9 Features You Should Know When Choosing A Winner

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With the release of the Rafflecopter premium version, the moderate entries page in your Rafflecopter account got a facelift. Now, the process of picking and choosing winners a piece of cake :)

Consider your giveaway’s ‘entries page‘ your promotion headquarters. Here, you’ll be able to moderate your entries, view your entries, download your giveaway’s activity into a spreadsheet, add/delete entries, and view your giveaway’s stats in real-time.

Below are nine items and features you should become familiar with when choosing a winner through Rafflecopter to help you become a pro.

1. ‘Add a Winner’ Button

Clicking the ‘Add A Winner’ button will randomly select an entry in your giveaway and show you the entrant’s information for you to double-check. Rafflecopter integrates with Random.org, a trusted 3rd-party random number service to help make this process genuine. Once you’ve selected and verified your winner(s), clicking the ‘display winners’ button will announce the winner(s) on your widget.

You’re always more than welcome to delete a winner from your giveaway after you’ve selected them. Some reasons why you might delete a chosen winner would be if they didn’t fulfill an entry requirement, if they never responded to your ‘You’re A Winner!’ email, or if they weren’t eligible for a particular reason.

2. Choosing Multiple Winners

Want to select more than one winner for your giveaway? Simply click ‘Add a Winner’ as many times as you need. The amount of winners chosen for your giveaway isn’t tied to the number of prizes you have set up.

3. Picking Daily Winners

With Rafflecopter, you’re able to run a promotion through one entry form and choose winners on a daily basis. In order to announce the winner inside the widget, the giveaway must be completed and no longer running.

If you were to use one form for your giveaway where daily winners are part of the promotion, you’d have to announce them outside of the widget until the promotion period ends. When the giveaway is over, you have a collection of all the winners and can announce them on the widget then.

4. Picking Winners By Hand

In its purest form, Rafflecopter is a sweepstakes platform. Keeping that in mind, in order to have a winner displayed on the widget when your giveaway is over, the winner must be selected by Rafflecopter on the ‘entries’ page by clicking ‘Add A Winner’.

You’re more than welcome to pick a winner by hand if you’d like, but if you do, you’ll just have to announce the winner on the outside of the widget.

5. Contacting Your Winners

There’s no magic to contacting your winners! Emailing them at the email address provided would be our best recommendation.

Reminder: if you’re running your giveaway on Facebook, you cannot contact your winners through a Facebook channel (comments, message, etc.). Read our post on Facebook promotion guidelines for more info.

6. ‘Show Me The Entries’ Button (The Grid)

The Grid Screenshot

The ‘Show Me The Entries’ button brings up a spreadsheet-styled grid of your entries inside your web browser (see above screenshot). Here, you can sort through and group your entries by timestamp, name, IP address, etc by clicking on the titles of the grid. You’re able to add and delete entries here as well.

7. Viewing Your Giveaway’s Extra Info

If you’re running a giveaway that asks for your entrants to leave a bit of information in the widget (Twitter handles, survey/poll entry option answers, invent your own entry option answers, etc.), you’ll see this information in the ‘extra info’ field in your grid.

To find out more about creating custom entry options through Rafflecopter, here’s a blog post that outlines this process.

8. Exporting Your Giveaway’s Entries

When you export your entries, you’ll receive an email (at the email address your account is signed up under) that contains a link to where you can download a .csv format that will include your entrants’ name, email, entry option info, IP address, timestamp, etc. We recommend opening the file with Excel as a .csv file.

Depending on how many entries your giveaway received, you should receive your email from anywhere between five seconds and three minutes.

9. 3 Hour Snapshot

You can view a new snapshot of your entrants via the ‘Show Me The Entries’ button and export feature every three hours. If you look at your entries through one of these features for the first time and then decide to look again two hours later, you’ll see the entry list from two hours ago. You’d be able to get an updated version in the next hour.

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Greg Goodson

Greg Goodson is the cofounder of Rafflecopter, the world's easiest way to run a giveaway online. Follow his shenanigans, ramblings, and memes on Twitter at @GregGoodson.

  • http://twitter.com/Lovely011593 Lovely Arceo

    Hope to win :)

  • Sarah Dugo

    Thanks for showing me the tweet URL info. I am such a non-technophobe that your site looks easy to navigate-although I’ll probably use the instructions provided!

  • Jay Jay

    Quick question. If you use the “pick a winner” feature and the winner selected violated your Terms somehow (maybe they are international and you restricted the contest to US only). Can you cancel the winner and pick a different one?

    • http://6birds.net/ Liza

      ‘Course, it’s your giveaway. I explained why you should moderate the entries, however; on #6 of one of my blog posts @ http://6birds.net/archives/1249. Then, you give everyone a fair chance of winning according to the Terms in place. It also helps to delete the false entries, since people oftentimes just enter, enter, enter and don’t actually do them.

  • AmyLynn

    If there are no entries yet, I am no longer to edit and add them manually.

  • Steven Marquez

    I learnt from the service today and I will definitely keep following the blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaElizabethBarnes Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

    Can you clarify the random picking of a winner?

    Is each “point” an entry? Is the winner chosen from the entries or the entrants?

    Does that make sense?

    • http://www.rafflecopter.com/ Greg @ Rafflecopter

      Yes – if an entry option is worth +3, you can say it’s worth a total of 3 points (even though those 3 points were acquired from only one entry option). If you enter a giveaway twice, and each entry option was worth +3, it’s the equivalent to putting 6 tickets into a hat. Any of those tickets can be chosen. Hope that helps!

  • Ina

    During when does rafflecopter generate or update the entries. I’ve been seeing only one entry for the entries moderated, but in the total entries I already have 7. does this update every after 3 hours as indicated?

  • Man from Modesto

    Is there an option to make an entry requirement? For example “Follow this blog and qualify to enter a giveaway for a free (prize)!”

    Can rafflecopter do that?

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  • http://www.tinseltine.com/ Tinsel & Tine

    I’m trying to choose 15 winners, but I keep getting a notification “Couldn’t Pick Winner”. There are many more entries to pick in this giveaway, can you only choose 12 with the free version?

  • Angela

    I’m trying to delete entires, I have clicked delete entry but nothing happens. Are you unable to do this if you are using the free service?

  • Bicultural Mama

    How do I disqualify a winner – we specified the winner must be local to pick up the prize but this person lives on the other side of the country who was randomly picked as a winner. I want to take her name off as the winner so that I can choose another winner and show that person’s name on the widget as the real winner.

    • Josh @ Rafflecopter

      Hey! On the winners tab on there should be a button that says, “Disqualify WInner”. If you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to email me at support (at) rafflecopter (dot) com

      • http://levynewsnetwork.wordpress.com TheDanLevy

        If you manually disqualify a winner do they still show up in the public widget? I see their name still there on the admin widget with their name crossed out so I am wondering.

  • Michelle Cabrera

    My giveaway is for people that reside in Ventura County. How would I limit entries to only residents that live in that county?

    • http://www.rafflecopter.com/ Greg @ Rafflecopter

      Hey Michelle – there isn’t any way to do this except asking them. Your best bet would be to describe in the terms and conditions that to become an eligible winner, they have to verify their residency.

  • Kristen Throop Boucher

    Hi there – is it possible to delete the first winner you’ve selected (this person did not meet one of the requirements to enter)? I’m having a hard time locating that option. Thanks!

    • http://www.rafflecopter.com/ Greg @ Rafflecopter

      Hey Kristen – if you’ve chosen a winner and before announcing them, you want to disqualify them, you’ll be able to do that by clicking on the red ‘disqualify the winner’ button on the bottom of the winner’s card on your giveaway’s entries tab.

      • Mel

        What happens if you clicked a winner when only two people have entered, but its only been up for an hour? Does selecting ‘Disqualify’ remove them from the whole competition?

  • Lauren

    I have a question: should I be concerned if a winner has multiple IPs? Thanks you!

    • http://www.rafflecopter.com/ Greg @ Rafflecopter

      Hey Lauren – it’s possible that an individual could be entering the giveaway from different IPs (home vs office, office vs coffee shop, etc). It’s not too common, but we’ve seen it before.

  • Guest

    I didn’t click the announce the winner and navigated away from the page and now they are not showing… Anyway to get that winner’s name back? >_<

  • Guest

    I disqualified a winner by mistake. Can I reverse it so I can display them in the widget?

  • imogene dacanay

    Hi! How many times can I disqualify a winner? 😁

    • Josh @ Rafflecopter

      Hey there — You’ll be able to disqualify as many winners as necessary. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support(at)rafflecopter(dot)com

  • John Thuku

    @GregGoodson I have a question. If a person were to hold a rafflecopter which were to end, how long can the person who is hosting the rafflecopter stay without announcing a winner? Indefinitely or is there a time limit?

    • Dave Criswell

      Hey John, there are no set requirements for that. If you have any other questions, shoot over an email to support(at)rafflecopter(dot)com

      • John Thuku

        Okay. I did send two emails to them but I am yet to receive a reply. That was two weeks ago.