Make Your Facebook Giveaway Awesome In 5 Easy Steps

Make Your Facebook Giveaway Awesome in 5 Easy Steps

Running a giveaway on Facebook shouldn’t be a difficult process. Now you want to take it to the next level. With a solid understanding of how Facebook platform works pertaining to giveaways and a program like Rafflecopter in your back pocket, it’s time to make some waves!

In this blog post, you’ll be introduced to the five easy steps needed to launching an awesome, effective giveaway on Facebook using Rafflecopter.

Step 1: Installing Your Rafflecopter Widget

Placing your giveaway widget on your Facebook page is done from your Rafflecopter dashboard with just a click on a button (get detailed instructions). Though you can have the same widget running on different pages using the ‘more the merrier’ link from your embed page, you can only have one page tab per Facebook page at a time.

Step 2: Customize Your Giveaway’s Appearance

Once you’ve accepted the permissions needed to connect your Rafflecopter widget to your Facebook page, it’s time to give your landing page some spunk. You can edit your giveaway’s appearance directly from the page tab with the HTML sections provided above and below the widget (get some HTML tips and tricks here).

First, start with a blank slate. Then, feel free to add whatever HTML you’d like. Preview, it, save it, and check out the final product:

Rafflecopter Facebook T-Shirt Giveaway

The above sequence was created with a little HTML knowledge. All we’re doing is tiling a png image, giving us a background pattern and putting an 810px-wide banner image above the widget. Both the background image and the banner image are hosted on our blog.

Step 3: Update Your Page Tab Image

Rafflecopter comes with a default page tab image when you connect your giveaway to Facebook, which can be found at the top of your Facebook timeline under your cover photo.

But you’re more than welcome to change both the image and wording. And changing it is really easy. Here’s an example of how we’ve edited this tab in our most recent giveaway promotion on Facebook (between ‘Photos’ and ‘Likes’):

Rafflecopter Page Tab

Step 4: Time To Launch / Spread The Word

We’re all set and ready to launch. But know this: most of your traffic will not come from this page tab image. They’ll most likely come from other sources like a status update, email, or tweet that promotes the giveaway. So pay attention! This next section will help you get the most out of these traffic sources.

Mobile Devices vs. Web Browsers

Check out these three screenshots from a desktop user,  an iPhone user, and an iPad user. Can you spot the difference?

You’ll notice there are more page tabs on the desktop browser. Canvas and page tab pages on Facebook aren’t able to be accessed from the official Facebook app on mobile devices.

Rafflecopter’s Mobile-Friendly Share Link. We recently released a feature (available on all pricing plans) that will allow your fans to access your giveaways on their mobile devices. It’s the mobile-friendly share link, found at the top of your Rafflecopter giveaway’s page tab.

When this shortened URL is clicked, it will detect if you’re visiting from a mobile device or a web browser. If you happen to be visiting from a mobile device, you’ll be forwarded to an iframe page that loads inside the Facebook mobile app, allowing your entrants to proceed without complication.

When Should This Link Be Used? All the time. Today, we’re interacting with Facebook on our mobile devices more than our desktops. If you’re directing traffic to your Facebook giveaway, whether it be through a status update, a tweet, or an email newsletter, always use this mobile-friendly share link at the top of your page tab. Always. 

Promotion Through Effective Wall Posts

Facebook Wall Post ExampleShort & Actionable. Try to keep your status update short (preferably under 100 characters). Include a call-to-action, asking your fans to take charge. Use keywords like “enter to win”, and “giveaway”. Just don’t forget to use the mobile share link!

Get Visual. When it comes to interaction rates, photos take the cake. Do everything you can to include a photo with your wall post.

Post Frequency. Don’t flood your readers, but let them know it’s there! Post about your giveaway when it launches, 24 hours before it ends, an hour before it ends, and on a weekly basis. These aren’t hard rules, but a place to start.

Extra Attention. With each wall post, Facebook gives you the ability to add some extra oomph. Consider pinning your wall postshighlight or star them, or promoting them for a fee.

Check out our knowledge base article titled ‘How do I share my Facebook giveaway on my wall?‘.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

So your giveaway is over and you’ve selected a winner. Be sure to contact the winner through email.

Give you fans some time to see who won: wait a few days after announcing the winner(s) of the giveaway before you uninstall your page tab. Once you’ve done that, start thinking about your next promotion :)

Have any tips or suggestions that work well for you? Please share them in the comments below!

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  • Ashley

    But with the Facebook giveaway app, there is a limit to the number of giveaways you can run simultaneously, yes? 3? What if you have more than that?

  • Shane Russell

    Thank you for this post. I had no idea there was a pinning and starring feature for my page posts!

  • Hugh Briss

    You should make people aware that the images they use to customize the page need to be hosted on a secure server or the page will trigger a security warning for anyone using Facebook in secure mode. Unless they have an SSL certificate for their domain, hosting them on their own website or blog is not a good option. The free option I recommend is to use DropBox to host the images and make sure to use the https version of the URL for the images.

    I just checked the image used on your page (with the t-shirt) and the page produces a content warning because I have the secure option turned on in my Facebook settings. It depends on the browser as to how scary the warning appears but I always test in IE 8 since it’s the most sensitive and in IE 8 your page does not load at all and all the viewer will see is a big security warning. You need to get your images hosted on a secure server.

  • jaydot

    Is it against Facebook policy to ask fans for personal info if they have left comments or direct messages about bring back a flavors of a product that you once had. For a giveaway of a free sample of the product that is coming back?

  • Bette

    Did not work for me after 4 tries.. There is no way for my FB fans to enter !

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  • Robert Breckenridge

    Good stuff!

  • Giveaway Monkey

    this is great!

  • Su Ferguson

    I’m not clear at all on how to get an image posted with my giveaway. Help from anyone greatly appreciated.

  • japantravelmate

    Used this with custom HTML at the top. FYI – if you’re making custom content on the Facebook app tab, stick to 775px width or less to avoid horizontal scroll bars.

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  • Chris Bbi

    Installed the facebook app, looks like it’s working for most, but it’s telling people who are not logged into Facebook that they need to Like the Page to Participate, which we don’t want – we want anyone who views the page to be able to see it and enter regardless if they’re on facebook or not. Is that not possible?

  • Jennifer Fink Sorrentino

    The widget is note appearing on my facebook page…how do I get it to do so? I followed the instructions and nothing happens.

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  • shaidur1982

    Thanks for the post. I don’t know how image & vedio post in face book.. Help from anyone greatly appreciated.