spend about 21 hours a week with social media. My husband spends about 20 hours each weekend with work on the computer.

  • tombrownjr

    35-65 hours per week. It depends if I am out meeting clients that week or not.

  • WithOurBest Blog

    This is such a great idea!! Since I spend about 80 hours on a computer every week, this would be the only way i could fit working out in!

  • melissa t

    I would love this during the week i only have a small amout of time to work on the computer, play with my son and work out. Working out usually takes a back seat.FitDesk would be the perfect fit for me and would get me back into shape as well as strenghten my knees.

  • getfitchick

    I spend hours at my desk preparing reports, and then a few more blogging – i would love to be able to be active while doing so!

  • LeeAnn

    I spend at least 60 hours a week in front of a computer between my full time job and blogging. I would love to blog while sitting at the FitDesk!

  • paul carinan

    14 hours a week at least…we need this hon…

  • Angie Vianzon

    I spend a lot of time since I’m a blogger, part time article writer and online seller as well. With FitDesk, I will be able to do my usual routine and burn some excess fats as well.

  • Mike Davis

    sad to say I spend 8-to 12 hours daily in front of the computer=I am a disabled vet– and it is my only source of getting out,

  • Stephanie Hungerford

    I spend about 60-70 a week on the computer it all depends on how I am feeling. I am trying to get back in shape after a recent surgery finally got my pain low enough that I no longer need a wheelchair to get around. But I still have a fall risk so riding a bike while I am on the computer would be wonderful plus I need to loose about 75 more pounds to be near my ideal weight.

  • MusingsfromMe

    I spend 50 plus hours a week at my desk. I would write, blog, ghostwrite, and do social media promotion from the FitDesk.

  • Peter

    Because I want one?

  • Tracey H.

    I have an 17 yrs old son that has been battling his weight and is still getting his disability funds sitting in class doing school work he does leg exercises now coming home to do homework he likes to workout before I think this would be great for him if I win please choose I my treadmill got burned to the ground in May of my house fire. Thank You

  • CrunchyMommaK

    That would be amazing. I spent easy as much time on the computer as I do off!

  • Stefanie McMullen

    I’d say that I easily spend somewhere between 35-50 hours a week on the computer for various aspects of my life. The FitDesk would be an excellent addition to my life. I’m type 2 diabetic and although I work out, the amount of time I am required to spend on the computer often negates some of that.

  • Jr

    At work I’m in front of my computer for about 45+ hours/wk, then at home for another 20+ hrs/wk and at least another 10+ in front of the tv. Wow that was painful to realize and write! I could easily benefit from using the Fitdesk at home – and at work if I could fit an exercise bike behind my desk :)

  • Eugenie

    I spend a lot of time in front of my computer every day. I need a FitDesk to get exercise while I work.

  • Becky’s Brainstorm

    I have to exercise while working before my brain figures out what I am doing. Hope I win!

  • Eugenie

    I spend at least 30 hours per week in front of my computer. I would spend my time on the FitDesk doing social networking.

  • mike @Griswald60

    i work as a dispatch 6 days a week and sit 10+ hrs on the computer starting to get a belly ;) would be great to get fit / loose some weight and still doing my job !

  • Ish

    I practically live on my computer. Mix it with some exercise and I might actually do something productive while I’m at it.

  • Kim

    I spend 40+ hours a week in front of a computer and I’m 29 weeks pregnant with my first child! i need all the exercise I can get and it would help to be able to multitask at work!

  • Haley Chabot

    I spend at least 12 to 14 hours a day on the computer with work that i’m just exhausted after and can’t get the energy to drop these few extra pounds. It would be amazinggg if i could knock them both out at the same time :)

  • Howell

    I spend about 50 hours a week in front of a computer. I work at home so I would be using the FitDesk whenever I’m at my computer.

  • B. Mac

    I don’t work but I am on the computer much long than I should be! I love the internet and can’t imagine not having it in my life…I’m an addict…sad, I know. I am on at least 4 hours per day and that is after forcing myself to get off! LOL!

  • Pepper Mason

    The number of hours I spend in front of a computer will vary from week to week. My job keeps me on my toes, but as soon as I’m home I’m at my computer, writing short indie fiction as Pepper Mason. I’d be using the FitDesk whenever I’m in front of the screen.

  • Adina RB

    I definitely need this!

  • Joni Owada

    I spend about 2-4 hrs total a day on networking…and I could do it all on the FitDesk!!! This is such a wonderful invention!!!!

  • Kyle Li

    I spend about 40 hours a week in front of my computer, I run a social commerce business which requires hours in front of a computer and I love to be as productive as possible and I think this is the best option for me!

  • jheiar28

    i spend almost 50hrs per week. and spend most of these time in playing Dota and social networking. and if i have the fitdesk, i guess the number of hours i spend in front of the computer will increase ^_^ ASTIG!!!

  • Hillary E.

    I have a home business and spend 2-3 hours daily… I could easily do my work (and my facebook “play”) at a fitdesk!

  • Ramona A.

    I spend about 40+ hours a week at my desk for work and networking =)
    I would spend ALL that time at the FITDESK!!!!

  • MandyG

    I spend +40 hours a week on a computer. I work in social media, am currently cultivating a blog, and of course, I am endlessly reading the blogs and online magazines I follow! I try reading on my little smart phone why walking/working out at a gym, but seriously, who can do that without getting dizzy? FitDesk would be PERFECT.

  • Rikkimaeg

    approximately spend 40+ hours per week on my computer. I would spend most of my time using that cool invention! (i would spend most of my time on the fitdesk | exercising)

  • Suttie

    I spend about 10 hours a day on my puter doing graduate school work, de-stressing by playing games, or hanging out a bit on fb just to see what my friends are up to. I don’t recall how I managed before computers…everything is virtually available to me now in seconds and I am an information hound…oh!…i forgot, I am also working on writing a children’s book about my trip sailing around the world on a gaffed-rigged schooner. It was an awesome experience!
    With a FitDesk I would probably get a lot more work accomplished and enjoy it more as well.

  • chorchonga

    I spend 40-60 hours a week (as much as I can) on the computer – the rest is taking care of my two children. As a newly-single mom with no support, it’s all work, and it would all be on FitDesk because “me time” has gone by the wayside!

  • jess

    I spend 40 hours per week (give or take) at the computer while at work, and then I go home and spend another few maintaining my website, watching Netflix, etc. I would say I spend 60 or more hours per week total at the computer. I would love to have the FitDesk so I could work from home on it and watch tv shows/movies while exercising. I might even take it to work instead. They are installing the desks that move up and down so you can stand while working, but this would be even better!

  • Lazunin

    I spend around 70-80 hours a week on the computer, about 2/3rds of that is making art on Gimp or trying to learn how to do something, the other third is playing games.

  • Amanda Engelkes

    I spend around 65-70 hours a week on a computer. I’d say half of that is spent doing work and the rest is spent social networking, small gaming, and writing. I envision being able to combine my workouts with my writing and gaming. The benefit being getting excercise while doing what I love to do.

  • Joye Barr

    I spend around 10-12 hours on my computer daily

  • Kristy Fortney

    I spend roughly 18+hrs a day in front of a computer. 98% of it is for work. Internet and network marketing is my FULL time job plus raising five children. I would love to have this and even wonder where to buy one if I don’t win lol

  • Amanda Agan

    I spend at least 20 hours a week blogging and doing homework. I am a nursing student and I do a lot of online homework and studying. I also run a full-time blog. I would use it at least an hour every day!

  • Marjorie *hugs*

    I spend hours a pond hours, Blogging, Answering company back, Pitching, Never watch TV Spent hours on techno gadgets. And back on computer to help kids with thier homework. Good Luck to all xoxo

  • Betty J Wilkins

    I spend 70 plus hours a week at my computer , this would be a great way for me to get in some much needed exercise

  • Kathryn

    I sit at a desk for about 8-10 hours per day during the work week and probably spend about 2-3 extra hours either freelancing or surfing the web on the work day and more on the weekends. I guess that rounds out to probably 80-90 hours per week on my computer! Most of the time I am working, but in my spare time I do play games, browse internet forums, or watch streaming videos.

    • Kathryn

      I would love to use the FitDesk to stay active while doing my work and these activities so that I can prevent the negative health effects long-term sitting has on the body.

  • Kristin Blair

    This is just to clever! I hope the construction is as awesome as the concept!

  • Richard Kucera

    I spend about 10 Hours a day in front of the computer, so about 70 Hours a week.

  • Brian Rangell

    I spend SO much time online. Oof. I probably spend about 9 hours a day online. If I were to win the FitDesk, I’d probably be social networking on it or watching TV/movies while biking. It would be AWESOME.

  • Conrad Kovash

    Work at a desk, come home to go through 100 to 150 emails every night. Need something to help get a more interesting way of burning off some calories

  • heinrich

    i usually spend more than 12 hours in a day in front of a computer, mostly doing paper works and documents as part of my work. i can say accumolated of 2-3 hours for social networking and reading news. i believe with this fit desk, i can do more with less tiredness and backpain.

  • Busy WAHM

    I spend probably about 45 hours a week at my computer. This includes social networking, running my business, researching, shopping, catching up on news and missed tv episodes. Having the FitDesk would mean I get to finally get some exersize while doing all these things, plus having my 3 children safe at home with me.It would truelly be a God sent as boy do I need it :)

  • kunj ganatra

    i like this fit desk. this will be the best thing to do when i write my blogs in the evenings after my office hours. i always had to give up on either working out or writing a blog everyday because i didnt have time to do both.

  • Deborah Mensah

    I can sometimes spend up to 84 hours a week on the internet and I’m only a teen and would love getting some exercise since I’m on a diet while using the internet. The reason I use the internet so often is because I created a blog and have to manage it. I am also a member of different forums, and now that school is beginning, I will definitely be using a computer for homework help. Also, I saw someone reading while using the desk. That would definitely be great for me because I used to love reading but have been doing it less because it’s so hard for me to get 3 different activities into my days now that I spend a lot of time every day on a computer. I would love to be able to do 2 of the activities at once, such as homework + exercise, or managing my blog, or reading + exercise. I also love bike riding but fall is coming soon and then winter. This could help me satisfy my desire to ride my bike when I can’t outside since it’s cheaper that those at home bikes. I could truly go on about why I’d like this, but I think this is enough…thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone else. c: Thanks for introducing me to this great invention. Even if I don’t win it, I can hopefully save up for it.

  • bn100

    Probably around 60 hours.

  • Maan Aquino

    I spend half of my day in front of my laptop to do some online jobs and social networking.

  • Chante Judy

    I spend any where from 30-60 hours on my pc a week. The majority of the time is spent social networking, although I am in the process of starting my own blog. I have become disabled in the past year and am unable to do any weight bearing exercise and this would be an awesome solution for me. My home is extremely limited in space and this would be a great fit! Thank you for the chance to win during the introduction to an innovative product.

  • fritopescado

    I usually spend about 50 hours a week in front of my laptop. I spend about half of that time working as a social media consultant, doing market research, blogging, teaching esl online and sales calls. The rest of the time I am keeping up on news and playing games! The FitDesk would help me to be fit not fat.

  • littleread1

    I spend probably 3 hours daily sitting in front of the computer blogging and on social media. I would LOVE to be able to be active while doing so. With a wedding coming up in Oct all the activity I can get will help! :-)

  • Mimi

    i spend about 80-84 hours in front of a computer per week. i think it’s cool that with a FitDesk, i can blog and work out at the same time! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  • Joshua Richards

    I spend about 100 hours a week at my computer.

  • Eileen Charbonneau

    What a great idea, working on your laptop and getting execise at the same time with the FitDesk!! Love it

  • MintaBoggs

    I spend 30+ hours on the computer, surfing, looking for coupons, checking emails, writing my blog. I want to exercise but I’m always on the computer especially when the kids are in school. I would love to win this it would be a really good for exercising and being on the computer at the same time.. I would definitely love this. Being a blogger requires a lot of work. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Brigette

    I would really like to have this so I can multi-task! Wuhoo!

  • Caitlin Davidson

    I work from home as a debt collector which means I’m required to sit at my computer for over 40 hours per week for work. I’m also constantly on my computer after work watching TV, reading blogs, and currently spending a lot of time on Pinterest. I’ve been thinking about trying out a standing desk but I think this would be even better.

  • Linda Carmical

    I’m at my computer for 9.5 hours a day at work through the week and then when I get home, it’s my time. I end up spending at minimum another 3 hours.

  • Karey Boerst

    I spend about 4-5 hrs./day sitting on my butt blogging, studying (online school to be a Dietician), and social networking. I would LOVE to be able to move & burn some calories instead of being stationary. I love to be active & think it’s so important in a healthy lifestyle.
    If I had a FitDesk, I’d spend the most time studying on it, along with some blogging. Plus, I’d blog about it since I cover health & fitness things. The FitDesk sounds awesome!!

  • Liz Neal

    I spend probably 30 hrs a week just entering sweepstakes and contests. It would be nice to have the FitDesk so that I will be able to do other things and not have to have my computer on my lap, and get some exercise while doing the things that I do on the computer.

  • Ann Q

    I spend about 21 hours on my computer reading ,blogging or onsocial network. Have a stationary bike which I use every day, and it is awkward holding my book or kindle.Combining computer use and exercise would be amazing.

  • Jamie Martin

    Too long.. -blushes-

  • Rebecca dela Cruz

    I spend more than 40 hours a week as it is a home based job. This really could help me working on my job while exercising! Flexible and could easily move around anywhere in the house.

    • Kimmy Bellhouse

      I can totally understand the long hours and lack of exercise because of running a home base business. I spend almost every waking hour at the computer either posting , filling in forms are doing something. Anything that could make my job easier would be greatly appreciated.

  • jjcutie123qwe

    I spend about 35 hours a week. I want the fitdesk for my mother who spends about 60 :)

  • Shayla

    I spend over 9 hours (give or take), on the computer surfing the net, playing Sims 3 (man that game is addictive), and other time waster things. I would probably do the same things if I had the FitDesk, but with exercise involved. It would make me feel better about myself.

  • Sort n Style

    I probably spend at least 40 hours a week on the computer.. Working as a party plan consultant, the majority of my work is done on at the desk. Usually it is on Facebook, searching the web, looking up stats and finding things to motivate my team. If I won the FitDesk, I could incorporate two things that I really need to fit into my life.. 1. Work 2. Fitness… I have been trying to diet for months and find that I get so lost in work that my eating habits have gone out the window so this would really help!

  • Margaret

    I spend 40 hrs a week on the computer at work, and then when I get home, I start my second job in website design & maintenance, and Access databases program development. I eat at the computer and stay on until I go to bed every night.!

  • Robin Brown Jones

    I spend approximately 20 hours a week at work on the computer and then spend another 40+ hours per week on the computer. I am on my feet a lot of the day at work, have arthritic knees, am a single mother of three, and going to school online to further my education. So, working out when I get home is almost impossible. The FitDesk would be a God send for me and my kids! Mainly because I will be able to work on school work while exercising and be healthier to continue to take care of my kids!

  • Dee

    Per week I spend over 40 hours in front of a computer screen and a lot of it is for work and my seminar assignments for my college courses. I would use this while drafting papers for class — would save so much time!

  • Diana Ong

    I spent 70 hours max in a week! this is consumed by browsing, joining online contests, blogging, reading tweets, updating FB and a lot more! It’s as if I am outdated whenever I can’t logged in just for hours!

  • kayce galvan

    I spend twenty hours working from home this would help greatly with staying fit

  • Citrus Fruits

    I spend too many hours in front of my computer. 70 hours a week easily. I would spend the most time doing all of the activities equally because Social Networking is my work and I love to game too. Great item.. I hope I win!

  • Joy

    I spend about 40 hours a week on the computer. This is for work and home. I would love to have this for work. As I work in the library at school and it would be wonderful for my back.

  • Ana Georgievska

    30 to 50 hours, mainly searching medical literature,typing for work and printing but also relax reading,comunicating ,watching movie or youtube
    FitDesk is awsome – workoot for the body and mind at the same time!

  • Super Mom on the Net

    I’ve often thought about how I can rig my laptop to my fitness equipment without it being sent flying across the room once I got started. This is the perfect solution. I would love to win this and keep the pounds away!

  • Megan Cromes

    i spend 20 hours in front of my computer.

  • tom

    I spend about 20 hours a week hunched foetally at the computer working on scripts and stories. With the fitdesk I’m hoping to straighten my back and get my legs moving too, not just my fingers :)

  • Chelesa Sims

    I spend about 32 hours a week on the computer . If i was to win I would be checking my emails and writing reviews,playing games and probably music.



  • Jennifer Henry

    i spend about 100hrs aweek if not more.. networkin for anything for my family that is useful

  • Huong

    I don’t know exactly how long I spend on the computer all week. That probably says a lot about me. I spend quite a long time on my computer and laptop. Probably around 60 hours. I just like to blog and internet shop and talk to my friends on skype. :3 I actually spend most of my time internet shopping lol!

  • destiknit

    I am super intrigued by this concept!

  • Wendi

    I am on everyday this would be an amazing way to help my back and get the extra movement I need this is amazing…ty

  • Vanessa Rose Palacio

    I spend 4-6 hours everyday in front a computer, whether it’s for work, blogging, social networking, or gaming. I would spend the most of my time doing social networking on the FitDesk! ^_^

  • Jane Burgess Broadway

    I spend at least 10 to 12 hours a day on my laptop. I visit with friends, surf, shop, watch movies and of course, play games. Thank you for the chance to win a FitDesk. Coolest thing I’ve seen since sliced bread.

  • Shauna Clark

    When I get home from school I;m on the computer all night so probably 8 hours a day on Mon-Thurs and 9 friday and 10 saturday and sunday each so maybe 61 hours total. If I get a fit desk I won’t feel as guilty sitting in front of the computer all day.

  • brian

    I spend about over 60 hours a week at my pc. Trying to grow my business and following up on news.

  • Ocho

    A desk that I could work at and be productive? Sold. I sit at a desk for mostly all of my work week, and I could use something like this to help turn that around.

  • Eleanor Cooper

    I spend about 12 hours a day, the majority of it for my work and doing sweepstakes

  • Carol Roberts

    spend bout 36 hrs a week i would spend like 12 hrs working on thefitdesk

  • scottfinger

    love the fit desk really can use it

  • Kimberly

    I spend 8-10 hrs at the office daily, but working in ops means your day never ends. I spend most of my evening in front of my laptop as well, especially if I’m oncall. Then of course, I have my own tech to manage, personal email, blog, facebook. Yeah, it’s easily 70+ hrs a week in front of my laptop, and I would hope that the majority of my time at home with a laptop would be spent moving on a fitDesk.

  • fourquiverfull

    I spend about 4-6 hours a day on the computer

  • Raine Dawson

    I’m on the computer at least 16 hrs/day-I don’t even want to do the weekly math lol. i do everything from working at home to connecting on all of the social networks, and news & research! i REALLY need to get off my rear and get exercising more-the internet is addicting! I would LOVE a FitDesk-it’s the absolute perfect & fun solution for me! Thank you-great find & giveaway!

  • Patricia Blair Alner

    I am typically at my laptop about 60 hours a week. Forty hours a week for my regular work and about twenty for blogging, tweeting and updating facebook. My goal would to be on the fitdesk while I was working. That way it would allow me to focus on getting my work complete and working out at the same time. I would love to win. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Erica Geeting

    I use my computer at least 60 hours a week for school, work, and leisure. I would love to be able to do ALL of that on a FitDesk! LOVE IT!

  • Flavio Paiva Batista Harder

    I spent almost eight hours a day (40 hours a week) in front of my notebook.
    With FitDesk I will spent more time on Facebook and Twitter.

  • alex

    if i’m not sleeping im at my computer, either playing video games, posting on blogs and websites, or watching netflix i live at my comp

  • Superstarr521

    I can’t imagine how many hours I actually spend sitting. I sit a lot at work (and I work 12 hour night shifts). Then I come home and spend almost all of my time at home sitting: in front of the computer (trying to earn my degree online), shopping, doing research projects, communicating with friends and family back in florida, and researching work outs and diets (I research them, unfortunately I don’t engage in them). After a significant injury (I could barely walk) I was sedentary for a long time and gained a lot of weight. I am trying very hard to incorporate healthy foods and healthy living practices into my life again (working out). The Fit Desk would be great because the bicycle doesn’t have the major impact to my joints while I continue to recover from my injuries!

  • Blanca

    I spend 90 hours a at least. Working I already spend around 40, plus blogging, researching, buying, crafting, reading ebooks, watching series, writing emails, facebook, etc.

    I’ll spend my time in the Fit Desk mostly while reading ebooks, buying, facebook and researching. Basically all the tasks that need a little less writing/concentration!

    I am soo excited about the possibility of winning one! is the best idea ever!!

  • ahmed ameen

    i hope i will win !!!

  • Genesis Magnes

    I spend 30 hours or more on the computer. doing everything Facebooking playing games blogging sampling movies music couponing tv kid activities. everything. i would love the FitDesk cause i love my bike but i dont get on it anymore cause i dont care to watch the actual tv and my computer wont hook up to it lol. it would be great to have in my house. my mom brother and myself would use it. Id use it for facebook. sampling most deff music and my everyday look arounds. i hope i win gaining 15lbs in the last month cause i just got a laptop for my birthday sucks but i love my computer LOL.

  • M. Spooner

    I spend over a hundred hours a week at my computer. As a writer, I have little choice! I desperately need a way to stay active without sacrificing the precious time I have for working.

  • Michel@Babyweightmyfatass

    I spend about 35 hours a week on the computer. I write 2 blogs and I would love to combine my time.

  • Ginny

    I spend around 40 hours a week at my computer and as a university professor it would be a great way to motivate other students!

  • Chelsea Beebe

    This would give me an excuse to workout this is exactly what ive been looking for. If I dont win it I may jsut buy one myself

  • Tarlin Saini

    I never win anything :(

  • San D

    I spend around 50 hours at my desk!! ;/

  • Amy Dowling

    I spend at least 40 hours/week at the computer. I freelance, blog and work my regular job all at the same computer. I don’t have time for anything else!

  • Rosary Goodrum

    I spend 40 hours a week at work sitting in front of a desk. I also spend about 10 hours blogging/social networking on the computer. I ALSO read on my tablet about 10 hours a week. i would love the fitdesk because it would give me a chance to blog/work/read while working out and then wouldn’t have to lug around a computer or tablet (ok lug is a strong word for the tablet but I still have to carry it around). I also have recently taken up bike riding so this would be perfect!

  • justagirl6886

    I wish I had come up with this…but so thankful someone had the insight! Here’s to good luck and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Holly Robinson

    I spend 40ish hours per week at the computer while working. I would use the fitdesk. I would use the fitdesk mostly for watching movies while I keep in shape at the same time. I don’t have time for movies typically because the time that I would have for it is currently spend at the gym.

  • April

    For everything, I probably spend about 60 hours in front of the computer. I just became a stay at home mom, so I’ve been cruising the blogsphere for ways to cut back costs for my family.

  • Ben

    I spend about 65 hours a week on the computer, and I would spend most of my time doing homework

  • Stacy

    I spend about 25 hours a week on the computer. I spend time on Facebook and various other websites.

  • Emily Mohr

    I usually spend 8+ hours a day on some kind of computer; so at least 56 hours a week. Wow!

  • Maggie

    I spend about 6 hrs on laptop/smartphone, this would give me the added benefit of burning off some calories! I am a heart patient, i think my cardiologist would be pleased

  • TonyaK

    I spend probably 60+ hours a week in front of a computer for work, kids, social, etc. Will spend the most time for work.

  • Rachel F.

    I spend a couple hours a day online–I’m a mommy blogger and fit it in early in the a.m., during nap-time, and after daddy gets home. This would be awesome!

  • Alyssa

    I spend at least 12 hours a day on the laptop because I have no friends give or take

  • Scott M

    I don’t know if i can count that high its like a full time job and more, I would use it while working out.

  • Vivian

    I spend at least 60, if not more hours a week in front of the computer. I study, blog, and use social media networks.

  • Think Different

    I spend 50h per week on desk. That would be cool to use some of this time for biking while watching something on computer for example.

  • pomermomer3

    I spend 80 hours a week on the computer for work, blogging, gaming, keeping intouch with friends. I would spent my time on the FitDest doing work and blogging. – This is a really cool giveaway.

  • Alice Audrey

    I spend about 70 hours a week in front of a computer.

  • Elizabeth Scott Pool

    I spend at least 30 hrs a week if not more in front of the computer. I had to quit trying to work due to the continued stress to my bones and muscles, which were greatly affected by my poor work station and the inability to get anyone to do anything about it.

  • yarnell

    I work at home so I spend 30 hours for work and another 20 hours catching up on facebook, twitter, and all other social networks I am connected to. I would use the FitDesk for work and pleasure. I would not have any excuse to why I am not staying fit.

  • Marshall Jones

    I (sadly) spend about 30 hours per week on my computer at work alone! I would love to get out of the office more to exercise (especially in Austin with seemingly everyone else) but managing a business does allow for that.

    Now I have started riding a bike to work several days a week but it is not enough. I want to bike WHILE I work, right?

    Being in the food and wine business professionally, it is much harder to keep a decent, healthy figure now in my 40’s.

    Help ,e drop the 35 pounds needed to get back to my playing weight!

  • momoftwelve

    Am worried that I will get “blogger booty” so would be neat to have one!

  • Chloe 450

    I spend most of my day and evening on the computer. I work from home, so not having the ability to exercise while working has begun to be an issue. I have tried the wireless keyboards so I can exercise while working, but it was an epic fail. With a fit desk, I would be able to continue my work with the benefit of exercising. Not only could I get the same amount of work done, but I could get my daily exercise in as well, saving me time to spend with my family.

  • J P

    I spend a lot of hours at the computer for various things including blogging, socializing, and more. I can see myself using the FitDesk for all of it.

  • Kit Cherniausky

    Approx. 50-60 hours a week. Half of this time I surf internet and read scientific articles. So, at least 30 hours per week I can spend at FitDesk!

  • Rachael Maresh

    I spend about 60 hours per week you spend in front of a computer. I woudl spned the most time on the fitdesk at work.

  • HeatherFeather

    I spend a ton of time sitting and I want to knock that off!

  • Samantha G.

    I spend about 60 hours

  • amelia

    i spend almost all day on the computer..and i love it..

  • JeannetteNL1966

    I spend about 30-35 hrs a week on my laptop. I seldom have time to exercise because when the time comes where I have the time to exercise I am usually too exhausted…if I could combine exercise while on the computer it would be the best of both worlds. What a fantastic idea!

  • Gean

    I’d love a fit desk! It would really help the organization of stuff in my room.

  • Precious Joy Balmaceda

    I spent 15 hours a day in computer, 93 hours per week..

  • Precious Joy Balmaceda

    I spent 15 hours a day in computer, 93 hours per week.. It is because I am, working online… :)

  • blondykat

    I spend about 30hrs on social networking sites mostly facebook

  • Angel Mae

    Basically I spend 30 hours per week in front of the computer, but since I am going to give this FitDesk to my mom [If I happen to win] I might as well tell you how much time she spend in front of the computer. Well, approximately she spent 15 hours in front of the computer on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends. So that’s about 95 hours.

  • Marine Rose Decena

    I spend most of my time in front of the computer …7 hours per day!!opening my facebook and email also joining giveaways hehe

  • Jen D

    Waaaay too many hours doing contests and giveaways lol

  • patti novero

    I spend so much time on my computer each day i hate to figure how much. I might be shocked to find out. Lets say over 40 hours a week.

  • Penniless Teacher

    I need two of these myself, one at home and one at the office!

  • Beth Hobson

    I spend about 30 hours a week at the computer while at work and at least another 30 hours sitting in front of the computer at home! I’d love to be able to use the FitDesk during my time at home, when I’m writing, using social media and researching!

  • Ashley Haddock

    I work, I blog, I am constantly on social networking sites. I would approximate at least half my time is spent on the computer.

  • Stephanie Abeles

    I spend about 40 hours a week on the computer editing photos, social media, marketing for my photography business. Then I spend another 6-8 hours at night playing on the social media sites. I would totally use the fit desk at least an hour a day. Maybe even 2 while I was surfing the web at night.

  • Getz

    70-80 hours per week in front of the computer. im getting fat and slothlike, help!

  • bellewhittington

    I spend over 40 hours a week in front of a computer. I’m an author of Young Adult novels, and I have a day job. I’d like to be able to use the FitDesk for when I’m writing my books in the evenings. It would help me improve my health. :-)

  • Jessica Holbrook

    I work from home AND I’m a blogger AND I attend school online so I spend probably 12-14 hours a day in front of my laptop. I easily hit 80 or 90 hours a week on my computer. I would LOVE to use a FitDesk while I blog or read stuff for school. I’m also curious to see whether I could do data entry while riding a bike, lol.

  • Jessica Leigh Daoodi

    Yeah- I want to win to continue getting my butt in shape!

  • Garilyn S

    I’m going to estimate about 25 hours a week working on the computer.

  • Rebecca Gill

    I spend more than 40 hours a week at the computer. Most of that time is spent preparing lectures or doing research

  • Teresa Besson

    I spend about 60 hours per week ousing a computer. Most of this time is work related.

  • Emilie Shoop

    I spend about 30-40 hours a week at my desk depending on my appointments. If I’m not at my desk, I’m driving to a meeting where I sit at a table! Lots of sitting! If I had this desk, I’d set it up in my office so I would use it every day!

  • Tammy Dodson

    I spend at least 50 hours a week on the computer most of them are entering giveaways, sweepstakes and looking foe deals.

  • Lynette Paige

    Oh wow. I spend probably 12 or more hours a day at the computer. So around 85 hours a week.. I know quite a bit. Social networking, gaming, talking to family far away, working on photos and other things. I would probably use this to do all of the above! Social network while talking to family and working on computer stuff like photos and such. Every now and then while watching a movie or listening to music. But at least I’d be staying fit doing it!

  • Ashley F

    I spend approximately 15 hours per week on the computer. I would use thie fitdesk while emailing and using social networks and paying bills.

  • Staci Noel

    I spend about 5-6 hours a night M-F and can spend over 10 on Sat and Sun. I would be able to spend at least an hour a day on the fit desk!

  • Laura

    I spend about 40+ hours a week on the computer for work. I work from home full time as a blogger and branding consultant! After that, I still have to do our household management (all on the computer) and I love Pinterest, so let’s say about 60-70!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    This is quite simply the neatest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Tisha Branum-Culic

    I spend alot of time on the computer everyday, due to the fact that im a stay at home mom and have to look for deals, coupons and sweepstakes to try and take care and do for my family, this day and time its hard to survive with the economy like it is and i have to do whatever i can to take care of my family.

  • Deb Butterflys

    I spend20 hours a week this would be awesome

  • Randi Poole

    I spend approximately 8-10 hours a day most days on the computer. If I had the fit desk I would be spending most of my time on it working on my blog. I do spend a decent amount of time on fb promoting my blog as well so that would be 2nd.

  • dale bartlett

    all day on the computer

  • LaTisha McClarin

    I spend about 35 hours per week online and it’s mostly social networking & sweepstaking. I’d sweepstakes the most with the FitDesk. And it would be so cool!

  • adrienne

    These look great for full-time caregivers who cannot easily get out of the house.

  • Patty Zasloff Avon Rep

    I also spend tons of hours on my iPad and computer…it has to be at least 70+ hours per week! I work from home and run my business both online and nationwide and could definitely be more fit. I love Rafflecopter and Facebook and check in often! I also do about 99% of my shopping online! So, I would definitely benefit from the FitDesk! :D

  • Susan

    As a business owner, publicist and chronic desk-lubber, I know i need to get up, but i somehow i feel like if I leave my desk – even for lunch – I’m not giving it my all. I think FitDesk would be a radical catalyst for me – getting me going. First, at my desk, then down the block and possibly…one day…the Tour de France, baby. No steroids, no red bull, just pure adrenaline. And just I win, I’d shout the words “FITDESK” from the top of the mightiest French peak while standing in my yellow jersey.
    I am ready. I am willing. I will pedal.

  • Crystal Dawn Craig

    I spend the majority of the time that I’m awake in front of the computer daily. I mostly am social networking during that time, but I work at my computer as well. :)

  • Ailyn G.

    I spend about 5 hours a day so thats 35 hours a week. But this is not for me. It’s for my dad and brother. They both spend about 98 hours per week. They spend 14 hours on the computer a day. It’s like they’re addicted, and i want to give them something to do to stay active.

  • Billie Henson

    I am disabled and don’t currently work outside of the home. I run my own Jewelry and Craft business online, so I spend a minimum of 40 hours a week on the computer just running that, not including my personal time spent online, checking emails, chatting with friends, etc. I also recently had Lapband surgery and winning this would be perfect to give me additional opportunity to exercise the weight off, not to mention motivation!

  • jpesce

    I spend about 4 hours a day on the computer but this is for my husband. He is a construction superintendent but he travels. This would be his desk away from home. It really would be wonderful for him since his office changes with each new jobsite.

  • Ashley @ Freckleberry Finds

    I spend about 60 hours a week in front of the computer. Yikes!

  • Carie Austin

    I am a stay-at-home mom and with my children in front of me, my laptop is always on. I’m generally on the computer for 10 hours a day doing social networking, blogging, designing, editing, and watching shows. 70 hours a week is a safe estimate. Some weeks have more hours, some have less.

  • Michelle Primack

    I spend a lot of time at the computer (probably 60 hours a week between work and social networking) and not enough time exercising. It would be amazing to be able to combine the two and save my non-existent free time! I would be using the fitdesk while using FB, twitter, and of course Rafflecopter to enter contests.

  • NeNe

    I usually spend about 10 hours a day on the computer..I taking online classes, social networking, and working on my Youtube channel…I would spend most of my time on the FitDesk doing eveything I usually do on the computer and even watching television..

  • Melanie Wilsher-Loewen

    Well now that I will be heading back to work, at least 40 hours plus for sure, so definitly need this to stay fit and still do what needs to be done.

  • Jaime Snook

    Hi everyone.. Just losing 265 lbs and having twins.. I need this to get fit and be able to spend mommy time on the computer just info finding and sales… twins arent cheap..LOL

  • Megan Daley

    I am on the computer at least 14 hrs a week!

  • Jamaise

    I spend about 6-7 hours online a day. That adds up! If I could just do my blogging at the FitDesk that would be huge!

  • lisa phillips

    i spend maybe 30 hours aweek online working and on social networks,talking to family in the uk who i miss dearly,,,with a fitdesk i can do all that and fit my exercise in,,win win situation!!!!

  • Guest

    I spend 50+ hours a week on the computer, mostly doing work as a transcriptionist. However, I would so much more enjoy watching some YouTube and posting on Facebook about how much fun I was having on my FitDesk! :)

  • Janelle Fernandez

    I spend 50+ hours a week on the computer, mostly doing work as a transcriptionist. However, I would so much more enjoy watching some YouTube and posting pics of me on Facebook showing how much fun I was having on my FitDesk! :)

  • Fiona N

    I spend over 50 hours a week on the computer for studying, playing games, checking many social networks, posting and comments…! I can’t live without doing those activities :-) So, I think I could use the same amount of time with FitDesk! Thanks

  • morg531

    Amazing idea, complete my school work and work off some of this baby weught i havent been able to drop, lol.. I spent 40+ hours a week between work, school and home using the computer

  • Heather Howard

    I spend 40 hours easy on my computer editing pictures, blogging, maintianing my website, shopping and much more. I already love running and working out so a fit desk would be great I could get my work done and work out!

  • Ananthu Madridista

    well little

  • emma

    I spend 30 maybe even more hours a week online while kids are sleepin or out ;) This is such a great idea I could tone up while entering all my comps online,, 30hours a week I could be looking fabulous in No time xx :)

  • CJIrwin21

    I sit all day at my desk – 9 hours. I have been spinning since January and it really has helped me mentally and physically. I would love to combine my work with my workout! Seems ideal!

  • Catarina Figueiredo

    I spend about 12 hours online a day. I need it to lose calories.

  • Heather Fowler

    I work close to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week on my laptop, between freelance jobs, working on my fiction, or doing promotions and blogging. It has really had a negative effect on my health! The ultimate goal would be to spend at least an hour or two a day on the FitDesk!

  • Sania Akbar

    I spend atleast 3-4 hours in facebooking :)

  • Rebecca Jones

    I spend about 15 hours on the computer each week. I am a kindergarten teacher, so being fit is important!

  • Tracy Simms

    I spend over 40 hours a week on the computer for work and personal so this would help me out a lot.thanks,

  • mivox

    Between my job, and catching up with friends online at home, I probably spend a good 70+ hours online a week. With a FitDesk, I could be in unbelievable shape in no time!

  • stefzehn

    I spend about 45-50 hours on my computer… Aaand about 95% of that is for work. Geez…. I gotta get a life!

  • ocounty

    I spend 35-40 hours a week on a computer at work and then about 8-10 on my home computer…and then I sit in front of the TV for a couple hours at night – gee, just typing this makes me queezy…if nothing else, FitDesk has made me examine my lack of activity!

  • tannawings

    I am embarrassed to admit, but probably a minimum of 10 hours per day. Like you it is slowly killing me. I need to get moving more and this would be an awesome way to do it. Obviously I wont give up my beloved net so this would be an awesome alternative. I could give you a multitude of health reason but you didnt ask for a sob story- you asked how many hours, Short answer- way too many :) I have twitter butt.

  • Lynne Marie

    I spend at least 40 hours a week in front of a computer at work and then will typically spend another 1-2 hours on a weeknight and 2-3 hours over the weekend reading email, entering contests, looking for coupons/deals, shopping online or paying bills.

  • Charissa

    I probably spend about 15 hours around the computer (at least!)

  • Amy H.

    I spend a ridiculous amount of hours a week online. Most of my waking time, really. I can’t even think about how many hours total. Let’s just say that if I’m awake and not in class, I’m probably online. I also have a ton of reading to do for grad school, which usually leaves me pretty sedentary. Having a FitDesk would make me feel so much better about how much I don’t get up and moving!

  • meynislove

    I spend more than 50 hours per week at my computer by posting anything

  • TairyHesticle

    I spend about 10 hours a week on the computer doing work and personal things. I would spend most of my time using the FitDesk while doing personal things on my laptop.

  • Nicole Sender

    I spend about 16 hours a week in front of the computer. Most is for personal use and I would spent the time on the FitDesk doing personal blogging on my lap top.

  • Stefanie Gladden

    I spend about 40 hrs at work at the computer, and at home I spend about 4 hrs every week night, 8 hrs each weekend day, so during the whole week i spend 40 hrs on the cmoputer at work and 56 hrs on the computer at home watching tv/playing games, chatting with friends. I would love a fit desk so I could have something to do while I work out, I seem to always get bored, it would help a lot!

  • Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms

    Approx. 50 hours per week! I would spend at least 35 hours on this amazing fit machine whilst being able to get my blog posts written. This blogging butt is getting big and needs to be kicked back into shape.

  • April Vrugtman

    Hm. 40 hours at work, give or take doing computer things. Then when home I’m either on the computer or reading a book – neither of which gets my body active so I’d say 75 hours a week on my buns.

  • Stacy Hamacher

    I probably spend 40+ hours a week in front of a computer, laptop, iPad and since my knee surgery I am limited in what I can do. Like walking. I would spend most of my home computer time using the fit desk because stationary biking is one of the few things I can do

  • Kevin

    I spend many hours at the computer but this is not really for me i would give this to my mother in law for her health as a diabetic she needs this plus she could still be connected to the worldwide web

  • Diane Rateike

    I spend 30 hours a week on my computer at work, then come home and spend another at least 40 hours a week on my computer at home emailing, keeping in contact with my brother, who lives a couple hours away, with family and friends, on Facebook reading interesting, entertaining items, plus learning new things every day, and keeping up with friends and family close by and out of state, playing online computer games, watching videos and shows online and on Netflix. I would definitely use the FitDesk at home! I have no time to excercise if I”m trying to do all the things I want and need to on my home computer. Would be perfect to be able to do both at the same time!

  • Beth Revis

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’ve looked at several similar products, but FitDesk seems to be one of the best.

  • Emily

    Probably around 70 hours – work and play is almost a computer exclusive activity for me. I code for work, browse for fun, and write in my free time. I’d probably use the desk for writing – I could definitely churn out a few more novels on that thing.

  • Tania Bugnet

    I probably spend approximately 30 to 35 hours a week at my desk entering contests, social networking, reading and writing emails, etc. I would probably use the FitDesk mostly while entering contests. Thx!

  • Kathy

    Because Winter is coming and I can’t exercise outside anymore

  • Sue Ellison

    I spend 4-5hrs a day at work on the computer and another 4-5 at home social networking, shopping, general browsing, etc. The FitDesk would be perfect for doing all of my home computer activites, plus I wouldn’t feel so guilty about spending so much time on the computer!

  • Ken Ohl

    Probably 10 hours a week with bookwork from our business and entering some contests but I would love the Fit Desk. Sure Hope I win.

  • slehan

    Probably 70 hours total. I’d love to have this and exercise while I’m entering contests. I swim 3x a week but not much other exercise.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • DoomSquisch

    A couple of hours a day, games and other stuff :)

  • paige

    Probably 30-40 hours a week in front of the computer



  • kathy pease

    i spend around 25 hours per week on the pc and I WOULD BE DOING THE EXERCISE BIKE :)

  • Tl Moyer

    I spend 25 or more hours a week at the computer.

  • Cheryl Grandy

    I spend around 50 hours a week on my computer, social networking, entering contest, gaming etc. I would be able to do all those things at a FitDesk if I won one.

  • Jared D

    I spend 40-50 hrs a week at a computer at work and another 10-15 at home. I’d use the FitDesk at home, so my legs can keep awake.

  • Carmen

    I spend 40-50 hours per week on the computer and 1-2 hours each night.

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  • JoAnnaM

    Too many hours is how much I spend working at a desk/computer. Usually 40-60 hours a week. This includes work, research, homework with kids and socializing. It would be great to be able to actually fit in some “workout” time while working.

  • Ella Bryant

    I spend a good 50 to 70 hours if not a little more. 45-50% on school work, & the rest on catching up with family & then trying to win some xmas presents. because I’m broke. I’d use this awesome desk the most when studying b/c I need help remaining alert b/c it’s so important to get this reading/research done. Matter of fact, I ‘d probably use it alll the time, like make it a rule, “no computer for extracurricular stuff unless at the fitdesk!”

  • Amber L

    From the time I wake up till I go to sleep

  • Rachael Lea Leventhal


  • Dawn

    I am on the computer about 6-8 hours a day.

  • Wayne Lecoy

    Please Enter Me In Your FitDesk:Be Productive While Working Out Giveaway.
    This Would Be Great To Win.
    In Response To Your Question Of Approximately How many hours per week Do you spend in front of a computer, whether it’s for work, blogging, social networking,
    or gaming. Then tell us which of the above you would spend the most time doing on the FitDesk.
    I Spend At Least 30 Hours Per Week On My Computer.
    I Enter Contests,Check My Email, Watch Movies,Play Games
    And Listen To Music.
    If I Was Lucky Enough To Win The FitDesk, (A lightweight exercise bike) .
    I Would Use It While Listening To Music Or Watching A Movie.
    Thanks For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Hicks

    probably spend 60 hours a week. I would likely be doing social networking as well as catching up on recorded tv shows on the computer

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  • jamie tucker

    about 12 a week doing sweepstakes

  • Deb K

    I spend every waking minute-as Blogging and Sweeps is my life! This wold be great to win-as I could get in shape while online!

  • Heather R

    I spend at least 40+ hours on my laptop each week between school, blogs, recreation, etc. I would love to be able to work out during this time and be more productive

  • Debbie Terry

    At least100

  • Cody Anderson

    I spend 50-60 hours in from front of a computer or laptop! Doing 3 different jobs. I would have it at the office where I spend more than 40hrs weekly sitting!

  • Paige Green

    I spend about 80 hours a week on the computer (oh goodness, did I just write that?) Culling, correcting and editing images for clients, burning disks and creating wedding films, blogging (on any of our FOUR blogs) doing family history, looking up illnesses my son might have emailing and , of course, facebooking, tweeting, holding giveaways via rafflecopter.

    I would spend every moment I could on the bike. Definitely the unnecessary things I do online would be on the bike and a majority of the business tasks as well.

    oh help.

  • Sorkai

    Lol I spend around I’d say 11 hours a day minimum… Most of it gaming sadly.

  • Becky Schiffman

    I spend about 20-30 hours a week on the computer. 90% of that is working on my blog and the rest is social networking to keep in touch with friends and family. With the FitDesk I could get my workout in while working! What an awesome timesaver that would be!

  • susan p

    great idea

  • Rebby

    I spend at least 40 hours a week on the computer doing some social networking and just working in general. I would definitely use the fitdesk mostly for work since i work from home!

  • Toby Collins

    At least 15, mostly gaming! :)

  • Katrina R.

    What a great giveaway…a way to stay fit and do what you love…at least for me. work on my homemade business!

  • heather c

    I probably spend about 25 hours a week on the computer, pinning, blogging, facebooking and researching household projects. I’d sure be fit if I spent that time working on the computer and working out at the same time!

  • klaird

    I spend at least 25 hours a week. Mostly work but also on pinterest, reading blogs, etc. I would love to win this.

  • Krystal Jade Coronel

    as a full time mom i spend time using computer about 4hours in a day 20hours in a whole week. in the morning i spend my time to my daughter feed her bath, etc. at the night is my free time, i’ll can check all my notifications in facebook, seeking for new contest.. read some post, watching you tube.. ect.. this is how i spend my life in computer.. =)

  • just8

    Around 40 doing research, shopping, sweeps. Research while exercising would be awesome!

  • Jennilee Hogancamp

    I am about to start my college classes during which I will be spending 30+ on school work alone. I would love to win this!

  • Samantha

    This would be so great. I’ve got my wedding in 10 months.

  • Stacy WTeacher

    I spend about 5 hours/week for work, and 10 for pleasure. If I had this I’d make it a rule that I could only use facebook when I was on the bike!

  • Ramanand

    i usually spend 20 hours on computer other than my 40 work hours in office. and out of 20 hours 10% of time i spend in FitDesk

  • Wendy Jacobson

    I work on computers, with computers and just about everything that has to do with technology. Needless to say, I sit on my butt quite a bit. This would be the perfect way to hone my butt while I hone my computer skills! I would love, love, love to have this!

  • Willow Rain

    I spend anywhere from 8-12 hours a day running my buissness online. If I won this I would get into shape pretty quick because all those hours I spend online would also be on a bike ;)

  • Alison White

    I spend close to 40 hours per week at the computer desk for work, several hours a week for volunteer work, and probably another 10 just for myself. Would love to be able to change the dynamic at this FitDesk and feel better about all that time in front of a screen not just sitting!

  • Karen Acosta

    I spend a lot of time on the computer. I have recently started trying to incorporate a workout program which has mainly been using a treadmill. I very quickly have found the treadmill and computer do not go well together. The FitDesk would be ideal for me.

  • MummaRazzi

    I’ve got a tween and a toddler, i work full time and go to school full time – this would be a perfect way to get in some exercise while im writing my papers ;-)

  • Susan Romano Trader

    60-70 hours a week, I really need this!! I don’t want my butt to look like I have been sitting on it for 70 hours a week ;-)

  • wanalaska

    Here’s the insanity of modern living. I spend $160 a month for cable tv I never watch! Why…because I’m on my computer +80 hrs per week doing, well computer stuff. Everything from continuing education, to certifications, to entertainment. While my mind has expanded through computer technologies so to has b-hind.

  • Paula

    FitDesk is a great invention! Finding the time workout has always been a challenge for me. The competition between work and workout time is over.

  • Robin R.

    I spend far too much time in front of a computer. I also exercise 6 days a week and would love to combine the two as a way to be more productive.

  • Jennifer Lofgren

    I spend between 20-30 hours a week on my computer outside of work. This time includes completing numerous school related tasks and reading all of the blogs that I follow! :)

  • Claire

    I’d wager that I’m on the computer at least 80 hours a week, most of which is spent doing data entry work. I would use the fit desk during that to get some extra benefit out of it!

  • hayleyb124

    I spend a good 80 hours per week in front of a computer. Mostly writing, gaming and browsing the web. I’d probably use the fitdesk most while writing or even gaming.

  • Lori Kibby Thomas

    I’m a stay at home mom who home schools her 5 children…I spend most of my day on my laptop. It would be great to be able to do something for myself (exercise) while doing so much for my kids.

  • Poundsmack

    I really hope I get it. I could use this so bad for my back and weight loss goals.

  • Pen Neveu

    I must spend over 70+ hours per week in front of my PC between work & home time. I’d much rather burn calories during that time than let so many hours pass without physical activity.

  • Mya Martin-Glenn

    I spent at least 50 hours a week sitting in front of a computer (at work and at home)

  • Rosemary M.

    Oh my gosh, I sepend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in front of a computer, in addition to my own personal laptop, about 3 hours a day there. I would love to have this at home so I can get fit while being productive! This idea is ahead of its time!

  • Pen Neveu

    I think I’d spend most of my FitDesk time catching up on email and shopping or surfing online!

  • Carol Snyder Foltz

    I sit at a desk with two computers up to 40 hours a week, and spend most of my waking hours at home online, as well. I could be blogging, playing games and social networking while burning some calories at home.

  • bgk

    I spend a little more than 40 hours a week…. This would be perfect for me..I can NOT leave my home because i am agoraphobic….and i could get the exercise i need …..

  • Cynthia Keene

    I spend 40+ hours a week on my computer. I use it for work, social networking, emailing, typing letters for the prison outreach, and much more. I would love to have the FitDesk so I can be productive and get some exercise at the same time. As it is right now I don’t get any exercise except when I am cleaning the house. I need this!

  • Melissa N

    I spend around 60 hours per week working, writing, and scrapbooking on my computer. I would try to spend at least 20 minutes a day doing one of those things on the FitDesk. In addition, my kids would use this too! We’ll all get in shape! I love it!

  • Happy Chinadoll

    I need to loose weight and I am on the computer all the time. Kill two birds with one stone. :)

  • Mary W

    I spend 8 to 10 hours a day sitting at an unfit desk. My body is screaming for a FitDesk. I would make sure that I had to use the computer only at the FitDesk. Maybe then I could keep up with my semi-pro bike riding friends!

  • Alyce Poalillo

    I spend about 8 hours a day in front of a computer at home. I am checking and responding to email, researching topics of interest, keeping up on news and entering sweepstakes.

  • Krista Mack

    I spend 35+ hours per week in front of a computer. I would spend most of the time on my FitDesk blogging and social networking.

  • chickie brewer

    I want this !!!!

  • michstjame

    Well, I’m a freelance writer and editor and a political junkie, so I spend about 50-60 hours a week sitting at my laptop. I would use the FitDesk while working, paying bills, online shopping, or just reading blogs. What a great way to get exercise while working or surfing the web!

  • Maria J. Cardoza

    I basically I do social networking about 4-6Hours daily and I think owning this fitdesk would help me pass that time quickly and stay fit!

  • Rust

    I spend at least 40 hours a week in front of my computer between reading, blogging, researching, and social networking. With a fitdesk I could do more of all, especially catching up on my mind-candy reading for pleasure.

  • Ericka

    I spend about 50-60 hours depending on what I have going on

  • Josh Bane

    I spend about 4hours a day infront of a computer. Part of online school and some work.

  • Kathy Fields

    I am mostly disabled and spend about 20 hours a week on the computer. I also watch a lot of T.V. on the computer. I could really get in shape if I had this equipment to exercise on.

  • Patty Zasloff Avon Rep

    I spend about 10 hours a day, on and off, on the computer and iPad. I work from home as an Avon rep and check in on Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter, as well as checking on my Avon business! I could definitely benefit from the FitDesk since I do need to be more fit and will have a fit if I don’t win! LOL *HUGS*

  • Tracy Conger

    I spend 6 hours a week either reading a book o doing schooling where I can use the FitDesk. I would use most of my time doing schooling with this creative opportunity.

  • Tracey Cook

    sigh I spend more hours in front of a computer than I would like to. I spend about 40+ hours (on a good week) working at a hospital admin office then I come home and try to do some work at home so I don’t miss out on family time. I probably spend more than 25+ from home and I’m not going to lie some of that is chatting with friends on facebook, twitter and skype =) thank you and good luck everyone

  • justacommentor

    Absolutely brilliant life changing idea!

  • justacommentor

    I spend several hours a day in front of the computer. A few at work and a few at home on social media. I could definitely use this at work and demonstrate to my students that I can show them their lessons (we use computers to project on the white board) and keep fit as well. What a roll model I’d be.

  • amy williams

    I am a stay at home mom that does not go to bed till late and wakes up early and both kids are in shcool so I am on the computer alot. I do facebook to chatch up with everyone and recently started entering giveaways which takes alot of time and the bloggers are very interesting so I also read their pages. I am looking for a job so I also do that online and fill out applications.

  • Frank2012

    About 5 hours a week, give or take a couple.

  • Joe Macaluso

    I would love to win this because I can do my college work at it, but in addition It would make excercise much easier and fun to do for us here in Arizona, its so hot to go out that this would be amazing.

  • Ivette Muller

    Eek – I’m embarrassed to say that I spend an average of 40 hours a week on a computer. As an internet marketing consultant, I’m in front of the computer working on a client’s account, researching or preparing proposals. Plus the occasional participation on a social network. :D I know this is negatively impacting my health because I feel “stiff” and sore for no good reason. I’ve started doing my walking DVD’s but even once a day for 30 minutes isn’t going to help.

    I need to get healthier overall – not just for myself but for my girls, ages 3 and 4.

    I had heard about the FItDesk a while back, but just recently saw a video review from my mentor, Scott Fox, on and it really got my interest to get one soon!

  • Reed Porter

    I’ve looking for just this kind of thing! It’s tough getting on the cycle when I’m trying to keep up with work.

  • Kelly KcManus

    56hrs 8Days A week

  • Anna Natzke

    I honestly don’t know how much time I typically spend on the computer, but it’s probably quite a bit. I take online courses, spend time on social media websites, read articles/blogs and work on my writing. I would probably enjoy taking my online courses or watching videos while using the FitDesk. Since it allows you to multi-task, I can imagine I’d be much more productive.

  • Shanta Spradlin

    I spend about 30hrs a week doing work and entering contest. i would spend most of my time entering contest.

  • Drea

    I spend roughly 40 hours or so on the computer. Whether I am networking, emailing, working, researching, or just being social I am always doing something. I would love to have a FitDesk so that I can still get all my computer stuff done, watch tv, etc but also burn more calories and keep up with my fitness goals!

  • Squirlysue

    Since I am retired, I spend less time on the computer but I still spend 2 to 3 hours per day on personal, financial and social interest. Need more exercise!!!!

  • Betty C

    I spend at least 40 hours a week at the computer at work and probably another 40+ at home maintaining records, checking email and entering contests. I don’t have the option of using it at work so I would use it at home every time I needed to use my computer.

  • Tyler Meitz

    I probably spend around 35 hours a week in front of my computer and I would use the Fitdesk mostly while gaming or doing work.

  • Amanda

    I spend at least 40 hours per week at the computer between work and home.

  • Ralph the Wonder Llama

    Pretty much in front of a computer every waking hour. A FitDesk could be a very good thing.

  • mary benack

    I spend 19 hours on the computer mostely on freebie sites id spend 9 of those hours if i was to win this awesome fit desk love it thank u for this giveaway

    • mary benack

      This is daily

  • Laura Weist

    I spend about 15 hours a week playing games, checking facebook and emails. The fit desk would be an awesome prize to win! I need to exercise more for my weight and high blood pressure. This would be perfect for me!!

  • Samara

    As a college student, I spend at leastt 40 hours on my laptop throughout the week

  • Angie Himes

    Way to many!!! I neeeeeeddddddd this!!!

  • josh29

    I spend 45 hours per week, by just doing the socail networking site.. so really llike the fit desk u giving away:)

  • Zenice Harasymchuk

    At least 80 hours between work and home. I seriously need this in my life as I need to work out!

  • Christine S.

    I was diagnosed with a disease recently that causes dizziness and neuropathy in my extremities. I would love to have this so I could get some exercise when I am unable to physically walk around many days. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

    • Christine S.

      I spend a lot of time on Facebook, and am also a homeschooling mom of four. I use the web to find teaching materials for my kids, and to review books, curriculum, etc.

  • Lori G. from Southern CA

    I spend approximately 65 hours per week in front of a
    computer checking e-mails, as well as social networking, or sweeping. I would spend the most time
    social networking on the FitDesk.

  • Jennifer Speed

    I spend about 40 hours a week. I would spend most of the time surfing the internet and doing school work.

  • Michelle Wilson Beare

    i spend most of my time on the computer at home. i am a stay at home mommy and i would love to have something while i was on the computer to help me work out.

  • Genevieve Rodzik

    A fit desk would be the most amazing gift for the hubby. He is going to be working from home once the kids start school and he has been trying so hard to get in shape so to bless us even longer (-:

  • Mary Stack

    I am on the computer at least 40 hours a week gaming and entering contests. I would use the fitdesk all the time so i can stay healthy.

  • Simran Silva

    I understand completely about having a job that is killing you. My comment earlier in this contest (right at the beginning I think) didn’t specify all the reasons for my entry. My job entails 40 hrs. per week at a desk (at home) on the phones via a call center, which has not only left me with back issues, but now I have also been diagnosed with a compressed spine and bulging discs in my neck, which causes migraines. Trying to start a freelance writing/editing career requires even more hours outside of work on the computer. Having Fit Desk in my life would surely be a welcome addition along with my physical therapy to help get back to “normal”.

  • MintaBoggs

    I love this…keeping my fingers crossed..this would make a great Christmas present. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  • Sparky’s Tinker

    I need this!!!

  • Laura Semaan

    I may not be on a computer for as long as many of the other people entering but it would definitely be put to good use. I personally spend about 31+ hours a week on a computer. I have a brother as well as two sisters whom are always on the internet. Since my oldest brother and sister just started college and can’t work out as much anymore because most of their class work is online, this would be a great gift for them. Me and my twin Margaret were just talking last night that we wished we could find any kind of work out device that we could put our laptop/kindle on top of and do our busines or put infront of the tv so that doing the work wouldn’t be so boring. As siblings we also do a lot of online gaming when we don’t have work to do. We each spend over 5 hours alone doing that on the weekends.

    I have been trying to find someway to give myself incentive to work out and to stay healthy as a teenager. This gives my family a chance to become healthier and more fit as a whole.